deleted ‘tens of thousands’ of providers after report found lax vetting procedures

On March 8, The Wall Street Journal published a condemnatory report on caregiver platform, which found that it was a burden for users to evaluate their caregivers, who did not review complete reviews or reviews child care centers that are mentioned on the site, and that in some cases, providers were not licensed and were even responsible for the deaths of children in their care. In a follow-up report published today, the WSJ says that the company eliminated "tens of thousands of unverified nursery lists" before the publication of that initial report.

The original report found that there were "about 9 cases" in the past six years when a provider on the list had a criminal record and then committed a crime against someone they cared for, ranging from "theft, child abuse, sexual assault and murder. "

The Journal was also able to determine that "hundreds" of the mentioned day care centers did not have the appropriate state licenses, even if they were listed as such on the site. Questions were raised about the procedures that the company implemented to ensure that the centers and providers they listed were safe for members to use. The general director of, Shelia Lirio Marcelo, told the Journal at the time that incidents like this one were "rare but very heartbreaking." Following the publication's questions, the site began to issue prominent alerts to members and notify some members of account closure.

The Journal says that the site "eliminated approximately 72% of the day care centers, or approximately 46,594 companies, listed in the "Some are listed just a few days before the initial report is published." The company says it eliminated 45 percent of the day care centers and cited a different set of metrics from the analysis of WSJ . did not provide specific numbers to Journal and has not responded to a request for comments from The Verge .We will update if we hear from them.

After the publication In the original report, began to implement new policies, saying in a securities file that it would begin to carry out a "preliminary screening" process before people could apply for the listed jobs, and that it would eliminate the business. Listings that had generated, but that had not been claimed by their owners. He also created a new plate position to cover the safety on the site.

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