Caesars Entertainment bets on the Microsoft cloud, drives innovation in gaming, hospitality, and entertainment

Today's post was written by Les Ottolenghi, executive vice president and chief information officer of Caesars Entertainment.

caesars entertainment bets on the microsoft cloud drives innovation in gaming hospitality and entertainment The gaming and entertainment industry is at a crucial moment in its history, as traditional forms of entertainment face total disruption in a hyperactive. connected world I joined Caesars Entertainment in January 2016 to help us become a purely digital business so we can improve the guest experience in our company, which includes 55 destinations. Customers, accustomed to mobile devices and omnichannel experiences, now expect their entertainment to be digital, real-time and reliable. Caesars uses Microsoft's cloud technologies, from the suite of Office 365 products to Azure and Dynamics 365, as a key part of its strategy to apply digital technology to the casino gaming industry.

Microsoft cloud technologies accelerate our business, from the delivery of new entertainment options to mobilize and care for customers and our team members. Agility is a key benefit as we strive to remain at the forefront in a connected world that is always evolving. With Office 365, we obtained a modern workplace that improves the efficiency of smart ways that adapt to our business strategies. For example, the dissemination of information and real-time connections among employees who use Office 365 facilitates the teamwork that is required to provide exceptional experiences to customers. Our IT team can also use Microsoft technologies to implement these capabilities in the company more perfectly than ever. As part of our Microsoft cloud deployment, we implemented a text message bot that was created under the Microsoft Azure Bot Service to answer user questions about the deployment to help with change management. Thanks to the pilot test, the IT team not only gained experience in the design and development of robots, but, in general, the implementation was more successful throughout the company.

The Office 365 enterprise productivity tools are exceptional, up to date, meet the standards, highly secure and resilient so that IT can invest in exploring new technological opportunities. With the built-in security services and other integrations, the IT department is free to focus on customer-oriented initiatives: more than 60 percent of IT projects are now geared towards providing value for customers and our team members. , which represents a large increase over previous years. And as we build digital technology in everything we do, we become a platform business that offers what our customers want, rather than our competitors.

Recently, Caesars launched an interactive and immersive gaming and entertainment environment within The LINQ Hotel + Experience on the Las Vegas Strip. Inside the RE: MATCH bar LINQ screens around the bar offer interactive digital experiences, including games at the top of the bar and enveloping digital art installations, one of a kind. Across the casino in The Book, customers can turn on an Xbox and play casual games, and can compete in electronic sports events next door. All this translates into a unique experience for our guests that is available all day, every day. To facilitate coordination among the more than 200 people who worked on the project, we used Office 365 to connect to the teams and share the information they needed to provide the experience. It is a great example of how we leverage Microsoft technology to optimize our resources and focus on the customer engagement model.

We are also testing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in Azure to explore machine learning in real time. content-based creation and an implementation model to help us provide customers with what they need, when they need it, either on a screen on a wall or in the palm of their hands. In the future, if a problem at a Los Angeles airport delays the arrival of a guest, we could proactively alleviate their anxiety by sending them an email to reassure them about their reservations or to confirm that we will book their tickets for a great show.

Caesars Entertainment is in the early stages of a global implementation of Windows 10. Continuous release cycles with Windows 10 will satisfy employees who expect constant updates on their digital platforms. We also focus on making sure we deliver the right technology in the hands of our team members. Surface Pro has been such a strong product that it has become the device of choice for our executives. And this is where employee satisfaction comes into play, which is so important to our culture. Our team members are more committed and satisfied with the work because they have modern cloud-based tools to create connections and improve their productivity. And in a networked world where people are vulnerable to cyber attacks and false information, they know they can still do their job safely. This is because we use Office 365 with services such as Azure Active Directory and other Microsoft security services, along with our platform and security controls, which allows us to geofence login alerts, for example.

As Caesars advances with his digital devices. transformation, we are prepared to take advantage of new opportunities in the games and hospitality businesses. Ensuring that our team members are happy and productive with a modern workplace and Microsoft cloud technology is our best bet to get there.

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