BitLife Game Guide 2020

BitLife, is a Life Simulation game developed by Candywriter, LLC. US-based developers create casual and fun applications for mobile devices and tablets. Meanwhile, the simulation game is about trying to live longer with a beneficial or malicious life.

Bitlife gameplay trailer

When the scenario tries

BitLife game allows players to decide their character or how they will live. They are free to choose what will happen to their lives. They can go a high way by making the right choices as model citizens. Before death or reaching the final game, some of the positive scenarios are marrying a dream partner to raise children and choose the ideal job. On the other hand, if you go down a low road, the player can act more sinister.

They may be a threat to parents, fall into crime, cause devastating riots, become smugglers, or even marry a spouse. The simulation game eventually ends with the death of the player, and they are deduced as to whether they have earned honor or disgrace. If desired, the player may look like a ghost. It all depends on the player’s decision.

Having a new perspective in life

Simulation games allow users to gain insight into the lives of others through role-plays. Players get older and have to choose what to do next. There are scenarios where you have to choose 3 choices. They have to deal with real problems like health problems, substance abuse, crime and socializing. Each selection has a quarterly result.

Other options available are:





They can try real careers that cannot be done in real life. Players are free to choose their relationship to the taste of simulated romance. You can also prolong your life in the game by maintaining a balance between work and health. Players can also observe the simulated family career and love life.

It’s not about yourself, it’s the impact of life-changing decisions that can prosper or be destroyed. Children can learn about the concept of choice and the consequences of life. They may be scared at first for a limited time in life, but it will help them mature.

The game also receives constant updates from developers when receiving constructive feedback from fans and the community. There is also a Bitlife Community.

Learn to live

Will you make the best choice to be a model citizen someday before you die? You can marry the love of life, raise children and get a good education.

Learn to live in Bitlife

Or would you choose to surprise your parents? You can fall into a criminal life, fall in love, go on an adventure, riot in jail, smuggle duffel bags, and deceive your spouse.

You choose your story … Learn how beat-by-bit selection can be added to determine the success of your life in the game. Interactive story games have been in use for many years. However, this is the first text life simulator to truly mash and simulate adult life. BitLife can only be taught to players once and each choice is important. They can also try fantasy life for years.

Bitlife Ribbons

Ribbon is the reason to play BitLife. As a serial killer or an idiot, it rewards you for life you didn’t normally think about. Not all life can be one of wealth and honor, and BitLife wants to reward the game in a variety of ways. This guide lists all 30 ribbons in BitLife and details how you can get them exactly. It also provides links to basic guides for each ribbon if you need more information.

Bitlife Ribbons

I’ve also written a complete guide to BitLife, which includes links to everything I’ve written in the game so far. If you can’t find it there, it doesn’t exist. enjoy it!

List of total 30 ribbons:

  1. Successful:
  2. Family Guy:
  3. Cat Lady:
  4. Cunning:
  5. Repeater:
  6. Student:
  7. Famous:
  8. Model Bitizen:
  9. Waste:
  10. Globe Trotter:
  11. Hero:
  12. High roller:
  13. Houdini:
  14. Theif:
  15. Lazy:
  16. Loaded:
  17. Vigorous:
  18. Ordinary person:
  19. Fertile:
  20. Ominous:
  21. Abundant:
  22. Who fights well:
  23. Evil :
  24. Scandal:
  25. Addict:
  26. Team members :
  27. Fatal:
  28. Ignorance:
  29. Fool:
  30. Old man:

Ribbon tips and the usage of ribbons

If your dream is middle class, live your dream life. Stable relationship and few children make money, but not much. A decent car, a decent home, nothing too cool, and there is nothing wrong with this ribbon. Aim for the best jobs and avoid drugs or casinos.

Family Guy:
Family Guy is a person who prioritizes family happiness with a successful career and wealth. You should be married (ideally the first dated woman) and have at least two children. Next, you have to fill the happiness bar for the rest of your life. For safety, it is recommended to do the same for all family members, such as parents and siblings.

Cat Lady:
Cat ladies are women who prefer cats over family and friends. Cats should always have as many cats as possible. In other words, it should be replaced as soon as the cat dies. Talk to your family with all your cats and don’t try to focus on managing the green bars.

