Can you get LTE connectivity with the Surface Pro 7?

The best answer: No, Surface Pro 7 is not available with optional LTE. If you are looking for a new Surface device with LTE connectivity, be sure to check out Surface Pro X.

Continuing the latest generation of Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro 7 has no optional LTE available. Despite not having LTE, thanks to the 10th generation Intel Core processors (CPU), the Pro 7 is ready to handle Wi-Fi 6 for incredible wireless speeds.

The lack of LTE would be much worse if it weren't for the Surface Pro X, an ARM-driven device that has seen an important review for design and function. As with the Surface Go that was (and still is) an LTE alternative to the Pro 6, the Pro X offers a closer alternative to the Pro 7 for those who absolutely need to stay connected at all times. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon X24 LTE modem inside so everything is possible.

What about the Surface Pro X?

The Surface Pro X is the thinnest Surface Pro of all time, it comes with a slim 5.3mm chassis and 1.68 pounds in weight. This is a device that you should be able to easily put under one arm and take with you anywhere, and LTE connectivity only adds to its portability.

The Surface Pro X introduces the new Surface Slim Pen, a version of the classic Pen that is much more compact. Small enough, in fact, to sit in the storage in the hinge where it is automatically loaded. To round things up, there is a 13-inch touch screen with a resolution of 2880×1920, a contrast ratio of 1400: 1 and 267 PPI.

In terms of power, Microsoft worked with Qualcomm to design a custom Microsoft SQ1 chipset. That means this is an ARM device with 7 watts of power, however, it can offer up to three times more performance per watt than what we saw on the Surface Pro 6. It won't match the high-end Pro 7 models, but it won't be near a slouch either. If you need LTE connectivity from a Surface, it is your best option.

Without optional LTE

can you get lte connectivity with the surface pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Now with USB-C and 10th generation Intel Core CPU

The Surface Pro 7 continues the Pro trend, now with 10th generation Intel Core CPU options and a USB-C port. Unfortunately, there is no LTE connectivity available.

Surface Pro with LTE

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Microsoft Surface Pro X

The lightest and thinnest Pro available

This evolution of the Pro line is now powered by ARM, with a Microsoft SQ1 Adreno 685 custom CPU. It also has LTE connectivity to keep you in touch wherever you go.

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