Call of Duty: Mobile Review

Call of Duty: Mobile launch is today, October 1, 2019, and we've been through the event all night, so it's time for an early review. This title marks the transition of the critically acclaimed CoD franchise to mobile devices, and Tencent made it possible for both iOS and Android. The series is known for offering a first-person shooting game since 2003 when it began with a game set in World War II. However, over the years, the scenario evolved to cover many other historical and fictional conflicts, and now is the time for a real mobile multiplayer battle.

  Call of Duty Mobile Review

Development and reception

As mentioned, the game came out on October 1 and has already received very positive responses. On Google Play, Call of Duty: Mobile Android has a 4.7-star rating of several thousand votes at this time, growing by the hour. In the iTunes App Store, CoD iOS has 4.4 stars of almost 10k votes, it also grows rapidly in number, and the game is already # 3 in action. Tencent Games handled the development and made some bold choices in terms of what to take to the mobile, which is what we will explore. As with the previous titles, Activision handles the publication.

  Call of Duty: Mobile review


In terms of pure gameplay, CoD Mobile is an attractive tactical shooting game, which brings to the mobile the same distinctive flavor it had on PC and other platforms. The game was always praised for its realism, tactical possibilities and the general response of the weapons and physics of the game. However, with this new mobile version, instead of the first-person view of the game, Tencent decided to opt for the third-person view. This radical change is nothing short of monumental and presents a potential danger to the experience of fans of the series. However, given that the mobile gameplay is very different from that of the PC, for example, the third-party view seems to be fair and so far the response is positive in that regard.

  Call of Duty Mobile load

Modes [19659004] CoD mobile also joins the Battle Royale train with this title. The game naturally exploits the multiplayer social aspect of today's mobile games and uses the familiar and standard extravagance of 100 players. There is also a deathmatch mode where two teams of 5 face each other in a total 5v5 war, and the game also offers other modes, such as Sniper vs. Sniper battles, and even Zombie action.

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Call of Duty: Mobile is a free game, like other real battle games like PUBG and Fortnite, but at first glance, COD mobile looks superior Now that it's out, especially in terms of graphics and visuals. In fact, the game offers 3D HD quality, which is rare in this genre. But it also received quite positive comments about the controls, which are quite well adapted for mobile games, and other customizations for controls, sound and 3D graphics. Tencent ranked the social aspect quite well, offering voice and text chat, sorting modes, clans and other multiplayer items.

Call of Duty Mobile Fight Alongside Friends

So far, Call of Duty: Mobile seems to be pointing to the top, both on iOS and Android. In addition to all of the above, the game has already been launched with tons of content, cosmetics that, of course, are available as in-game purchases and other personalized opportunities. Tencent aimed to please everything we love in the multiplayer shooting genre, with improvements and solutions to the problems that most games have not yet overcome. And, the change in sight in the third person also makes the game look and feel more familiar as a mobile shooter, in addition to other amenities provided by that.





Call of Duty: Mobile seems to be pointing to the top, both on iOS and Android.

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