Carrot’s iOS weather app can now notify you about incoming rain and snow

The Carrot Weather application has received a massive update today that presents a lot of new notification options for rain, snow, lightning, storms and even lunar phases. Several of the new features are included as part of the new "Tier 3" subscription of the application, while the existing "Premium" and "Ultrapremium" subscription levels have been changed to "Tier 1" and "Tier 2" respectively.

Dark Sky was the first to popularize granular and super localized weather notifications, and as a result it became one of the most popular weather applications. Carrot has long used Dark Sky data for its predictions, but so far has needed to use an Apple Watch or Mac to receive notifications of precipitation. However, now, Carrot is bringing the same level of notifications to your iOS application, Apple Watch is not required.

carrots ios weather app can now notify you about incoming rain and snow

Image: Carrot

Along with precipitation notifications, you will also need a Level 3 subscription for nearby light notifications, and when a thunderstorm is approaching (which tends to be responsible for heavy rain, wind and thunderstorms). The first ones are only available in the USA. UU And Canada, while the latter are only available in the US. UU

Level 1 and Level 2 subscribers will also see some improvements. Level 2 subscribers are gaining the ability to create personalized notifications, as a reminder to take an umbrella when the probability of rain increases to a certain extent. Meanwhile, Level 1 members are receiving new "Critical Alerts" on major weather events such as tornadoes, as well as events such as sunrise, sunset and moon phases.

Version 4.11 of the Carrot Weather application is available today on iOS. However, the developer of the application could not confirm if the update would come to Android, where the application was launched for the first time last year. The new Level 3 subscription will cost $ 24.99 per year, which compares to $ 3.99 per year ($ 0.49 per month) for Level 1 or $ 9.99 per year ($ 1.49 per month) for Level 2. [19659008]

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