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Before you play Borderlands 3 game you need to know about Borderlands 3 characters,  playable characters,  skill trees, epic exclusive, steam and gameplay.

The new Borderlands game began with the release of only remastered collections for over five years. And after two gameplay sessions so far, including the first 4-5 hours of playthrough, you can safely say that your fans will not be disappointed.

Borderlands 3 Review

Familiar and properly improved at the same level, Borderlands 3 is a “much bigger game” than the first, second or pre-follow outing. Add custom layers to allow players to create personalized experiences based on their game style. And for the first time, it works on multiple planets and systems, making appropriate changes to enemies and landscapes. In short, Borderlands 3 game has the potential to deliver everything the franchisee fan wanted.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay trailer

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Borderlands 3 Platform

We played more extensive demos on PC hardware better than the Xbox One or PS4 Pro. However, we received information that graphics fidelity is similar because we run the game in 4K HDR. I can’t say for sure at this time, but everyone is fortunate if it’s close to the image quality you’ve experienced. The PC version we played in LA and London is amazing.

Usually there is a cell shaded graphic effect, but the border is clear and detailed. There may be some dissatisfaction with the fact that the visual style has not changed significantly in ten years, but for us. We loved the original quality of the series, and the third chapter continues the trend.


The Significantly improved customization for the Borderlands 3 playable character as well as the gun itself. In fact, the previous Borderlands game felt like an RPG for many years, but this is the closest game to a real role player. Thanks to the extensible skill tree system, each playable avatar can be unlocked on three menu pages with unique features.

Skill points are awarded for each level up and can be assigned to three different categories for each of the various characters. Each character also has an assignable main power that can be selected or replaced at any time.

For example

Fl4k, a robot bolt hunter, can choose from 3 different pets that can be hot swapped throughout the game. They are controlled by artificial intelligence and can also command their enemies to attack enemies in a unique way and perform certain powers themselves. Another hunter, Moze, has an exosuit that offers extra protection and excellent firepower can be customized on its own via the skill tree.

The other two are Zane the Operative and Amara the Siren, each with their own interesting special abilities. Jane sends an autonomous and armed drone to take out the designated target or instead drop the timed shield from the bullet. Another option is to make your own clone to fire and shoot enemies. And it’s unique in that you can use both abilities at the same time on loadout.

This difference ensures a game tailored to your style, and in our opinion, it’s usually higher Borderlands, and the third is more than a more restrictive sniper. Tweaking the skill tree will allow you to create a character that fits perfectly, and the experience so far allows you to immerse yourself in the game very quickly.

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World beater

In his first play session with the game at a community event in Los Angeles, Gearbox said that the game has a lot of planets with their own challenges, enemies, and landscapes. The game starts with an earlier version of Pandora, so you had to do one or two missions in LA’s Promethea and play the newly released planet Eden-6 in the expanded gameplay preview, but spent more time than anything else. More recently London.

Pandora is naturally covered with rocky canyons, wasteland and bandit camps. But our visit took us to the highway and skyway of Meridian, the future metropolis. Filled with more advanced enemies, Eden-6 was a much more vertical jungle-like planet when jumping. And across the gantry. We also got a brief taste of a new sanctuary that will not only serve as your home base, but also help you travel from planet to planet.

That’s because this time it’s a huge spaceship with different customizable branches for characters and NPCs and a lot of interactive elements that can be fully prepared before heading to planet Earth. We haven’t been able to use that feature yet, but it looks like a nice tool to help you switch to the vehicle for your main story missions and comedies.

Gearbox and 2K game

While tweaking, most of the core gameplay has not changed. The Borderlands series has always thrived with massive weapons and loot chests, and looks and feels very similar to previous episodes. However, there are some additions. There is a new element type (radiation) that combines fire, impact, corrosive, slag and explosives to give you additional damage. To be honest, it’s too early to say how different this is, and I haven’t actually encountered an enemy type that is particularly sensitive to any of the demo sessions.

But we watched the shiny bad guys dotted when they came out with the spoiled volley. Other weapon improvements include various types of Tediore gun types that perform different actions when you run out of ammunition. Instead of reloading, the Teddy Ore Blaster is thrown at enemies and also appears in Borderlands 2, but this time with a gorgeous effect.

We especially liked the weapons obtained after dispatching Gigamind boss to Promethea. His weapon turns into a once depleted Gigamind Spider, exploding and exploding towards the enemy. Some people have ordinary comical movements.

Borderlands 3 gamepad

This time some weapons also have secondary abilities. Usually you can fire bullets, but you can also tap the down arrow key on the gamepad to deliver a small missile. This allows you to customize it to your gameplay style, while adding mayhem and fury even during battle. Swapping of weapon types was one of my favorite practices in preview testing. What we found during the first few hours of the actual game is that in the early stages.

he weapons look weak and weak in strength, but soon find a better gun. In fact, in about two hours, we fired missiles and snipers from a distance with a single headshot. We’ve heard there are more than 1 billion weapons and combinations to discover, so you won’t get tired of finding new loot.

Borderlands 3 skill trees

The Borderlands 3 skill trees can also be used to make your character unique during cooperative play. You can play in coordination with your friends throughout the entire game (or as a single player if you like), split screen or online. By providing a variety of customizable skills, you can play with the same in-game characters but have very different sets of talents and abilities.

For example, Amara can be very different from her spouse. Take a look because there are many aesthetic customization features available. Another new feature designed to enhance cooperative play is what Gearbox calls Loot Instancing. This mode is an optional mode that adjusts the game balance for each player when activated.

This means that even while playing in the same game world at the same time, the player will get an experience tailored to the character level. For example, if one player is level 10 and the other level is 25, the former can find loot below level 10, while the other loot seems to be level 25.

Enemies will also be properly adjusted. That means that no matter how much time both players have invested individually in the game, they will face an equal challenge. You can turn off the mode and set co-op to work normally, but in the future, it’s a real step in the right direction for action games.

Borderlands 3 first impressions

Based on two gameplay sessions so far, including a five-hour marathon in a secret location in London, Borderlands 3 is looking for a sequel we’ve come to expect. It’s a Borderlands games with the same humor, mad cap weapons and play mechanics we’ve loved for a long time. Some may think that it is very similar and critical to its predecessor, but we think it can be huge, not negative. It’s so easy to pick up and play for a series veterans that you can instantly get attracted.

We can’t wait for a full launch, and what it’s been since we left off, thankfully it doesn’t take long. Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and the Google Stadia, version will be released. If you want to know more about the game, we will interview Anthony Nicholson, the lead producer of the game, this week at Pocket-lint Podcast.

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