California strikes deal with FCC to delay state net neutrality law

According to a statement by Scott Wiener, a supporter of the California court, California has agreed to postpone the implementation of the "net vote" net neutrality bill. Net neutrality rules are expected to come into effect next year, but California officials have agreed that the Federal Communications Commission will wait until the courts resolve the pending lawsuits on legislation to withdraw federal regulations at the end of last year.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai delayed the win on the scissors. "This considerable concession reflects the strength of the incident that the US did earlier this month," said Pi. "Unlike the claims of law supporters, it also proves that there is no urgent need to deal with these rules."

California Senator Scott Wiener, who advocated the bill, described the decision in other terms. Wiener said, "Of course, I want California net neutrality legislation to take effect immediately to protect Internet access." "But I understand and support the attorney general's logic that the DC Circuit Appeals will be resolved until the courts proceed to keep the Net neutrality law. "

" We look forward to a successful litigation on this matter and a recovery of strong Net neutrality protection in our state. "

The FCC December regulation, which abolished Internet orders last December, also includes a preemptive clause that prevents all states from passing their own neutrality bill. By law, but many experts say they can not enforce this provision The Court has previously ruled that the FCC's preemptive language does not have any power over the rights of States to enforce their laws.

"We I am confident that with the state's proven market-based framework, the FCC's authority to preempt such state laws will be maintained. Pai said in a statement, "to protect the nation's openness, investment and innovation nationwide."

This delay was expected for some experts. According to Harold Feld of the Public Knowledge, the FCC's network neutrality command can only be challenged in D.C circuits. Pending lawsuits against California law must be filed with the state district court in violation of the Hobbs Act if problems arise. So waiting for a decision on federal regulations is the safest way for both sides.

"Ultimately, it does not matter how much garbage comes out before the game." 19659011] New rules for network neutrality in California are expected to come into effect January 1.

10/26/18 3:50 pm Updated: Updated information related to the Hobbs Act.

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