To achieve this ribbon, you have to escape from prison and never get caught again. There are many ways you can do this. One is blind luck, hoping that you will continue your life with a low wage job and never get caught. Other, more reliable methods include migration or sex change. The problem with this method is that it is expensive and migration can often be caught anyway.

A reasonably hard ribbon to make a place to study hard throughout your life. Take as many courses as possible and spend as much time as possible in college. It helps to be smart from birth, but it is not required.

If you’ve ever used BitLife, you’ll find out about addiction and the best ways to treat it. To get this ribbon, you need to avoid drug treatment or gambling addiction. Stack up as many addictions as possible when a drink or drug is provided.

To be classified as fatal, you have to commit at least one murder in your lifetime. If you do this wrong, you can leave a Jailbird or Scandalous ribbon.

This ribbon speaks for itself about what you need to do. Employ in the entertainment industry, including acting or porn. Post a lot of posts on social media and get a lot of attention.

Branding with fertile ribbons requires at least 4 children. The main thing is to raise children as soon as possible and try not to achieve anything else in life. It is famous for having a lot of children and you have to do it.

Globe Trotter:
To become a Globetrotter, you need to trot the globe. This includes immigrating multiple times or taking multiple vacations. Traveling requires a lot of disposable income, but avoid getting too rich to get load ribbon.

It is almost the opposite of the scandal. If you confront, you should not be forgiving and aggressive. The way to know karma well is that karma is high and friendly to others and family will help you achieve this ribbon.

High roller:
I mentioned gambling earlier, but you need to be proficient to use this ribbon. You have to invest a lot of money and it means ‘a lot’ for a big win. It’s useful here to dispose of millions of dollars because your partner isn’t too happy to blow away a lot of money.

It takes a lot of threesomes to achieve this ribbon. To have a threesome, you need a partner who registers highly in the crazy spectrum. Avoid the night stand as you will end up with a lot of lovers. If you have a lot of lovers, you can get a Lustful ribbon. So knock down as many partners as possible and cheat.

This ribbon can be obtained in the same way as the cunning ribbon. Instead of avoiding arrest, it is ideal to return to prison and escape again. Escape as many as possible to achieve this. Check out the sly ribbon section above for a link to how to escape the prison.

Spend as much time as possible in prison and die in prison. If you don’t want to get a Scandalous ribbon, don’t murder and go to jail instead to avoid assault. Escape failure adds more years to the sentence.

This is BitLife’s second easiest ribbon. All you have to do is keep pressing the “age” button until you die. This means that you have never improved yourself, spend time with your family, or socialize. I wouldn’t recommend living all this way.

To load, you must have an amazing life that can earn over 10 million people. Remember that other things in life can affect the ribbon you get. Make as much money as possible and start early. That way you can’t miss!

This is not a difficult ribbon to achieve, but good looks will help. Just commit adultery as much as you can. You can get this ribbon without difficulty if you lay down a lot during your lifetime and do not get much

Ordinary person:
Getting a plain ribbon in real life is incredibly easy and so is BitLife. To live a normal life, you have to achieve nothing. This means confrontation with friends, retaliation against those who insult you, and not earning a lot of money. Getting a property or a vehicle also doesn’t help, and losing a job and going to jail can also help.

Model Bitizen:
Model Bitizen is a person who lives without a drug or alcohol while maintaining a good relationship with each family member. At some point in your life, random events occur and you have to respond to the police by phone.

Mooch is a man who regularly asks for money from his family. Whether or not they give money, the important thing is to ask each family once a year. When your family dies, get involved and ask for money. It is important to save money for each family member. The smaller the family, the easier it is to make life easier.

To be classified as rich, the net worth must be over one million. To win this ribbon, you need to make money, not family or loved ones. So, if you decorate a happy home and accumulate cash, you will not get this ribbon.

Who fights well:
Think of this animal as a party animal. It’s an animal that argues first and always has clubbing. So getting this ribbon means a lot of house parties, lots of clubbing, and arguing with individuals. Don’t assault them when you go to jail, but the debate is fine.

Start many fights and become an aggressive individual who spends years in jail. If you make an active decision, follow more. Therefore, it is very easy to achieve this ribbon.

Team members:
Candywriter has added several new career paths, one of which is mobile developers. By doing this, you become part of a team of game developers around the world. If you were in Toronto, you would have called it the game developer company Gamezebo. So the extra brownie points to someone who worked at Gamezebo and became part of our team!

