deleted ‘tens of thousands’ of providers after report found lax vetting procedures

On March 8, The Wall Street Journal released a curse report on caregiver platform has burdened the user on carer evaluation and has not done enough. Determine the daycare registered at the site or inform the veterinarian, and in some cases the provider is responsible for the death of a child who is not authorized and cares. In an additional report released today, WSJ said it removed tens of thousands of unidentified child care lists before the initial report was issued.

After "9 cases" were found in the criminal records on the original author list for the last 6 years, "Theft" and "19659003" Journal There was. While appropriate status licenses are listed on the site, the centers and providers presented by the company have raised questions about the procedures the company has taken to ensure the safety of its members. CEO Shelia Lirio Marcelo spoke to the Journal Journal saying that the incident was "rare but very heartbreaking." In response to questions from this publication, the site issued noticeable alerts to members, Closed member.

Some journals listed sites just a few days before the initial report, saying the site "has registered about 72% of the day care centers or about 46,594 sites on the site." The company removed 45% of the child care centers and cited different measures than the WSJ analysis. did not provide a specific number in the Journal and did not respond to The Verge comments. We will update when we hear from you.

After issuing the original report, began implementing a new policy, saying that it would begin the "preliminary screening" process and remove the business before applying for a job listed on the securities statement. The list that we created, but not claimed by the owner, also created a new board position to cover the safety of our site.

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