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Blitz – Win Cash is a new game for iOS and Android where you can win real money by playing against other players in competition. The competition takes place in a variety of games, including games similar to those already on the App Store, where players often pay to get more money.

Use promo codes and referral codes to get new bonus cash that you can use to win more real money. Both can be entered at any time and can be played risk-free without having to purchase with the corresponding bonus cash.

Read our list of referral codes and promo codes, how to find more, and how to use them in Blitz – Win Cash!

Referral codes are much easier to find than promotional codes and are much more common. This is because each player can get their own personal referral code and then use it to give to a friend to receive bonus cash. Not only that, they earn bonus cash when someone uses your referral code.

Promo codes are much rarer, so they are more likely to give big bonuses to those who use them. One good place to find promo codes is on Facebook, the game’s official developer page. Subscribe to the page and keep track of all posts written to find available promo codes.

Another great place to find these codes is on YouTube. Twitch is also a good source, as competitive players in these casual esports games often like to stream their progress. They give a referral code to anyone who wants to use it, so be careful.

To find a referral code, you can view the comments section of an article about a game or Facebook post or social media post in general. Post your own code as well so others can get bonus cash whenever they use your code.

The easiest and surest place to find referral codes is in the Reviews section of the App Store download page. Players will post their referral code here for other players to use, and you can add your own code to battles too.

At this time, there are no known promotional codes for the game.

As long as you have a referral code, post your referral code in a comment so other players can use it. Feel free to use my referral code below.

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Go to your Profile tab and scroll up to find your referral code. Keep an eye on this article for promo codes. Because we’ll post some when we find them!

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