Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2 on mobiles in November thanks to Google Stadia

Do you like Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3? Well, Google is looking to get some important points with fans, as they are bringing games on mobile devices, with the release date for both anchored to 19 th November 2019, in about a month .. In addition, you can also pre-order the Founder & # 39; s Edition and Google even announced that they plan to reach all Chrome-enabled devices, not just Google Pixel phones.

  Borderlands 3

The exciting announcement came during the Made by Google event that happened not 24 hours ago. They revealed that they will bring the new successful game Borderlands 3, which is currently topping the charts, and also Destiny 2, the FPS online multiplayer FTP to mobile devices through its streaming service. At launch, it is true that only Google Pixel smartphones will be supported. However, the company promised that there will be some important changes very soon, and the release date of the two games is scheduled for a month from now.

If you are not familiar with what Stadia is, it is an upcoming cloud gaming service. by Google that can stream video games with 4K resolution, 60 fps and HDR. It will be transmitted through the company's data centers that already cover the world and all you will need is a decent Internet connection speed to play all accessible games. The service may initially be accessed through the Google Chrome desktop web browser, but as this news says, the company is also taking it to smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, and Chromecast. Now, unlike Netflix, for example, stadiums will require users to buy the games they want to stream through the client, instead of paying for a library of games that everyone may or may not play.

  Destiny 2

A Particularly nice part of the announcement is the arrival of Borderlands 3 on mobile phones. The game's release date was only one month ago and was sold in more than 5 million copies in the first 5 days, setting a new record for 2K. Destiny 2 is a futuristic FPS multiplayer online only that until now is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game recently had its great Shadowkeep expansion and so far it is receiving positive comments everywhere.

Bringing both games to mobile phones will be invaluable for expanding your audience and will make the Google Stadia client even more attractive. It will be a free service, since only players are required to buy the games they want, but it will also have a Pro level with a monthly subscription fee. It remains to be seen how well both shooters will adapt to mobile games, but November 19 is not that far away.

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