China banned millions of people with poor social credit from transportation in 2018

According to the Associated Press who obtained a copy of the government report, China's social credit score was so low that it could not buy 23 million tickets last year or purchase train tickets.

The government lifted the travel ban on people with low social credit scores in May. According to a report by the National Credit Information Center (CIC) last week, people bought 17.5 million tickets for airplane tickets and blocked 5.5 million hours for high-speed train tickets. These people have "lost credit" to unspecified behavioral crimes. According to the Supreme Court, as of 2017, 6.15 million citizens were unable to use the plane.

Partially punished by using public blacklists of persons convicted of crimes in Chinese government courts as a system and by limiting the ability to purchase airplane tickets and train tickets.

Social Credit Scores also help prevent annoying behavior in public transportation.

The Chinese government is implementing an independent policy to monitor individuals and punish bad behavior. If you avoid taxes, buy others, fake advertisements, or take an extra seat on a train, your social rank in the eyes of the government can be lowered. Fingerprints and identification are already required whenever you cross a checkpoint, such as when you are crossing to another city, entering or leaving China.

If the file is successfully collected, we hope that authorities will be able to retrieve files based on fingerprints and other biometrics.

Correction March 1, 6:33 pm: This article aims to have files on all Chinese citizens, including all the materials the Chinese government has collected about all the actions by 2020 . It has been modified to reflect the 23 million people blocked by ticket purchases. 23 million people are not blocked. We regret the error.

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