China prepares to strike back at US as Huawei suffers another loss

Trade tensions between the United States and China are likely to be strengthened in the near future, as they are taking steps to counter US ban against Huawei. According to Bloomberg Communications, China is preparing to limit its US exports of rare earth minerals and install its own "Untrustworthy Entities" blacklist for adverse foreign companies. At the same time, Japan's SoftBank announced it would build a 5G network with Nokia and Ericsson's equipment and stop Huawei, a 4G supplier from a major mobile operator.

Rare earth export restrictions are now breaking down Saber action. The initiative is signaled by Bloomberg that if China and the United States trade wars intensify, they are ready and willing to take this serious measure. Neodymium is one of the most well-known rare earths widely used in magnets. You are likely to have seen ads on the spec sheet of the headphones. There is widespread consensus among economists and international trade observers that US companies can not find alternative sources other than China.

In the list of Chinese entities, Huawei reflects the language of the Entity List of the US Bureau of Industry and Security that he now discovers. This can be a deliberate signal that the Chinese government intentionally responds to the fact that it does not need an official list and has already banned several famous US companies such as Google and Facebook. This list is aimed at foreign companies, organizations and individuals who do not comply with market rules, violate or block contracts, discontinue supply for non-commercial reasons, or seriously damage the legitimate interests of Chinese enterprises. Government administration. In a nutshell, China is taking a more dogmatic approach, reflecting America's actions and moving forward with the next round of negotiations.

Huawei SoftBank 's 5G business form, which focuses on friction in the current trade dispute, suffered a huge loss. There is little controversy about Huawei's networking equipment capabilities. However, concerns about security vulnerabilities and their relationship with the Chinese government have caught up with business customers. SoftBank 's decision is likely to mix up the current difficulties and recordings caused by the current US Huawei blacklist. This is one of the consequences that no matter how soon the US-China trade relationship improves. Even if the current difficulties are resolved quickly, Huawei's reputation as a reliable smartphone manufacturer for consumers and a trusted 5G supplier for mobile operators will continue to decline.

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