Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dev updates on Xbox One X crashes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare recently made its world debut, taking a new turn to the hit series of shooting games. The expansion of the recognized trilogy with the horrors of the current conflicts, a forceful campaign and an agile multiplayer bring together an impressive package. But the return of Modern Warfare has not been reduced without problems, since an extensive list of errors and problems lies with the buyers.

An unpleasant Xbox One X error is among the main problems of Modern Warfare, as players report frequent failures on Microsoft's latest flagship. The problem has meant that the title cannot be played for some, since the developer Infinity Ward reassures the efforts to put together a solution.

The developer has not yet submitted an update to stop the Xbox One X crashes, although it provides the latest through new playlist update notes. Meanwhile, the change brings 64 player counts to Ground War on Quarry, further expanding its large-scale multiplayer mode. It also sets the Defcon timer to 45 seconds, while eliminating a resuscitation error in Cyber ​​Attack.

Infinity Ward has now also requested help from Microsoft to address the Xbox One X crash, suggesting that users "expect more updates on this topic soon." "

We have identified a problem that affects some players on Xbox One X. The affected players are experiencing failures. We are working with Microsoft to solve the problem. We cannot really thank you enough for providing us with your continuous comments on this release, all Information helps, expect more updates on this topic soon, and thank you for your patience and help as we work to find a solution.

While the statement does not provide a potential deadline or a temporary solution, regular communication should be hopeful for Xbox One X owners: Installing Modern Warfare on an external hard drive has reduced blockages for some users looking for a solution in the coming days.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, starting at $ 60 through Amazon.

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