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In iPadOS, Safari introduces a new pop-up menu that allows you to reorganize, copy and close tabs just by pressing them for a long time. It offers only a few options, but they are so useful that you will use this trick all the time.

Check another great feature of Safari on iPadOS.

First, this is what happens when you press long Safari Tab on iOS 12:

Did you see that? Exactly. Nothing happens.

The menu of the new tab in iOS 13 Safari

Now, this is what happens when you do the same in iOS 13:

  The new menu of the Safari tab in iOS 13.
The new Safari tab menu in iOS 13.
Photo: Mac Cult

Fairly clean, right?

As you can see, there are options for:

  • Copy the URL of the tab.
  • Close all other tabs.
  • Organize tabs by title.
  • Organize tabs by site.

The last two tab layout options are totally new. I do not know a way to do this in iOS 12 and earlier versions. Organizing tabs by title is not so useful, but Organizing tabs by website is an excellent way to quickly gather the tabs on the site. If you use this option, Safari organizes the sites in alphabetical order.

Close all other tabs is already (almost) possible in iOS 12, by pressing the tab icon. This is what happens when you do that:

  This panel of iOS 12 remains unchanged in iOS 13.
This panel of iOS 12 remains unchanged in iOS 13.
Photo: Cult of Mac

You can close all the tabs, but not all other tabs. This panel still appears in iOS 13.

But my favorite choice in this list is the one above, Copy . It's simple, but it means that you can copy the URL of a tab with a direct touch. Just hold down any tab, not just the current one, and this menu will appear, which will allow you to quickly capture the URL. Unfortunately, Safari will continue to change to that tab, but even if you have to reload the page, the new pop-up panel appears instantly.

Safari works better on iOS 13

I'm moving back and forth between iOS 13 and iOS 12, using an old iPad to test the iPadOS beta. The beta version is still annoying and unstable, and many of the new and promising features, such as the USB storage support of the Files application and the improved shortcuts, for example, are not stable enough to be useful.

But what I really miss when I go back to iOS 12 is the new safari. Everything works better. Even web pages that worked well before are better because you can select text more easily, change the size of the text and, in general, enjoy a smoother experience.

I can not wait for the shipping version.

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