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Bunniiiies: Love Rabbit is a rather NSFW rabbit breeding game for the iOS and Android platforms, where your goal is to raise and breed rabbits and then find rare rabbits of different colors and patterns. You can also sell for more coins, and the rarer the rabbit, the more coins you can sell.

Read on for some tips and tricks on Bunniiiies: Love Rabbit!

The first thing everyone wants to figure out is how to get more coins. The only way to earn more coins is to sell rabbits. So even if you don’t want to get rid of rabbits, you should eventually throw them away. But with coins you can buy different colored candies and more sweets, so it’s worth it.

Digging rabbits is also useful for freeing up more space on the ground, so you can keep new and rare rabbits. However, this is not the only way to free up more space. You can buy more land by tapping the sign below the windmill.

By purchasing more land, you can scroll the screen from left to right and add more rabbits to your stable. Each new land purchase is more expensive than the previous one, but allows you to create more new and rare rabbit collections.

The gym is a place you can send your rabbits to work out, but they can only work out for a set amount of time before going to bed. If you try to put the rabbit on a white bench or treadmill and the rabbit does not appear, go to the living room and wake it up. If the cooling downtime has not yet completed, it should be put to sleep.

There are two versions of this game. A children’s version of the bunny kissing and kissing-only version and an adult version of the bunny making love, but the actual action is censored behind pixelated blocks. An in-app purchase that removes the sensor block is available for a hidden third version of the game.

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To earn different types of free rewards like free coins, free casino chips and candy quickly and easily, you should complete all daily quests as often as possible. Daily quests reset once per day, so you can go back the next day and complete a whole new set of quests. It will be reset regardless of whether it’s done or not.

The speedup bar doubles the speed of the game, reducing waiting times for all aspects of the game, but once the bar runs out, you won’t be able to speed up all day. There are two ways to restore. If you wait until the next day, the speedup bar will be fully restored, or you can restore it right away by watching the 30 second ad video.

Always keep your rabbit healthy. Clean when you need cleaning, feed when you are hungry, and use a medical kit when you are sick. You can buy all of these items in the shop.

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