To get this new ribbon, you have to get caught and steal as much as possible. Pickpocketing, robbery and theft are examples of this. The most difficult part of the ribbon is not caught, so you can avoid prison at all costs. Whether you pay attention or hire an attorney, you should avoid jail.

Any play through you will end your life early without your own fault. This can shorten life due to traffic accidents, terminal illness or unfortunate events. This is very difficult to aim, so if you keep playing it will eventually happen.

This should be the easiest ribbon in the whole game. All you have to do is start a new life and end your life before hitting the age button. This means dying as a shameful, but worthy deserving infant.

A foolish person should be very stupid. There is no study here to quit school or do anything to improve intelligence. They will make choices throughout their lives, so they always make the wrong decision, like not wearing a condom. Stroking wild animals is silly, but 100% aren’t sure this will give you a ribbon.

Old man:
To achieve this ribbon, you have to live a long and uneventful life. I say there are no incidents because if you make too much money or commit adultery, a lot can happen. To get an aged ribbon, you have to live more than 100 years and the rest must be a piece of cake.

The biggest difficulty is getting a single ribbon in the BitLife game. You can accidentally meet the criteria for several different ribbons, and there aren’t many ways to help.

How to Get Ribbons in Bitlife

The key to getting some of these ribbons at BitLife is that you shouldn’t excel or do too much elsewhere in life. You can get a cash based ribbon because the big one is making too much money.

Another tip on this is to keep your health relatively bad. You need to crawl Bitizen as soon as possible so that you don’t accidentally get another ribbon. This is not always recommended, and some ribbons require you to go further in your life.

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife

There are two ribbons to escape from prison:



Prisons are achieved by entering and escaping prison about 4 to 5 times before aging in prison. Houdini is achieved by entering and escaping prison approximately 10 times before dying.

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife

Depending on your level of security, escaping a prison can be simple or difficult. Regular jail escapes are very easy, and Super Max Prison requires a lot of prediction and planning to avoid capture. The map is randomized and new maps are added periodically, but the escape rules are the same.

Reach the end before the guards catch you. The guard always moves horizontally, first towards you. Also, the guard moves two spaces for each space you take. You have to stop rushing the exit and use a variety of dead end alleys and walls to keep your guard locked for escape.

As you can see, the guard was blocked by the wall during the first move. The guard doesn’t change position due to the horizontal priority, but the moment the character moves vertically, it steps one foot down from where the guard can move. I expect the guard to take the shortest path towards my character, and I move behind the wall to keep the guard from moving when I escape.

Supermax prison escapes can make things even more complicated. If you commit a certain fatal crime multiple times in a row, you will have access to the Super Max Prison (e.g. multiple murders and jailbreaks) and the rules of escape are the same.

How to Win the Lottery in Bitlife

If you want to make quick and easy money at BitLife, it’s not much faster than winning the lottery. We will not say that it is not easy. Unfortunately, in BitLife, there is no mean trick to help you win the lottery each time. Probably the best way, because it can make the game too easy.

How to Win the Lottery in Bitlife

However, if you want to win the lottery, here are some tips that give you the best chance. First of all, how to play the lottery is as follows. Go to the ‘Other’ section of the menu and you will see the option to purchase a lottery ticket. You can buy as many as you like in a year, but you really only have the chance to win the first ticket you buy every year.

The maximum number that can be purchased at one time is 10, and if they are part of the first batch purchased in the year, each has the same chance of winning. So, of course, to increase your chances of winning the lottery, it is recommended to buy 10 each year until you win. It may take some time, but it will eventually arrive.

BitLife Careers Guide

BitLife, an impressive and addictive life simulator that lets you make all the wrong choices you won’t dare in real life, offers you the possibility to choose your career path and achieve your dream job. Studying hard at BitLife doesn’t help you reach a professional dream. You have to make a wise choice.

BitLife Career Guide 2020

This BitLife Career Guide 2020 gives you all the tips you need to go to the right school and make your professional dreams a reality. Check out the BitLife recruitment guide and find out how to become a famous doctor, top lawyer or prominent actor!

Graduate Application

Eligibility for graduate admission is straightforward and guarantees paid jobs. All you have to do is avoid subjects that don’t help you get a serious job. Instead, choose a solid course like math or English.

