Check out the amazing new iOS 13 video-editing features

On iPadOS and iOS 13, you can edit videos the same way you can edit photos today. You can trim them, rotate them, add filters and adjust their color. And finally, you can simply save the edited version instead of generating a copy every time you make a simple crop. As shown in the Apple iPhone 11 event, the iOS Photos application can now make some radical edits in the videos. This is also not limited to iPhones 11. You can do all this on any iPhone or iPad with iOS 13.

Check out the new and excellent video editing features of iOS 13:

The editing interface of video is familiar instantly. Or it will be, as it follows the new design of the iOS 13 photo editor, which brings some great settings. To edit a video, just touch Edit while watching it. It will load on this screen:

  The new video editing screen on iOS 13 and iPadOS.
The new video editing screen on iOS 13 and iPadOS.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The various editing sections are reached with buttons on the left side of the screen (on iPadOS horizontal). They are:

  • Video
  • Adjust
  • Filters
  • Trim


Video allows you to do things: trim the video and mute the audio. That's. Use the familiar yellow box with grab bars to reduce the section you want. You cannot cut the clip to make cut style edits, but you can remove the beginning and end of the clip.

This part, like everything else in the new video editing tools, is not destructive. You can return at any time in the future and reverse your cut. This is because video edits are now saved in the original clip, instead of creating a copy. That also means that your edits must sync between devices as fast as photo edits. Or not: making a color edition can result in a completely new video clip being saved on the original, as we will see below.


This section is for adjusting color, contrast and everything else related to the image. The range of editing tools has changed in iOS 13, which makes it easy to make profound changes, but also replaces some features. However, as far as I can see, you can see exactly the same sets of tools you get for the photos. That means the new magic wand tool that fades, along with the new bullet tool, black point adjustment, sharpness and definition, and saturation, contrast, exposure and more usual.


These are exactly the same as photo filters, only now there is a slider to mitigate the effect. Quickly add an old-school movie look to your video, or turn it into black and white.


  The trimming tool can get quite crazy.
The clipping tool can get quite crazy.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The new clipping tool in iOS 13 is fantastic. You can crop the video, as with a photo, but you can also use the powerful new iOS 13 cropping tools: horizontal twist, two-plane perspective correction and, yes, finally, a rotation tool to fix those videos They came out 90 degrees down because their iPhone got confused about how to record a good video. You can even skew a video to straighten a horizon line.

Slow Save

One thing to keep in mind is that saving your edits can take some time. While a simple crop does not add much to saving time, adding a filter or color adjustment plays the entire video to apply the new editions. It seems that the application has to make these adjustments in each frame. This can run faster on more modern devices: my iOS 13 test device is a very old iPad.

The only thing missing, and that would eliminate the need for an independent video editing application, is the ability to combine clips. On the other hand, applications such as the excellent Nizo allow you to record in clips as you go. Then, just open the result in the Photos application to clean it. Oh, and you can make these edits and adjustments to any video you have saved in your photo library, not just the ones you recorded.

The new iOS 13 video editing tools make so much sense that you realize how much time they are behind. What a great addition to iOS.

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