Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation Review Xbox 360

After First Strike DLC, Black Ops fans wanted more work from Treyarch and Activision. There was no option other than listening to the fans’ needs and for a limited time, a second DLC map pack called “Escalation” was released exclusively on Xbox 360.

The Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation map pack has four new multiplayer maps: Zoo, Stockpile, Hotel, and Convoy and a “Call of the Dead” zombie map. This new map is intended to provide new challenges and places for gamers to explore.

Escalation DLC logo

However, the question raised here is whether the Escalation Map Pack is new to fans or very similar to the First Strike Map Pack. Can be found. The name of the map itself suggests that it will happen at an abandoned zoo. This map is very similar to the Carnival of Modern Warfare 2, but it is nearly double the size and has a close quarters map.

There are many places in the zoo where campers can relax and wait for innocent athletes such as empty aquariums. There is a rooftop where gamers can lie down and steal, but because the battle map says it is closed, take the AK74U out and fire the bullet.


The hotel is one of the best multiplayer maps in escalation. In this map, gamers are situated in a casino atmosphere with slot machine, swimming pool, performance lounge and working elevator. Combat of all types is the only map of the DLC, including close, mid, and long range. Many people in the hotel map obviously give you an advantage over the enemy. For example, one stall in the bathroom will cover the player’s position when he is trying to ambush the opponent.

The convoy features a partially destroyed highway and a massive missile centered in the Soviet Union. This missile divides the map into two parts and works as a perfect sniper location for the player. Convoys are not large in size, but provide large quarterly battles in scattered buildings near gas stations, motels, and so on.

Stockpile is one of the most interesting maps of escalation, but it is also a great map. The stockpile is not as spectacular as the hotel, but it is unique in the zoo but it will be underestimated. All elements are able to keep the player’s seat. Stockpile is held in the Soviet town and provides a great sniper spot for gamers.

Call of the dead

One of the main reasons to enjoy Treyarch’s Call of Duty game is zombie mode, and Escalation developer’s “Call of Dead” lets you move on to the next level. Online multiplayer is certainly the center of attraction to Black Ops, but at the same time zombie mode is painfully addicted.

Dead Call is filled with secrets, Easter eggs, and exploration rooms. The Lion’s phone is one of the most unique maps by date and is so large that the player can easily get lost in that place. The boss of Call of Dead is George Romero. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Danny Trejo, Robert Englund, and Michael Rooker make up the rest.

The short Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation Review map pack was developed to meet the fans’ expectations and Treyarch is creating a map pack worth 1200 MSP. DLC is suitable for multiplayer or veteran zombie lovers looking for a new environment and environment to explore.

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