Charter’s higher bill fees could cost some customers nearly $100 each year

The Cable Provider Charter will raise half the fees and fees for all Spectrum customers starting in November. Renting expensive cable box rentals, such as "Broadcast TV surcharges" and some of the other high-cost cable box rentals, some customers pay "$ 7.61 a month" according to Asheville Citizen Times You can. Ars Technica also reported on pending increases.

The new rate "will affect all markets," the company confirmed. There are two changes to the bill extra charge.

• Broadcast TV surcharges: The cost of having ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC in Spectrum increases from $ 8.85 to $ 9.95 / month.

• Monthly spectrum receiver rent increases from $ 6.99 to $ 7.50 / month. Through Ars Technica, the company has sought to uncover this reason by saying that higher prices are "lower than existing TWC ($ 11.75) and Bright House Networks ($ 8) prices, compared to competitors or lower." "

Spectrum 's Internet service costs $ 54.99 to $ 59.99.99 next month, while customers with TV packages cost $ 64.99 to $ 65.99 to pay for Internet access. Digital adapter prices are rising from $ 4.99 a month to $ 5.99 and Spectrum's $ 7.99 Latino TV channel package is also increasing to $ 8.99

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