BioWare confirms Anthem is crashing PS4s, will fix in next week’s patch

If you've been wondering when it's safe to play Anthem on your PlayStation 4, you know, given the reports of some PS4s that spontaneously shut down in the middle of a game, the developer BioWare now has an answer. Two answers, in fact.

BioWare online game manager Chad Robertson has officially tweeted that the team has successfully identified "several causes" why some consoles may fail, and will solve some of those problems in a patch next week.

But also, Robertson says that even today, BioWare has not seen any indication that Anthem has "locked" a console, disabling it. to the point that it will not turn on again without being repaired. If you speak to him, there is no "risk of harm," even if you start playing Anthem without waiting for the patch.

That makes sense in the light of forum messages indicating that fixing a PS4 has supposedly been "blocked". Anthem is as easy as starting your PS4 in safe mode and rebuilding your database.

But personally, I would wait for the patch. In my experience, abruptly turning off a computer with a rotating magnetic hard drive is almost always a recipe for disaster. If that's what Anthem really does with some PS4 (I have not personally witnessed it, so I can not say it), it's better to be safe than sorry

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