BitLife Cheats, Tips & Tricks

BitLife, is a life simulation game for mobile by Candywriter LLC,. Check out our BitLife Cheats, tips, tricks & guide for beginners.

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About BitLife

In the BitLife – Life Simulator game, players start virtual girls as random girl / boy characters. In your life, you will see a variety of events that record your life timeline in the BitLife – Life Simulator game. To live a good life, you have to take care of many things:

Relationships like family




Smart statistics

The career choices are determined by the profession chosen by the university. Some of the highest paid jobs are Actor, Lawyer, CEO (Businessman). If you just started the game, it’s on the right page. This BitLife – Life Simulator covers the basics of the game. We also shared BitLife cheats, tips and tricks.

Also sometimes I feel a bit. There is so much to do that it can be a bit overwhelming. How can you live the best life you can? do not worry. Guaranteed. Here are the best tips and tactics to make BitLife a life worth living.

If you are looking for something else, check out our complete guide to BitLife. It contains links to all other guides covering almost every aspect of this awesome game.

BitLife Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Studying hard is silly

but whenever you go through the school year, select the ‘Study Harder’ option every year. The likelihood of receiving scholarships in this way increases, and student loans do not occur much. You will also get a better job.

No limit

There is no limit to the amount of work you do each year. Some activities, such as a choice to study hard, are not worth performing several times a year, but other hobbies like going to the gym are worth repeating.

Sadly, you can’t rent real estate from BitLife, but you can sell your home. However, do not buy a place that is wrapped in an unpayable mortgage. Start small and bring it there-you are always in the world. Unless you have an invisible disease …

Talk about getting sick quickly and always pay attention to your health. There is no cost to see a doctor, and when you have a serious illness, actually use the bottle so that you can sort it out. The witch doctor will eventually make your condition worse.

Not a lottery

In real life, lotteries simply do not occur. However, in BitLife, the odds of winning are not so bad, so if you have money, it is better to punt. You can easily get lost by hitting the jackpot.

Keep Green Makes

the green bar at the bottom of the screen stay the maximum. To do this, keep a schedule of various activities, such as going to the gym or meditating and reading books in the library.

Marriage Age

Yes, if you marry an older woman (or man), your character’s happiness will usually drop. But if they speak, you will get an inheritance. Then you can use it to buy new cars and more. It’s cold and cruel, but it’s a (beat) life.

Make your parents happy

Talk about inheritance, and hang out with your parents when possible. What makes them happy is that they can benefit from long-term benefits, including helping repay student loans, and getting a big fat inheritance.

You may want to play safely on an old

old earth outside the rails, but it’s not the best way to play BitLife. So instead of choosing the ‘good’ option, you’ll know what a little rebel or jerk is. It’s not just a game, you’ll learn more about.

What you can’t do and what you can’t do in the future in Bitlife

Start a new (virtual) life and test these tips by downloading Bitlife – Life Simulator from both the App Store and Google Play.

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