Bill Gates remembers Paul Allen: “Microsoft would never have happened without Paul”

Bill Gates announces personal review of the life of Paul Allen, who died on October 15 of a non-Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 65. Gates describes Allen as "one of my oldest friends and one of my first business partners." They co-founded Microsoft in 1975 and changed the world of technology forever. Allen was widely praised as a giant of business, sports, and charitable work in the Pacific Northwest for decades after he left Microsoft in 1983.

"I met Paul in my seventh grade and my life changed." wrote. "I looked at him right away, and he was two years older than the school, and it turned out to be really tall and computer genius." (19659003) According to Gates, the pair said, "Our free time is a dizzying computer It is scattered. " He acknowledges that Allen anticipates the tremendous importance of the computer and the industry that will arise around him.

In fact, Microsoft could never have happened without Paul. In December 1974, he and I both lived in Boston. He was working and was going to college. One day he came and caught me. I argued with him to run to a nearby newsstand. When we arrived, he showed me the cover of the January issue of the popular electronic. Altair 8800 with a powerful new chip has emerged a new computer. Paul looked at me and said, "This is happening without us!" At the moment, I ended my college life and started a new company, Microsoft. Gates says that Alan has a variety of minds and special talents to explain complex subjects in a simple way.

He was so lucky to know him from his childhood, so he did it all over the world. "Allen created a habit of sharing his favorite music with Gates," I played him. Are You Experience Are You Experience? For me. I have not experienced much of that time. "- Allen, the Seattle Shearers and owner of the Portland Trail Blazers, did his best to make Gates a sports fan.

I love the Portland Trail Blazers and have helped patience to understand everything that happens in the courts.

Gates admired all the ways Allen helped to improve the world and live the life around him. "Paul deserves more time in his life. . He would have made the most of it. I will miss him very much. "

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