Celeste Video Game

The great indie video game Celeste, is coming to an end. Today we see the first and last expansion of the game, titled Farewell. Game developer Matt Thorson, who developed the title before Studio Matt Makes Games changed the brand to Extremely OK Games, designed the extension for both the main character Madeline and for players who spent a lot of time helping her tour. titular acid.

Celeste Video Game overview

I have not had a chance to get into it yet. However, some of the most creative and challenging levels in the game were set up with completely new music by composer Lena Raine, so the initial impression extended for about three hours, creating the most memorable tracks from the original. If you haven’t played Celeste yet, there’s no better time.

Despite the platform struggle with the Joy-Con controller, the game costs $ 20 on all platforms, including switches that you enjoy in handheld mode. To be honest, it seems that this game of caliber and depth is a vigilant criminal that it can be purchased at the price of a particularly sophisticated Fortnite, skin.

Celeste Video Game Platforms

Nevertheless, more reasons for acquiring Celeste and performing expansions are available for free on all platforms. Today OK Games encouraged those who wanted to pay for Farewell to donate more than $ 5 to Amazon Conservation Team nonprofit organizations. For me, calling a game a masterpiece is not an exaggeration and there are quite a few reasons.

About the game

It’s hard to explain Celeste’s greater appeal without going through a unique and sometimes tough design framework. But before that sound was heard. It has the same difficulty loop of FromSoftware games mixed with the immediate death of masocore favorites like Super Meat Boy.

Every time you perish, and after you have made almost all your mistakes, if you do so, you will be teleported momentarily to the start of that level, and you can try again until you master the required flow for progress. That way, it has an almost complete educational system that will help you improve in a clear and definite way.

Game challenges

Winning Celeste’s more challenging level requires mental attitude, problem solving and physical dexterity that no one has at the beginning of the game. But the process of personal growth between the foot of the mountain and the summit reflecting Madeline is a real gift of the game.

And art style, music, and storytelling (a game that focuses primarily on Madeline’s internal battles trying to climb the mountain) have enhanced what was a great platformer into something much deeper and more meaningful.

In this way, even if you don’t like to relax when playing games like this, you can find something related to the basic topics of self-love, improvement, and learning to deal with anxiety and depression.

Celeste video game story

I liked Celeste’s story and artistic direction, but it was always about the challenge. I was amazed by the originality of the game and its amazingly endless surprises. I often played Celeste alone in my switch’s room for work or vacation or in a hotel that needed a quiet break.

And I will find no one shouting loudly to myself about the sheer impression of level design or how Thorson and their team have figured out another layer that can add depth. It’s just a few hours of tapping the head against the wall to excite me and uplift that virtue to those who leave.

Like Steel Armor Blaze of War, Graviteam developers, Celeste’s creators admire the genres in which they work, while advancing the creative energy of all genres in a bold and touching way. Anyone who enjoys a one-ounce mario game, can find something sublime in Celeste.

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