Boost privacy of Apple Watch Series 5

The great new feature in the Apple Watch Series 5 is the screen always on. Day or night, the screen never turns off. It fades as soon as you stop using it, and all animations stop, but your face is ready for your curious look at any moment.

However, if you use your Apple Watch in bed or don't like the idea of ​​the clock that shows your information to anyone who wants to look at the device, then there are some settings that can help. Let's take a look.

Increase the privacy of Apple Watch Series 5

When Apple Watch Series 5 is in its low power mode, it still shows its complications: small infographics that show data on the face at all times. These complications do not show lively live updates, but some of them reveal private information. It is true that the information is usually small, but it is there.

  The Always On setting is also available in the Watch application on your iPhone.
The Always On setting is also available in the Watch application on your iPhone.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Here are two options. One is the nuclear option, where you always turn off the screen always on (thus deactivating the Series 5 marquee function). The other is to change a setting to keep that information private.

Apple Watch display and brightness settings

To do this, first press the digital crown on your Apple Watch. Then find and tap the application Settings . Scroll down to Display and brightness and tap. Then, you will see the new Apple Watch Series 5 settings, just below the Brightness slider.

Touch Always on and you can toggle the screen always on to turn off, just like previous Apple Watches You will also see the settings for Hide Sensitive Complications.

  The Apple Watch Series 5 allows you to customize your screen always on.
The Apple Watch Series 5 allows you to customize your screen always on.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The explanatory text reads: “Data for sensitive complications, such as your next appointment on the calendar, emails and heart rate can be hidden when your wrist is lowered.” And that is exactly what this setting does.

What about sleeping with Apple Watch Series 5?

When using an Apple Watch Series 5, one thing is clear when you turn off the power light The new Apple Watch is dim when the screen is at rest, but it is still bright enough to be annoying, especially if you have a sleeping partner who doesn't think you should wear it in bed.

  Theater mode it's an excellent bed mode.
Theater mode is a great bed mode.
Photo: Cult of Mac

It's even worse when the screen is illuminated at full power. You can use the settings to reduce the shine, but then you must recor set it again the next morning.

The best answer I have found so far is to activate Theater Mode. This turns off the screen when the watch is not active and also prevents alerts from illuminating the screen. Although if you have already activated Do not disturb at bedtime for your iPhone, your watch should follow the example, silencing all notifications while you sleep.

Almost perfect

This is a fairly ideal solution. You can enable and disable Theater Mode from the Apple Watch Control Center, which you can easily access by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Touch the happy / sad icon of Sock and Buskin and voila. I would love it if you could automatically link this to the Bedtime function on the iPhone, but it really is no big deal to do it manually.

Once set, your watch screen will turn off, just like you.

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