Bug fixes abound in Microsoft

Those brave souls who saw the new Microsoft Windows Terminal got a surprise last night, as the team issued an update of their latest version of command line pranks.

The launch comes just after the Cascadia monospaciada eye-friendly Source of code, issued earlier this week after a long gestation.

The gang has continued to add features to the command shell preview with tabs that, although not in the league of recent releases, are welcome.

first is a schema for the configuration file, profiles.json . Windows Terminal lacks a recognizable configuration screen and, instead, trusts the user to modify a file .json to enjoy the customization capabilities that fans love the tool for.

If the command line is your thing, then editing a file .json should present little difficulty, right? However, in previous versions, a typo in that file could leave the Preview Terminal in a very bad state. Instead of implementing a complete configuration screen, the gang has chosen to include a scheme to auto-complete and suggestions when editing the file in something like Visual Studio Code.

It works fine, although we had to go through some hoops to make it work since our Windows 10 installation had .json files associated with the notebook. Manually configuring the association of a file .json to Visual Studio Code through File Explorer was the solution.

We also had some problems with that shiny new font, which "will be installed automatically when downloaded." While the new Windows Terminal was automatically updated from the Microsoft Store without problems, we had to manually install the font ourselves and play with the file profiles.json to free ourselves from Consoles.

Again, this is preview stuff, and the strange adventure in .json is not a bad thing.

The team has also added support for the selection of Stylus (useful, with that mysterious hardware event that will come next week) and a new key-link option in the form of closeWindow . Linked to Alt + F4 by default, it will close the window with extreme prejudices, closing all tabs with a warning that is too easy to discard thanks to an unfortunate breach.

The final solution deals with a lock when pasting from the clipboard that was introduced in v0.4.

The only fly in the ointment is the adoption of the Windows version syntax, which makes this the September 2019 version (1909) instead of v0.5.

Of course, Windows 10 (1909) is unlikely to ship this month and will probably be called the October 2019 update. Or 19H2. Or "the one we hope will make you forget everything that happened last year."

The team expects some more releases before completing the function before the end of the year before a final release in April 2020, just before Microsoft's 2020 Compilation Event.

The gang has also published a road map, detailing what it expects to be in the big fun bag by the time v1.0 appears.

We will vote for multiple panels, please. ®

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