Boeing issues safety bulletin on 737 Max aircraft following Lion Air crash

Boeing issued a safety warning about false alarms on the sensors of the 737 Max aircraft after an October 29 Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia. The Operations Manual bulletin board instructs all airlines operating the Boeing 737 Max to follow the "conventional flight crew procedure to resolve situations where there is a false input from the AOA sensor".

The AOA, or Angle of Attack, strikes an airplane or wing of the coming wind flow. The exact cause of the crash is unclear, but investigators have reported that the pilot's software bug or misunderstanding may have contributed to the accident. Wall Street Journal

According to "black box" data found on Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, the airspeed indicator malfunctioned in the last four flights. The Lion aircraft, which has only been used for several months, is one of Boeing's newest commercial aircraft. The Boeing 737 Max 8 is currently used by two US carriers, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, but no problems have yet been reported with that carrier.

Following the Boeing statement, the FAA announced its sensitivity to the 737 Max. According to Bloomberg a safety protocol is required for US aircraft. The Emergency Order requires airlines to follow the instructions that Boeing's instructions will cause flight crews to have difficulty navigating the airplane, becoming too weak, falling in altitude, and affecting terrain. [19659006]

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