Breeding Guide for Dragonvale 2020

This DragonVale dragon breeding guide will help you on the long journey of breeding other dragons in the game. To raise a variety of dragons, you need a breeding cave to unlock at level 7, or an epic breeding island to buy 125 gems at level 13. You can breed other dragons, such as the rainbow dragon.

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Breeding Guide for Dragonvale in 2020

This DragonVale breeding guide with Tips and Tricks is best for you.

Dragonvale Guide to Breeding

Basic Information:

The following dragon combinations are the most effective and effective way to get these dragons. There are other ways to get them, but these methods should produce faster results based on the time it takes to get to other potential uses that can be achieved using the same combination.


Efficiency-the best way to breed. That doesn’t mean it still works for you, but it’s a calculation of the time or dragon factor. Don’t Confuse God (Dragonvale Company)

Breeding-Combine two dragons with the same or different elements to create a new dragon

Tips and Tricks:

Even if you combine dragon elements correctly, the results are still random. This guide was created to help each dragon understand the best way to get through breeding and possible combinations. It doesn’t matter what you put on the left or right when you breed two dragons.

Results are displayed randomly according to the elements of the two dragons you chose to breed. Don’t waste time on this. Probability does not improve.

The number of friends, dragons, decorations, buildings or habitats will not affect the results. Don’t listen to random claims that are otherwise said, because they are false and time-consuming.

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The level of the dragon does not matter.

Breeding Guide for Dragonvale

The Rainbow Dragon was created by combining 2 dragons and 2 different elements, respectively. To reproduce the rainbow, there must be 4 elements between the two dragons.

Time-sensitive information:

All of these have been tested in the EST time zone, but I am 100% sure what time zone or time is different from what dragon. The two possible exceptions to this are for the moon and the sun. Sunday dragons seem to multiply more often during the EST day, while moon dragons seem to multiply more often during the night EST.

The time can depend only on the EST time zone or on your time zone set on the device. We are still trying to grasp the details of these two dragon ages.

Note: This is a confirmed note for Sun Dragon and Moon Dragon. If you are having trouble breeding Moon Dragon or Sun Dragon, set your device to 12-hour clock.

The probability of getting a dragon is random and the order does not matter. If you don’t get what you want first, try again. You may need a few attempts, but eventually, you should get the dragon you want.

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