How to Become Famous in Bitlife

If you plan on becoming famous in BitLife, you should start as early as you can. However, some BitLives have their own unique benefits, as in the real world. Ideally, you’ll want a character with a high appearance rating and rich parents. Neither is required, but it would be much easier with this.

How to Become Famous in Bitlife game

Either way, it’s a good idea to go to the gym once a year as soon as you start increasing your Looks rating. Set it as high as possible. If you are having trouble, your rich parents come and save money and spend on plastic surgery. It’s better to go because a minor operation is less likely to fail.

Also, it’s better not to do too much plastic surgery whenever you are more likely to fail. This is not a solution, it is just a way of helping.

Choose the right career path

This part is clear. It’s time to get into the entertainment industry as soon as you become an adult. Become an actress or porn star if you want the easiest trip. Ideally, you want to proceed as fast as possible. You can make it as a stripper or dancer, but it will be much more difficult. Make life easier.

Raise the fan base

The final step is to increase the fan base, and the easiest way is to use the power of social media. As a child, you can actually start this stage and collect small followers. Then, when you start working, you can start overdrive by posting a lot of famous adults.

If you post it a few times a year, it will become famous as you get older and the number of users will increase. Getting started as soon as possible makes this step much easier.

How to become an actor in BitLife

To become an actor, you need to follow a few steps. Initially, you need to apply for a Voiceover actor job and have years of experience. When you get enough experience, the company will automatically notify the actors and later the actors. However, there are certain features that require attention to perform this position. And most importantly … see! The character’s appearance will be good (over 85). Intelligence, health and happiness are also important.

How to become an actor in BitLife

The educational background is not important, but I recommend specific jobs such as music, art, and dance. Upon graduation, you can receive higher education. No big difference

To get a Voiceover Actor position, you need good statistics or a combination of smart and happy. The only problem is that the Voiceover Actor position is not always available. So check the job list every year. In the meantime, you can work as a dancer, for example.

However, it is most important to maintain shape statistics. So, if you are sick, visit the doctor every year, visit the gym, do not participate in fights, meditate, do not always work hard.

How to become an attorney in BitLife

Law school qualifications are one of the biggest challenges at BitLife. There are many factors that can influence law school admissions. And some of them are out of control, while others are out of control. Intelligence is an important factor. To qualify as a law school, start your game with a virtual character with 80% or more of smart stats.

How to become an attorney in BitLife

If you dream of becoming a lawyer or judge, you should always choose courses that are directly related to the field of politics, history or English. Choosing a course like art doesn’t help you achieve your goals. During primary and secondary school education, visit the library every year to study hard.

How to become a lawyer in BitLife

Become a lawyer, after graduating from high school, choose the right educational career. It is important to maintain high smart statistics. So visit the library and try hard every year. After earning a degree in English or Political Science from a university, you can enroll in higher education or find a job. It is better to choose higher education and apply to law school. If you always work hard and smart stats are good, there is no doubt that you will go in.

How to become a lawyer in BitLife game

After earning a law degree with a lot of interest, you need to apply for a job at a law firm and work as a lawyer. Try hard every year. To become a judge, you must apply for a Magistrate. Your personality requires 30 years of experience. It would also be helpful to visit the library and work hard every year.

Keeping smart statistics above 85 can ensure successful applications. If your petition for a magistrate is approved, you will be a judge! You can go further and apply for another court judge position.

How to become a CEO in BitLife

Being a CEO means you can make a lot of money, but it is also a sign of success in your career. This should be achievable within the character’s lifespan, especially when born in a modern country with higher statistics than usual. You can be a CEO in any country, but it helps if you have a top CEO position, such as the UK or the United States.

How to become a CEO in BitLife

It’s relatively easy to climb a company ladder if you follow the previous advice on choosing a good major. Now you can go to Business School after graduating from university to finish the deal. You can reach the CEO level without going to Business School, but it definitely improves your chances.

Anyone who wants to get to the top should know the power of social interaction. Having multiple degrees is not enough and people should like you. You need to live an active social life and participate in company activities. Even if it doesn’t hurt your boss, this is an unpredictable random event.

Loyalty is what is rewarded by BitLife. Even if you can get a better return elsewhere, you can stick with your current company, especially if you’ve already invested years in the company. Jumping from one company to another reduces the likelihood of eventually becoming a CEO.

