Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guide: List of every Killstreak

Over the years, Call of Duty has handled killstreaks in different ways. My favorite form has always been goal strikes, where murders and support actions accumulate your killstreaks, but with the launch of Modern Warfare Infinity Ward it has taken you back to the old killstreak school. In this mode, you can call different teams to help you as you kill more people without dying. This is great if you only care about your proportion of deaths and deaths, but it is not so good if you like to complete objectives.

Some of the killstreaks are very fun to use: Wheelson is a little robot that you can drive around and kill people with, while others, like white phosphorus, are quite controversial in the modern world. We have a list of all the killstreaks here for you and the number of murders to get them.

  • Personal radar (3 murders)
  • Shield turret (3 murders)
  • UAV counter (4 murders)
  • UAV (4 deaths)
  • Care package (4 deaths)
  • Attack cluster (5 deaths)
  • Cruise missile (5 deaths)
  • Precision air attack (5 deaths)
  • Infantry assault vehicle (7 deaths)
  • Sentinel weapon (7 deaths) [19659004] Wheelson (7 deaths)
  • Emergency launch (8 deaths)
  • Gunner Chopper (8 deaths)
  • Jet VTOL (8 deaths)
  • Gunner Chopper (10 deaths)
  • White match (10 deaths)
  • Helo support (11 deaths)
  • Gunship (12 deaths)
  • Advanced UAV (12 deaths)
  • Juggernaut (15 deaths)
  • Nuke (30 murders) (need not be equipped )

You'll have to unlock most of these as you level up in the game, and Nuke isn't really an option, you only get it if you're a rude Once you unlock the benefit of the killing chain, things really get hot as your killing killings start counting for your next killing, making them much easier to get.

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