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Brain:code is a new logic puzzle game for iOS and Android, a legally difficult puzzle that can sometimes feel like the most difficult game on the entire platform. Luckily, here is an answer for every level of this article.

Read all of Brain:code’s answers, solutions, cheats and level tricks!

Level 1: Six 9 (convert 6 to 9)

Answer: /rotation:180

Level 2: Bird Rescue

Answer: /theme:white (makes the white cage disappear)

Level 3: Stop animation when it says “Level complete”

Answer: /anim.stop

Level 4: +7=10-

Answer: Use /select:c1, /anim.stop, /select:c2 and then use /anim.stop again to make 1+7=10+2.

Level 5: mama, level, wow, more red

Answer: /text:painline

Level 6: Black dots in circles

Answer: /anim:start Tilt your phone until the next black dot returns inside the circle.

Level 7: Needs space

Answer: /text: (then press spacebar about 12 times)

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Level 8: LG Angle Angle

Answer: /text:triangle

Level 9: @-l %-e (-h :-g =-m !-i +-a #-k *-t )-s

Answer: /text: I like this game

Level 10: A small circle that rotates around a large circle

Answer: /text:384400 (i.e. distance between moon and earth in KM)

Level 11: (Italian upside down)

Answer: /text:Italy

Level 12: Keyboard Repair

Answer: /rotate:180 go to ASCII mode and then:

/text:119 = w

/text:105 = me

/text:115 = seconds

/text:103 = g

/text:107 = k

/text:100 = d

/text:118 = v

Level 13: (nonexistent)

Level 14: Red + Blue =

Answer: /text:brown

Level 15: Squares on graph paper:

Answer: /select:r1

/move: -150,25


/move:75,225 (Android) /move:75,175 (iOS)


/move: -125,175 (Android) or -125,125 (iOS)


/move:125,-175 (Android) or -125,75 (iOS)

Level 16: Night Level

Answer: To view photos, set the time on your phone to night. Ursa Major. Type /text: Ursa Major

Level 17: Google Maps Heart Photo

Answer: /text:heart

Level 18: 4 balls on the screen

Answer: After /anim:start, tilt your phone 90 degrees to the left to find the ball.

Level 19: Three Fruits and a Cart

Answer: /select:apple


/optional: banana


/Optional: Pineapple


Level 20: How many levels are left?

Answer: check the number of levels in /info and then /text:10

Level 21: Binary System Rabbit

Answer: /text:101 (101 = 5 in binary code)

Level 22: Show your magic! Can you draw a rabbit from a box?

Answer: /Move:100

Level 23: Two-way road

Answer: /text:———–

Level 24: Show the plane

Answer: Turn on airplane mode on your phone or tablet.

Level 25: QR Code

Answer: Take a screen capture of the QR code and email it to yourself on another device, then go to brain:code and type /Scan and use your camera to scan.

Level 26: Coordinates on the map

Answer: /text:acdc

Level 27: The Brain Code website is

Answer: Answers in the website source code. It is:


/move: 20, 20



Level 28: vla sox ilyh

Answer: /text:11

Level 29: Which answer did you skip?

Answer: /text:13

Level 30: White dots in circles again

Start /anim: then tilt your phone until the black dot returns to the inside of the circle.

Level 31: Break the keyboard

Answer: /level:12 then /level:31

Level 32: See you next time

Answer: Close the game three times, reopen all three times, then type /select:don’t and /move:2000,2000.

Level 33: Three coordinates of a triangle

Answer: /text: Bermuda Triangle

Level 34: 5+5=25

Answer: /select:+ next rotation:45

Level 35: I overcome laziness

Answer: /text:Apollo, /Level:13, /anim:start

Level 36: Milkshake

Answer: /select:milk, /move: (different x/y coordinates depending on screen size), /select:strawberry, /move:-100,-120

Level 37: You Need My Help

Answer: /help, /anim:start, /anim:stop when 11 becomes 1

Level 38: Enter only what you need

Answer: /text:level complete

Level 39: Find All Exit Buttons

Answer: Click the hint button, close it, click the back button, type /scan and x from the camera, type /menu, type x, then tap “Exit”.

Level 40: Did you carefully read all the hints between levels?

Answer: /text:Yes, the game will ask you to read level 32. Then move the white circle to find 8 7 9 1 2

Level 41: Level Charge

Answer: After plugging in your phone /anim:start twice

Level 42: Multilingual 33

Answer: If you go to /menu and then change the language, it says minus for hints. If I do the same thing again, it says Uno. /text:32

Level 43: What grows on trees?

Answer: Bring your phone time 10 years earlier to bear fruit. /text:mango.

Level 44: Another rotation equation circle.

Answer: /select:c1, /move:400, /select:c2, /move:-400, /select:c1, stop at /anim:4, /select:c2, stop at /anim:1

Level 45: What was the answer to the first question?

Answer: /text:yes

Level 46: Everyone Makes Mistakes

Answer: /rotation:46

Level 47: – . -. .-. .-.. ..- …

Answer: /anim:start, /text:11

Level 48: 4 coordinates

Answer: /text:playstation as it gives the appearance of a button on the Playstation controller

Level 49: Win the minigame

Answer: Click the button, then play tic-tac-toe with a smile.

Level 50: View from a different angle

Answer: Point your phone to the ground, rotate it 90 degrees, and then touch the screen.

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