The last thing to keep in mind is to keep your hands clean. If you go to jail, you cannot become the CEO. In fact, if you are a convicted person, you may not be able to get a job in the company. Avoid the problem, don’t try weird stuff and live an honest life in general.

The only exception is the appearance of shade within the company. Sometimes it is best to look away and stay away. It takes a lot of effort to get the most out of life, but it’s definitely worth it when you get to the top.

How to become a doctor at BitLife

Medical school applications require almost the same standards as law schools. Study hard, take smart statistics and take courses in medicine, such as physics, biology or chemistry. Studying psychology can make you a psychiatrist. You need to pay attention to your own stats to see if your character is suitable for a doctor position.

How to become a doctor at BitLife

Make sure your smart stats are above 85, health stats above 80 and happiness is green. If your character doesn’t meet these criteria, it’s better to start over.

It’s very important that you go to school, study hard every year, keep smart statistics, and visit the library. After graduating from high school, you should pay attention to career choices. If you have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or biology, your medical school application is approved.

Choosing a chemistry will also help. However, if any of these three options are not available, a restart is required. While in college, you should always study hard and visit the library every day.

After graduating from college, you can get higher education or find a job. This is the right moment to apply to the medical school, the school of dreams. When you come in, you need to visit the library every day, always work hard and pay attention to smart statistics. Once you graduate, apply for a job at one of the available hospitals and you become a doctor!

How to become a dentist in BitLife

If becoming a dentist, is BitLife’s dream, you need a graduate degree in biology. Becoming a dentist requires over 85 smart statistics. So, before starting life, pay attention to the character’s stats. If your smart stats are low, you should consider restarting.

How to become a dentist in BitLife

Primary education statistics are important. Study hard and keep smart statistics. When you reach high school, you can use the library. Visit every year. After graduating from high school, choose the right profession and biology as the main subject. Key to Success: Study hard, keep your score smart, and visit the library every year.

When you graduate from college, you have 3 options. Find a job, get higher education, or take a break. Obviously the right choice is higher education. Now you can apply for dental school. Work hard and visit the library. Once you graduate, you can apply for a dentist!

How to become a pilot / airline captain in BitLife

To become a pilot or airline captain, you need to activate a pilot trainee. There are a few aspects to watch out for to achieve this. As always, the character’s stats play an important role. Happiness, appearance and health are not important in this particular case, but the character’s smart stats are important! To interview a pilot trainee, your character’s smart stat must be 85 or higher. If the smart stat for your character is low, start over.

How to become a pilot / airline captain in BitLife

To become a pilot, you must graduate from high school. Keep your smart statistics high while studying and visit the library. When you graduate from high school, you have to go to college. And this is where things get a bit odd: to be a pilot, you need to apply to the medical school.

So choose Psychology or Biology as your main subject in college! Obviously, you need to visit the library, study hard and keep statistics. After graduating from college, it is time to apply for medical school. If you accept, you will have to study hard, maintain statistics, and visit the library. And now you can go to a pilot trainee job. However, pilot trainee jobs are not always available and you may have to wait for vacancies to appear.

In the meantime, you can apply for a surgeon’s job. Check vacancies every year until the dream job is available. Patience is the key! After saving the pilot trainee, you have to work hard, get promoted to co-pilot, and then promote to pilot, and finally as an airline captain.

There are other ways to become a pilot. However, the one described above is the safest. For example, if you earned an engineer qualification when you graduated from high school, you are fortunate and can become a pilot trainee. Or you can join the military air force.

How to become a firefighter in BitLife

To become a fire brigade captain at BitLife, you need to start your fire department career. Choose one of the fire departments available in your city and apply for a firefighter position. You have to work hard for years to get promotions:


Firefighting equipment operators



Battalion captains

Assistant professors

And finally the fire captains

There are several aspects to keep in mind to achieve your goals. Statistics are important in this scenario. Your personality must be at least 85 for health, happiness and cleverness. Otherwise, you should consider restarting.

BitLife Fire Chief

In high school, visit the library every year and meditate. When you graduate from high school, you have 2 options: looking for college education or ‘university is not for me’. Be sure to choose the second option and then apply for a community college. After graduating from community college, you will have to get higher education or find a job again.

