Bugatti made a $19 million car and sold it straight away

Ignore the balance of your bank (im) for a moment, and consider this proposal: Bugatti has designed a unique and dark car, built on the Chiron powertrain, made of carbon fiber and all the most refined materials of the humanity has discovered, but it costs a whopping $ 18.9 million and you can not have it for another 2.5 years, because Bugatti has to discover how to design and homologate the absurd.

Any car fan would calculate how many Ferraris, McLarens and Lambos they could get for such an important sum, and how much driving can be done in 30 months, and it will decrease as quickly and courteously. possible. But if you're a person more concerned with pointing out your status or preserving your wealth, this $ 19 million Bugatti proposal is obvious.

I spoke with Bugatti's design director Achim Anscheidt today while admiring a design model of the recently announced "La Voiture Noire" of his company. This vehicle will be unique, only one will be made: the tribute to the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. Designed by Jean Bugatti, the eldest son of its founder Ettore, the 57 Atlantic had an iconic black variant, which disappeared during World War II, and that is what the current Voess Noire commemorates. Anscheidt tells me that once his design team finished with his work, the first person to whom the new car was bought was very limited edition.

Because, why would not he? Buying a punctual Bugatti, at any price, is like buying futures in the stock of multibillionaires of the future. If you think there will be more extraordinarily rich humans on the planet, either in number or in wealth, then it only makes sense to have extraordinarily exclusive items like this completely black Bugatti.

Anscheidt is not shy about the clientele that attracts his company, he tells me that Bugatti has "a customer base that is used to configure their yachts and their planes", and also, that "if you compare it with the market of art, it's not so scandalous. "

I'm still recovering from the way those words were uttered, along with the inescapable logic they contain. The $ 19 million Bugatti La Voiture Noire will have the exact inverse value curve of a regular car: it will begin to appreciate rather than depreciate at the time it is delivered, and after 20 or more years, it is likely to be an option even more desired and exceptional. piece of art / state / wealth. Only a reckless fool would dare to drive it.

As expected, Bugatti's new debut in the Hypercar is the most expensive new car ever built and sold. However, what might surprise you is that its price escalation is entirely due to its more elegant design and its scarcity. Bugatti did not make any improvement in performance in relation to Chiron, which means that the Bugatti Divo is still the vehicle with the best performance offered by the brand. The Divo has a similar cost of € 5 million / $ 5.7 million, although that price only has historical significance, since the 40 examples were sold to owners of Chiron immediately after the announcement.

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Photograph by Vlad Savov / The Verge

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