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Bunniiiies: Love Rabbit is a new game where you run a farm, raise and raise rabbits, and call smashed rabbits in various colors and patterns and sell them for coins. You can’t even take your bunny to the gym to get stronger, buy food and other items for your bunny, and engage in NSFW activities to make more bunny.

Even if you choose the adult version of the game, you start with the censored version of that activity with an optional purchase that will unlock the uncensored version. However, this and other bonuses can be unlocked using a VIP code. The VIP code is a 5-digit code provided by the developer that can be entered for free and redeemed for a prize.

Read our list of VIP codes, how to find more, and how to use them in Bunniiiies: Love Rabbit!

To use this code, first go through the tutorial until you can tap anywhere you want. Then tap the menu button with three bars in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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Then tap the icon that looks like a key. You will then be prompted to enter a code. Enter the code on the number pad and receive a gift when the code works.

To find more of these VIP codes, the first place to look is Facebook. Subscribe to the game’s official page so that the VIP code that appears on the page also appears in the news feed. Also check out the previous posts and photos on the game’s official page to see if you’ve missed any code already posted.

Another good place to check is Subreddit for games. Because it’s usually the first place players go to discuss a game like this. You can see if anyone has posted the code in the comments by searching for the thread that contains the code, and by searching the threads of other players requesting the code. Share any code you have that hasn’t been shared yet.

Check out the code posted as part of the review in the Reviews section of the App Store where you downloaded the game. You can organize your reviews from newest to oldest so you get the newest code that is more likely to work first. As before, add code that hasn’t been added yet to your own review.

Twitch and YouTube are great code sources. Because games like this will be published on streams and videos, and streamers and Youtubers often get code directly from developers before anyone else. Because of that, you can also find exclusive codes here.

Currently, the following code is the only code released for games.

22468: Uncensored Mode Unlocked

If I find more code, I’ll post it, so keep an eye out for this article!

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