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 Cats are cute games. Cats are cute kkiruk studio is a new cat town simulation game for Android and iOS. Cat is a cute game guide, tip, cheat & strategy

kkriuk studio’s latest game Cat is a challenging player to discover all the cats in a cat village with the help of cute fish, cat grass. This cute cat helps you run a small shop in a cat town and earn money (that is, fish – cat town currency). You can draw more cats using fish, and flatten cats, shops, and buildings. There are also hidden characters that can be unlocked by qualifying some specific condition. E.g; When you hit the tree in the cat town (200 times), you can find your friend character. raccoon. To get Peli, press the pond more than 200 times (slightly swipe to find the pond and some fish). We do not know all the hidden ways. So, if you find a new friend, please let us know in the comments section below. Cats are cute game tricks, tips and strategies Let’s start with a cute game guide and .

What you need to know about cats is a cute game!  The cats are as follows. Cute game

1). Basics – There are four main items / items in the game. Heart, fish, cat pool, toy. Tap on the screen to get your heart. You need your heart to raise meow. In the upper left corner, you can see how many hearts are needed to move on to the next step. When you interact with a cat, you get that kind of mind. Feeding, speaking, playing and playing games, reporting.

The Yaff level determines the number of cats that can be in a village. The highest level is 200.

Fish is the currency used in the cat town. Acquire fish while maintaining level in the building / shop with a mission or achievement reward. Use your fish to draw new cats or raise cats and buildings. The maximum level of cat cats is 60, depending on the current version of the game.

Catgrass is a cute game that is another of Cat’s items. You can say it is a rare game item because you can not make money in a store or building. However, you will be rewarded for this item if you complete the mission, level up (meow, cat), achieve achievement. The player uses Catgrass in a shop drawing new cats.

Toy is a rare item that can not be imported by completing a mission according to shops, buildings, and level ups. You get toys when you get duplicate cats from the draw. Or play time bonus (play for about 40 minutes to get 5 toys).

2.) The Cats – More than 40 cats can be found in cute games. Tap the village button in the bottom right corner to see a full list of cats in the game. Now you can not see a locked cat.

Now the cat is useful and why do you need more cats? The goal is to find all the cats. And the only way to save the cat is to consume fish and catgrass in the draw at the store. Unlocking a cat can unlock a store or building.

These buildings and stores produce fish over time. The more cats you have, the more time you earn from your store / building. At first, it’s easy. But it is not. The epic cat’s drop rate is so low that you can not complete the game in a day or two. In most cases you will get a duplicate cat and convert the game to a toy.

3. Cat Management – Cat -> Information -> Tap here to get your mind. Sometimes a bubble message appears in a cat. Tap it to start the activity. The normal activities are: Horse (message balloon) – Tap to get the heart. Hide and Seek – In this activity the cat will be hiding behind the trees in the forest. Catch a cat on a timely basis to get a heart. Feed – Tap the screen to fill the bowl and feed the cat to your heart. View – so the cat can see the heart.

These activities reward the mind. Raising Kitty increases your compensation.

4. Cat skills – Send fish and toys to teach cats new skills. However, you can choose up to one skill at a time. To see the change; Some Cats-> Information-> Cat Skills-> Select-> The game shows you a new sensibility.

5.) Mating – That’s a breeding feature. Not yet available. You can get a new cat through breeding.

6). Buildings – Fish are produced every hour in buildings and shops in town. Storage for fish is limited, so it is better to collect fish over time to continue producing fish. Maintain leveling to increase fish storage and fish production. Tap -> Info -> Level Up in any building. There is also a decorative tab.

7. STORAGE AND TRANSFER – This game provides a cloud save function to save your progress. In the top right corner, tap the gear / Settings icon -> Save the cloud. If you want to play Cats are Cute on other Android phones, use Cloud Load data. If you’re using iOS, you can use the same feature to save your progress so that you can play it on another iOS device. This is not possible because you can not transfer data from Android to iOS. (Android -> Android, iOS -> iOS).

Now the cat became a cute game guide.

Cat is a cute game tip and trick: –

1) Invest in the store if you want more cats

The main source of fish came from the store / building. It is a good idea to invest first in a store or building to increase fish storage and fish production. Most of the first floor buildings / shops have 200 fish tank storage and 200 hours of fish production rate. Even if you do not play, fish production will continue. So you can collect a large amount of fish the next day after a sweet sleep. You need to upgrade because there are not many first stage shops / buildings.

6000 fish are also consumed in the normal lottery in the store. It is too high for income. Therefore, it is important to improve the fish production department.

2.) Beware of bubble messages!

Pay attention to the cat. This cat often wants to interact with you. When you complete the activity, you will be rewarded. Tap the bubble message to start the activity. Check out the Cat Guide above for more information.

3. Freebies

There are many ways that cats can get free stuff in cute games. 1.) Go to the store and watch the video ad and get some catgrass and fish. 2.) Do at least one hour a day for 300 fish, 50 hearts, 5 toys and 50 catgrass. Tap on the clock item at the top to receive compensation. 3.) Meow-Meow Mode You can get a fish by tapping. Tap the meadow button in the bottom right corner -> hold down the screen and grab the fish. You can activate this mode every hour. 4.) Complete Mission – Complete all missions on the Mission Checklist option -> Fish, catgrass in the upper left of the game screen.

4. Mileage reward on time

 Cats are cute games Mileage is credited when drawing cats. Above the lottery option, you can see the mileage bar with three checkpoints. Claim your reward at checkpoint 1 and receive a free draw ticket and 1500 fish. At Checkpoint 2 you will receive a premium draw ticket and 3000 fish. And the third checkpoint has an event ticket and 200 catgrass. Checkpoint 3 offers valuable event tickets and 200 caches to help you collect your rewards. Epic cats are available for premium and event draw banners.

5.) You can find new friends by ordering cats.

 Cats are cute games. 100% I can not be sure, but a hint! E.g; Place Tiny’s house next to Fatty’s (cat’s name) house and you will have a pup called Corgi. If you build three or more restaurant buildings, you can get a bird called Chirpy.

Tap the collection icon at the top (near the clock) to see the matching cats. There may be hidden things that can be found by grouping matching cats and stores. If you find new friends, please let us know in the comments section.

So these cats are Cute game tips that are great for cats .

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