Best soundbars for TV shows, movies and music in 2019

As TV screens become thinner and thinner, their built-in speakers tend to be missing. Let's face it, even the best Samsung TV could use an external speaker system, and that's why we've put together the best sound bars on the market in a practical guide.

If you admire the slim aesthetics of your new 4K TV over everything else, then a good soundbar is your best option. The top sound bars available for purchase at this time will not stand out next to its bright new thin screen as a normal stereo system would. Instead, they are designed to be as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear. They are also a good solution for smaller homes and rooms with little space that could not press a 7.1-channel speaker system.

Most of the sound bars on this list are made to sit in front of your screen, but they can also be mounted on the wall above or to the side, which gives you the best option as to how the Setting up your home entertainment.

Although most have only front speakers, many sound bars can safely project the sound in a way that looks like there is booming audio coming from all directions.

The main problem with sound bars? There are so many to choose from. If you don't find the one that's right for you, you may end up with a sound bar that doesn't fit the settings of your home theater system, or it just sounds better than your TV's built-in speakers. That, unfortunately, is what gives sound bars a bad name and is exactly the kind of thing we want to help avoid.

Then, without further delay, read below the best sound bars available to buy in 2019, whether you after support Dolby Atmos multi-room audio, elegant design or any other variety of Advanced features along with the premium audio experience of your soundbar.

What is the best soundbar for around $ 200 / £ 200? [19659008] We cannot emphasize this enough: when it comes to sound bars, there are many options. Despite being called sound bars they tend to come in different shapes and sizes. They also vary in price from less than £ 100 / $ 100 to more than £ 1,000 / $ 1,500 (see: Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier).

The cheaper the model you choose, the more basic the connections. While the most expensive add superior HDMI inputs (including the 4K / HDR step), wireless audio transmission (for example, Bluetooth and AirPlay), better power, more refined speaker drivers and decoding of Blu-ray sound formats.

Of course, a complete surround setup is the premium solution for televisions that sound bad, but if you have little space (in addition to budget), a sound bar offers a good compromise. So what is the best sound bar for around £ 200 / $ 200?

Best sound bars 2019: the best TechRadar options

  Image credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

1. Samsung HW-Q90R Soundbar

Be afraid, traditional hi-fi speakers. Be very afraid.

Dimensions: 1226 x 83 x 136 mm (width x height x depth) | Speaker configuration: 7.1.4 | Claimed audio power: 512W | Connections: 2 x HDMI inputs, 1 x HDMI output with eARC, optical digital audio input, USB (service only), Bluetooth and WiFi

Impressive sound quality

Dolby Atmos and DTS: X [19659002] Easy to install and configure

Limited HDMI inputs

The Samsung HW-Q90R is the company's new flagship sound bar that sings and dances. Not only does it support object-based audio in the form of Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, it is also the only 2019 model that achieves it with real rear speakers and four up-shot controllers.

No other soundbar comes close to producing the full Dolby Atmos and DTS: X experience, and thanks to Harman Kardon's tuning, the HW-Q90 even sounds good with music. A decent set of features and fully specified HDMI connections complete an almost perfect package … as long as you can afford it.

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  Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar

2. Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar

A blatantly elegant soundbar that justifies its price

Dimensions: 1180 x 80 x 145 mm (W x H x D) | Speaker configuration: 7.1.2 | Claimed audio power: N / A | Connections: 3 x HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI (ARC) output, analog audio input / output, Ethernet, optical audio input, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Beautiful build quality

Support Dolby Atmos [19659002] Supports high resolution audio

Surprisingly expensive


The Sony HT-ST5000 is the most expensive soundbar you'll find here, but for the money you'll get exceptional equipment It offers support for Dolby's Atmos space technology, in addition to dealing exceptionally well with more conventional surround sound.

The build quality and sound bar design is exceptional, and its overall audio performance impresses with its clarity and spatial presentation.

Even so, the high price could turn off some users, and most people will get everything they need from less expensive units like the previous Samsung HW-MS650. But, if you want to have the best high-end soundbar, the HT-ST5000 is the best soundbar you can buy today.

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  Q Acoustics M4 soundbar

Image credit: Q Acoustics

3. Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar

& # 39; If there is a sound bar with better sound on the market for less than £ 400 / $ 400, we have not heard it & # 39;

Power: 100W | Speakers: 2 | Dimensions: 1,000 x 90 x 142 mm | Weight: 4.9kg | Inputs: 1 x HDMI, 1 x optical digital, 1 x 3.5 mm | Outputs: N / A | Wireless: Bluetooth aptX | Subwoofer included?: Yes | Special features: N / A

Beautiful musicality

Easy to use

Stereo only

No HDMI input

Q Acoustics M4 sound bar does not adjust the pulses so immediate. its slightly prosaic appearance, & # 39; simple & # 39; 2.1 channel sound and lack of HDMI support. However, you just have to listen to what the M4 can do with music and movies so that your doubts evaporate almost instantly. In fact, it sounds so good that it starts to make the idea of ​​trying to deliver more channels from an affordable soundbar seem a bit silly.

