Champions Manager Mobasaka APK Top 10 Tips for Beginner’s Guidance

Champions Manager Mobasaka Apk maker Hoolai, is famous for its Chinese language game, but the iOS and Android titles are in English and the real FIFpro license is provided so real players can enjoy cool graphics and fun gameplay. In fact, as the game suggests, you have the opportunity to control and manage real superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski.

Champions Manager Mobasaka APK Tips & Guide for Beginner’s

As you’ll see quite a bit in this guide, this football management game contains a lot of RPG elements. You may or may not even know the type of game you downloaded from your iPhone. Android devices. To be honest, this is truly one of the most unique football / football management titles we’ve seen on mobile devices for quite some time. And it also means there are lots of ways to learn and succeed in this game. But if you are a novice manager, we’ve got something to help you get started on the right foot, the Champions Manager Mobasaka Apk guide, which covers everything you need to know about the early stages of the game.

1. Fundamentals

The best way to explain Champions Manager Mobasaka the football management RPG. You can set up lineups and tactics and add new players to your team to make the game stronger, but there are special elements like RPG. For example, you may need to acquire specific materials to promote (if applicable). It is a distilled football management game for the mobile experience. And that’s one of the things we’ve talked about, it’s a handy choice to be a crossover between seemingly different genres like Football Manager, which we’ve covered recently, games do not involve adjusting your lineup and managing your roster.

It also requires you to control your team at critical offensive moments or call them Heroic Moments in the game. Likewise, you do not have to worry about aspects of defense, because the artificial intelligence in the Champions Manager Mobasaka Apk takes care of everything for you, cares for dirty work, defeats your opponent’s ball, or defeats your opponent’s ball. goalkeeper. But in the case of a heavyweights situation where the chances are good, it all depends on you. It is your job to move the player in the right direction, pass it to the right player, and ultimately shoot at the right angle.

Take full advantage of that opportunity. As for the premise of the game, please explain what we mentioned in the opener. At the start of the game, the Portuguese national team is facing Spain. As you can see in this short tutorial, Spain will have a 3-0 advantage in half the match. You will come back to reduce the gap to 3-2, but you will miss a decisive penalty when you play with Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s right.

This may sound like an undesirable situation, but do not worry about heartbreaking loss. Everything is there to set the story line of the game. The lowest league. Unlike other football management games, the PvE season seems to be the most true sense. Rather, as in RPG, you can use multiple “career” modes or campaigns.

This is a unique feature in Champions Manager Mobasaka APK and can be said to work somehow when considering the game state of the soccer game / RPG hybrid. Completing your personal level will help you get rewards and add new players to your team, but do not go too far in here. When you think about it, you go to the passing and shooting technician of the game.

2. It is a percentage of all problems

With respect to all aggressive and defensive play of Champions Manager, you will see the percentage on the screen and determine the probability that each player will have a certain move. This ratio is more emphasized in relation to Heroic Moments, and you should pay attention to the percentage when deciding whether to sprint, pass or shoot. With thumb rule, you want to choose an action that has the best chance of avoiding things with a 70% or less ratio. Sometimes there is no choice but to choose a relatively low success rate, but in such a case you have to keep moving at the highest rate, even if you get 65% chance.

The probability of success depends on the strength of the opponent! When you catch a goal – sometimes you have to tap the orange button with a soccer ball on top of the internet. When you swipe, the probability of a shot increases by a few percentage points toward a specific point. It is usually best to swipe towards the empty space, not the goal keeper. Generally, the probability of putting a goal increases.

3. Completion of work

Regardless of the genre, as with most other mobile games, Champions Manager Mobasaka Apk performs tasks that can be done naturally by completing the game, but tapping the potential rewards will allow you to move to a piece of the game that you must work on to complete the task It’s as easy as that, and the job you’ll see is very simple. Novice tasks are usually an easy task to complete in the early stages of the CMM, but daily tasks are time-limited and must be completed within the current day.

Examples of previous tasks include completing a certain level in Career Mode, the latter example may involve completing a certain number of games during the day or logging in at a certain time. Like a heads-up – one of your daily tasks requires purchasing a monthly card for $ 4.99 or equivalent in-game stores. The trade-offs here can reduce 120 free gems a day in a month, but the reward for completing this task is a bonus of 120 gems (basically 31 days of cards) You need to do this.

The main task is the core of the CMM, which includes rewards for leveling the squad to a certain level, emptying a specific chapter, or completing a chapter using three stars at every stage. Regardless of the type of action, you can earn premium kings in the game, or experience gems that will help you increase additional EXP or team levels.

Daily and major work can be rewarded with the euro, the game’s common currency. Daily and novice jobs are rewarded with Mop Tickets, and beginner jobs offer a wide range of EXP drinks. Your players.

