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PUBG Mobile Update 1

PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.5 is here

It's been almost a month since the previous PUBG Mobile update and it seems that developers intend to keep the game fresh by releasing new updates and content on a regular basis. There are many interesting things that brings 0.14.5 to the …
PUBG Competitive Settings Changes

PUBG Competitive Settings Changes

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently announced a professional sports league and used a unified rule set in all regions and PUBG competition tournaments. This article discusses the changes in the rules and their impact on the competitive scene. image source scoring The rule set …

FirstBlood PUBG Missions Are Now Live

I am pleased to announce another way to test and reward for PUBG. When a PUBG user logs into, a mission is available. This task can be rewarded when the player completes a certain task with PUBG. Today, players can …
PUBG Ranking Systems

PUBG Ranking Systems

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds are a little interesting but overall have a somewhat dull ranking system. This ranking system places a greater emphasis on playtime than the actual skill level. The player can reach the top of the ranking system without being close …