Big update to hit DOTA Underlords

The DOTA Underlords patch notes have just been released and give clues about some major changes and additions to the game. Mainly, since the game was released earlier this year fans of the original Dota 1 and 2 games have been wondering about heroes that were not included in the basic list. Valve, the developer and publisher of the game, promised that the group will expand in the near future, and now we have a preview of the arrival of new heroes and other possible changes.

Preview of the next heroes of DOTA Underlords:

Shadow Demon – He comes as ruthless and demon, of course. He will have his main skill of the MOBA game called Demonic Purge, which can be stacked on the same target several times, slow down its movement and attack speed, dissipate the benefits and, after the slow expires, causes damage.

Dota Underlords Update Shadow Demon

Bristleback – Coming as a Brawny unit to complement Bristleback's damage, maintain the original MOBA's skill, and also as part of the Savage alliance. His iconic area damage ability, Quill Spray, is approaching and will have the same functionality, gaining the increase in stacking damage the more times it hits the same target.

Dota Underlords Update Bristleback

Sven – An iconic hero of the original Defense of the Ancestors comes with his iconic ability: the Force of God, which now amplifies the damage of all the heroes of the Allied Knights on the board. Sven himself will come as a Knight, Scaling and a human hero, and when he activates the Force of God, all the heroes of the Allied Knights will lose their Knights Alliance bonuses, but will gain greater damage per Knight unit on the board until The rest of the round. In addition, Sven will have Cleave, his other iconic ability to complement his supreme ability.

Dota Underlords Update Sven

Io – With his family skills, he will be able to teleport dead heroes, revive them to full health and then return with the hero to his original location, purged of negative effects. He will also have his iconic Tether ability, which will connect Io and the closest allied unit. Io will approach the ally, since both get an increase in attack speed and a reduction in damage taken. It will belong to the Druid and primordial alliances.

Dota Underlords Update Io

Faceless Void – Another iconic DOTA hero that comes with his iconic ability to stop Chronocube time, only this time it's a cube, not a dome like in the original MOBA. Chronocube will create a blister in space-time, stunning all units inside, friend or foe, with the Faceless Void being free to move and obtaining a bonus attack and movement speed.

Dota Underlords Update Faceless Void

Dazzle – The favorite witch doctor of fans comes as a troll and a healer. He will have the ability of Wave Wave, which sends a beam that forms an arc between the allies and heals them, while damaging adjacent enemies.

Dota Underlords Update Dazzle

There has also been a new alliance in operation: insects and three family heroes of DOTA. his representatives:

Weaver – This insect and hunter will come with his iconic Shikuchi ability, allowing him to become invisible, not objective, move through the targets and damage all the enemies he goes through.

Dota Underlords Update Weaver

Nyx Assassin – This Insect and Assassin comes with Spiked Shell, a familiar ability of the MOBA, and with Vendetta, his last ability that teleports him to the enemy target, inflicting additional damage on his attack.

Dota Underlords Update Nyx Assassin

Broodmother – Bug and Warlock, Broodmother will come with his Spin Web ability, which will slow down the movement, attack and launch speed of all affected enemies

Dota Underlords Update Broodmother

DOTA Underlords is still in early access and still It is a work in progress. When asked why the game is still in early access, Valve replied:

“We want to build a community around Underlords, gathering comments from the start. As the game is already a lot of fun, we can't wait to put it in the hands of the players. The Beta Season is a good way to set the cadence of Underlords for players and prepare everyone for the grand opening of Season One. ”

Therefore, the update will bring more changes to the game and other heroes will also be revealed. Official patch notes indicate that a total of 12 new heroes are coming to the list, without any of the existing Beta heroes being removed. However, Valve also features DOTA Underlords Jail. Every 24 hours, the list of available heroes will change, with a number imprisoned and removed from the rotation. This feature will also allow you to make Alliances when creating the Hero ban lists.

The addition of 12 new heroes and the daily rotation function of heroes will definitely add variety to the game, possibly changing or breaking the DOTA Underlords Heroes currently known Alliance Combo and Tricks . Obviously, he intends to boost the game to evolve a little more, and also take players to the race. The release date of the update is not yet set, but it is definitely soon.

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