Bird is launching an electric moped this summer

Bird company of sharing motorcycles is adding an electric moped to fleets in "select markets" this summer. Called the "Cruise", it is the first seated vehicle that Bird has offered.

The Cruiser can be used as a bicycle, with the electric motor that offers assistance to facilitate the pedaling. But customers can also simply travel with their feet on the pegs, according to Bird. The company says the cruise ship will carry a 52 V battery that will last up to 50 miles per charge. It will have disc brakes, a padded seat and an LCD screen that will presumably show information about the speed and the remaining battery.

bird is launching an electric moped this summer

Bird did not share any information about how much it will cost to travel on the cruise, where the deployment will begin, how far the moped plans to expand or who is building it, although it is confirmed in The Verge that the moped was designed with a third party and will be exclusive to your fleet. The company also did not say what the maximum speed will be, only that it will comply with local regulations for vehicles like this one, which means that it is likely not to break 30 miles per hour.

Known for being the company that shares motorcycles It has sought to expand its business in recent months. In May, he launched a completely new custom scooter that is supposed to be much more durable than the ones he used previously, which were built by companies like Okai, Xiaomi and Segway-Ninebot. The longer duration scooters are one of the ways in which Bird is finally trying to make money with the shared trips it offers. Bird also announced plans to sell the new custom scooter to customers for $ 1,299.

The cruise should help Bird compete with other shared fleet companies as they expand their businesses. Uber and Lyft, for example, offer cars, bicycles and scooters within their applications.

Update 9:44 AM ET: Added information about the range.

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