4. You can skip ahead to the end of Champions Manager Mobasaka APK

Is there a slight problem with scoring in your opponent defense? Or you have a few goals, and you may think that you do not have a chance to get close. Either way, the CMM allows you to skip to the end of the game. In the first half of the game, the game will lead you to the beginning as you build your lead with 4-0 or 5-0 against your opponent in the first half. This can be a real time saver and can help you steal some victories if your swipes and decision-making skills do not snuff for one reason or another. But of course there are conditions to keep in mind here.

You have to make sure your team is much better! Always consider your team’s power rating (which you can see on the line-up screen) and compare it to your power rating. If your strength is greater than your opponent’s strength by about 30%, you can skip to the end of the game and lose confidence in a triple win much more frequently. But one reminder about skipping forward – you will pay a Mop Ticket, we will discuss later in this guide.

5. Upgrade to a better player with an Exp drink

Of course, you have to focus on your current squad. In other words, give EXP drinks for level up. Tap one of the players in the lineup screen and then tap the circle in the top right corner to provide an EXP beverage. The player with the least effect on the level starts with silver. Find the gold with the most dramatic effects. However, when upgrading players, you should always prioritize rare players rather than rare players.

Interestingly, silver players (the most exciting being not bronze players) can go up to level 10, so you do not have to waste a better EXP drink in Champions Manager Mobasaka Apk he wants other rare players, players who can upgrade to level 20 or higher, and is not a player with fewer skills due to the rarity, in which case he lacks a player.

6. Promote the player

Initially all players will have a level cap of 10, and in order to raise the level by raising the level and raising the level, there must be certain material that can be seen in the skill and equipment. The game selection of materials is very novel. For example, you need a XXL shirt (pretty common), pizza (well, okay), and a battle ax (yes, really). Before promoting Mario Balotelli, however, regardless of how plain or ingenious this material is, you can randomly acquire it in a match or level winning the Career Mode. In other words, if you want to have enough material to upgrade the best players on your team, you will want to keep your career mode.

7. Securing technology through promotion and achievement of team level

Another advantage of promoting your player in the CMM is that it is one of the conditions required to turn off the player’s special skills. Even if the player’s rare level is a silver player, promotion still has the advantage of releasing that player’s skill. How to Promote Andy Carroll in the Initial Game Silver Rare Striker. However, if you have a higher tier player in your lineup, you can level your team with EXP as well as promotion to get more skills. Once you reach a certain team level, you will be able to use these additional skills, so you need to complete that career and complete that task.

8. Grinding is perfectly fine

Champions Manager Mobasaka’s RPG-like setup has many features that allow you to ask what type of game you are actually playing. Of course, all of these features come back to the soccer game. And just because we said we can get promotional materials by winning the game. But the quality and amount of material you can get depends on the number of stars you receive. Fortunately, if you play a game, you can replay the game where you have not got 3 stars.

You can win a missed bonus when you complete the Champions Manager Mobasaka Apk incidentally, if you win 3 or more goals, you win 3 stars. If you win 2 goals, you win 2 stars. If you want to beat your opponent with a single goal, you will get 1 star. Defeat, even drawing, will never get you a star and will not allow you to proceed to the next game.

9. What is a mop ticket?

RPG players are a great opportunity to “sweep” dungeons or levels using “sweep tickets”. A ton of rewards for no effort at all to make a dungeon sweep in the world of RPG always welcome Champions Manager Mobasaka game when you move to Mobasaka, the game has its own sweep ticket and interestingly it is called “Mop Tickets”. Whether they are awkward names or not, they have a similar purpose. Beginner or daily work. You can then use this ticket to sweep the levels you’ve already completed by three, and get a potential reward for the qualifying levels for each sweep.

One step is to press the rush button below the drop item list – you get instant rewards. Be careful not to press the rush x button on the left side of the rush button. Note that the level is passed up to 10 times according to the value next to “x”. If you have enough energy, be free. Fill it completely, otherwise proceed with the sweeps one by one until you get the required material.

10. Getting new players through player letters

The next Champions Manager Mobasaka Apk guide, will talk more about adding new players to the team. But now, let’s go back to the early stages of the game. You can meet the player letter. first. Basically, this is a player with certain conditions that you need to meet to tell you that you want to go to your club. This includes, but is not limited to, winning a particular match at the career stage, reaching a certain team level, or exceeding a particular player or two. You may need to accomplish two things to fulfill the conditions of the letter.

Regardless of the number of conditions, once you have met all the new players, you can sign them for free and add them to your team. You should equate this with the questing of the game and take these requests seriously. With Player Letters, you can become a good and rare player! Mobasaka Beginner Guide Champion Manager has done so far. We will be announcing another tip and trick for the game in the near future, so check back!

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