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Big Buck Hunter: Marksman is a very popular iOS and Android hunting game where you can compete with other players to hunt bucks and other animals. The name has a double meaning because you can compete for real, real money, or money.

There is a free play mode and a paid play mode, in the paid play mode you need to deposit real money, but you can earn even more money with promo codes. Promo codes give you bonus money, which you can use to compete with other players and win more money.

Read promo codes and how to find them at Big Buck Hunter: Marksman!

To go to the Redeem Codes menu, enter your Skillz username and password when you launch, if you already have one. If not, complete the tutorial and set up an account with a username and password. Then go to the store area.

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Then tap on the store. A quick way to get there is to tap the dollar counter. Once there, press the button with the promo code under Select Cash Option.

Then enter your promo code and click on the word “done”, the code will be applied immediately and you will receive your benefits as soon as you make your first cash purchase.

In Big Buck Hunter: Marksman, promo codes work very differently than most other games. Generally, promotional codes for games are provided by developers as a way to reward players or acquire new players.

In these cases, developers often post their code to their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds. In general, players post code they have traded on Reddit or Discord or have seen, used and would like to share.

Occasionally you will see these codes posted under the game download area, in the review section of the App Store and Google Play Store. This is especially true for popular games. Because the more popular a game is, the more reviews it gets.

Players can also put their code on YouTube and Twitch as a cross-promotion between the developer and the streamer or content creator running the channel. Developers often use their channel’s subscribers as a way to increase game downloads.

Reddit is another popular place for players to put code on the game’s Subreddit. This is likely the source of your promo code, as the biggest discussion forum for a particular game is the Subreddit for that game, which is where all player discussions (or at least most) are held.

However, these codes behave quite differently in Big Buck Hunter: Marksman. One thing actually has to do with real money. Because of this, it applies to purchases made with real money and not directly.

The promo code for this game is actually similar to the invitation code. Every player has a unique promo code that can be given to other players. When players use that promo code, they get money for free on their next purchase.

The best sources of finding promo codes offered by other players are social media and YouTube, as well as other common interactive sources like TikTok. Twitch is another useful and popular source of content for this game and similar games. This is because players like to see other players making real money and see if they have the potential to do it.

To find a promo code (not redeemable alone) that allows you to invite other players, go to the menu and tap the “Red Free Cash” button. Tap one of the share links.

The URL has a 5-digit code. The 5 digit code is the promo code. To share with other players, copy and post it on Reddit, in the comments section, or wherever you like.

The great thing about this promo code system is that these codes literally never expire as long as you bind your account. If you play a game using your guest account and then delete the game without linking your account, the promo code will disappear and a new promo code will be assigned the next time you download this game or another Skillz game. .

Here are the Skillz promo codes for Big Buck Hunter: Marksman. Use this and get $10 FREE:


All bonus amounts will be transferred to all games on the Skillz network, including games from other developers. Just log in to one of these games using the same username or password you use for Big Buck Hunter: Marksman.

Of course, you are very welcome to post your own promo code in the comments section of this article. You may use what other players post, and other players may use what you post for mutual benefit.

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