Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robot can haul vehicles, too

Boston Dynamics showed its robot SpotMini doing a new trick: join an army of robots to pull a large vehicle that is in a neutral position. Ten of them can work together to do the work. This is based on the four-legged robot's repertoire of skills, which includes picking up objects, opening doors, climbing stairs and having disturbingly real movements.

The big news today is that SpotMini is off the production line, and Boston Dynamics says it will be available "for a range of applications soon." The price information has not been made public, and it does not seem that it will be a consumer product (which is probably for the good of society).

The SpotMini was shown for the first time in 2017, and its home page shows some specifications. It is a fully electric robot that is said to last up to 90 minutes per charge, and has a maximum payload of 14 kilograms, or about 30 pounds, which is half its own weight. Unlike the Boston Dynamics Spot, the SpotMini is considerably smaller. At 0.84 meters, or a little less than three feet, it is as tall as a large dog. Dear rich, join Iditarod with a team made up of SpotMini robots.

It seems a very complete product, even if we can not buy one in the short term. But if your car stops in Waltham, Massachusetts, keep your fingers crossed for a trailer from the SpotMini crew.

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