Black Microsoft Surface Headphones appear in leaked promotional video

WalkingCat Microsoft was ready to launch Surface headphones in a new black color. This video demonstrates many of the features you can already find in traditional gray Surface headphones, including dials that control volume and active noise canceling. Indicates that no new features are provided with the new color scheme.

The promotional video appeared a year after Microsoft first introduced ear surface headphones, and so far it has only been available in gray. In the year the headphones were first released, Microsoft released a matte black Surface Pro. It doesn't match the black Surface Pro, so if you didn't buy Surface headphones, it might not be too long to wait.

But it's not clear when Microsoft will release this new product. Color scheme. The trailer uses the same “Anything but Ordinary” tag line that was used for its Surface event this week, but the only audio equipment announced by the company is the $ 249 Surface Earbuds, which are available in two different ways: light gray and dark gray. Is provided. . We have already produced a sleek ad for the black version, so Microsoft seems to be ready to announce new headphones anytime.

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