How to become a firefighter in BitLife game

This is the best moment to go to college and choose a subject like engineering. After graduating from college, you can find a job. Check the job offer information and make sure you have a firefighter location. If not, you should check the list every year until the list is available. You can make a living by working as a factory worker while waiting.

How to get Success in BitLife

One of the key indicators of success in BitLife is the character’s lifespan. Most of the characters are in their 80s or 90s, but few characters have three digits. To keep the character’s lifespan over 100 years, you need to keep his bar. Happiness, health, appearance and intelligence bars must all be very high or filled. You may be able to survive above average, but in general you want to stay as healthy as possible.

If you are sick, always go to the doctor to stay healthy. Alternative doctors may be available when needed. Make sure to have regular colon cleansing and acupuncture sessions to increase your chances of longevity. Mental health is equally important, so always be happy.

It’s easy to fill your happiness bar with enough time with family and friends. Tap each family member to chat, watch a movie, or go on vacation. If you can afford it, take several vacations each year to maximize your character’s happiness.


Money travels around the real world, so it’s no wonder that life simulation games add value to it. Of course, if you have a lot of money, you can benefit in different ways. First of all, it makes the bar much easier to maintain. When you first start, you don’t have a chance to make a lot of money. But if you want these opportunities to come in the future, you have to start early.

The first thing to do is study. Study hard every year while in school. This allows you to graduate with a good grade, go to a better university, and qualify for a scholarship to save yourself from student loans for the rest of your life. If you still ask your parents for extra cash when they are young, it seems to be a natural thing to do. What you don’t know is that you can still ask for money after finding a job.

Don’t be afraid to ask because the worst thing they can do is say no. It doesn’t really affect your relationship with them unless you’re the one who has the resentment. There is not much money from parents, but it accumulates over time.

Low-cost or free activities that enhance your character should also be included in your daily life. This includes meditation and gym. You can’t see the immediate impact of these activities, but if you do it continuously over the years, it will have a positive impact in the future. There is no reason to skip these activities as you will not invest a lot of money in them. Hit the gym now!

Another early decision to influence the future is to choose a major. If your goal is money, choose a major that will help you secure high-paid jobs. If possible, enter law, medicine, politics or science. By earning a degree in this field, you can achieve your dream job after graduation.

The last choice you should actually make depends on where you were born. If you were born in a country that is not too successful, you can choose to move. Move to a country with more jobs and more opportunities to make more money.


Now you have a solid foundation. Now it’s time to pay. If you’re diligent enough to study, meditate, go to the gym, save a little extra money, and get a good degree, you’ll have a good chance. If you use the card correctly, you can make a lot of money in a few years.

The first thing to look at is whether you can afford to buy a house. If you save enough, you will be able to buy property. Low purchases and high sales are one of the easiest ways to make money in the game. In addition, you do not need qualifications to succeed. If you have capital, you can start buying real estate.

Make sure your property value goes up the next year and then sell it. Rinse and repeat until you get dirty. If you’ve invested well in your looks for years, you should start looking for your mate. To be clear, you need to find a wealthy spouse.

Good looks can help you connect rich targets, so keep hunting. If they die in front of you, you will inherit their wealth. If they abuse you, you can divorce them and take half of their wealth. It’s a win-win unless it’s a mess. Another way to make money is through your parents. Compared to your spouse, you are more likely to die.

It needs to be treated well throughout life. When they disappear, they may also receive significant inheritance. Of course, whether they were wealthy at first will affect the amount you get from them.

BitLife 1.23.1 Update

Now is the time to update. Bitizens! This MIND & BODY update is full of new content!

Here is a complete list of new features in this update:

  1. Martial Arts – Rank and learn special moves to use against your enemies!
  2. Special diet: Be vegan or tapeworm diet!
  3. Smartly read books quickly
  4. Walk … or speed walking!
  5. Gardening
  6. Symptomatic new disease system
  7. Emergency room
  8. Psychiatrist
  9. Free health care by country
  10. Interface tweaks and bug fixes

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”yes” wpc_style=”wppc-view1″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Title Here” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Get it now” disable_button=”yes” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”dofollow”][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • Life simulation using virtual scenarios
  • Try a different life career
  • Several different endings
  • Teaches the concept of choice and results


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Suitable for single player only, not multiplayer
  • Several paths to choose from
  • Sensitive topics require adult supervision


Download Bitlife game for Android and iOS

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For iOS

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