In fact, however, it sounds much better than almost any rival sound bar at the same price level that is actually ridiculously good value, especially if you care about music as much as movies.

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  Image credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

4. Soundbar Samsung HW-Q70R

An attractive and well-specified soundbar for movies and games

Power: 3300W | Speakers: 3.1.2 | Dimensions: 1100 x 59 x 100 mm (width x height x depth) | Connections: HDMI input and output with ARC, optical digital audio input, Bluetooth | Subwoofer included?: Yes

Great immersive sound stage

Enhanced subwoofer

Excellent with movies and games

Only one HDMI input

Samsung's audio lab in California has been in a row. In recent years, the laboratory has helped the company put together the award-winning Samsung HW-M650, the powerful Samsung HW-N850 ready for Dolby Amtos last year, and now, the Samsung HW-Q70R, a sound bar designed to Keep up with the Korean giant's QLED 2019 TVs.

If you have followed Samsung's name structure in the past, the Samsung HW-Q70R represents a revised version of last year's HW-N650 and although the new model costs more than $ 800 (£ 800, AU $ 1,099) , the good news is that the Q70R adds support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X and still uses Acoustic Beaming technology that expands the sound stage.

The resulting sound stage is large and open, and lends itself to larger screens. . The overall effect is somewhat frontal, but that is to be expected given the lack of rear speakers. However, once you consider the look, build quality and features, this is a solid midrange combo.

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  Philips Fidelio B5

5) Philips Fidelio B5

Surround sound or portable Bluetooth: the choice is yours [19659016] Power: 120W | Speakers: 4 | Dimensions: 1,035 x 70 x 156 mm | Weight: 16 kg | Inputs: Coaxial digital input, digital optical input, HDMI 1.4 (ARC) output, HDMI IN 1, HDMI IN 2, 3.5 mm audio jack | Wireless: Bluetooth APT-X and AAC | Subwoofer included?: Yes | Special features: N / A

Instant surround sound

Versatile Bluetooth speakers

Massive as a single bar

Weak stereo sound

The Philips Fidelio B5 is a bit impressive of kit, and it is the perfect sound bar for someone who appreciates the good sound of the cinema but has no interest in breaking their living room to install a 5.1 surround sound system to use only occasionally. The B5 allows you to choose and choose your movie moments, and do it on a whim. And it also creates a pretty decent surround sound experience, using Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding and DTS Digital Surround.

The combination of convenience and good audio, the raison d'être of the sound bar, with its transforming surround sound capabilities makes Fidelio B5 a great option for the movie fan who can't face the hassle of a 5.1 installation suitable.

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  Sonos Playbar

6. Sonos Playbar

Converts your multi-room audio system into wireless surround sound

Power: Not quoted | Speakers: 9 | Dimensions: 900 x 85 x 140 mm | Weight: 5.4kg | Inputs: 1 x digital optics, 2 x Ethernet LAN | Outputs: N / A | Wireless: WiFi | Special features: Sonos Play: 1 speakers can be connected as wireless rear speakers

Beautiful sound

Integrates with Sonos systems

Intelligent audio modes

Requires private televisions [19659002] Only one input

The Sonos Playbar is a non-HDMI device and uses optics to connect it to a TV. Used simply by itself, it offers a massive sonic boost to listen to your TV, but to operate it you need to use a smartphone or tablet application. The benefit is that it can pass without problems to a Sonos wireless system and can even act as the three front speakers in a 5.1 configuration with two Play: 1 that act as rear.

Unfortunately, although its only optical configuration will be excellent for most, it excludes the owners of televisions that lack this connector, which has pushed it a little further down this list.

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  Sonos Beam

7. Sonos Beam

This is the smart soundbar we've been waiting for

Power: N / A | Speakers: 3 channels | Dimensions: 2.70 x 25.625 x 3.94 in. (68.5 x 651 x 100 mm) | Weight: 6.2 pounds (2.8 kg) | Inputs: 1 x digital optical input, 1 x HDMI input | Wireless: Sonos | Subwoofer included?: No | Special features: Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2

Great compact design

Compatible with HDMI ARC

Excellent sound

Without Dolby Atmos

The Sonos Beam is a soundbar fantastic for its price, one that takes full advantage of the Sonos ecosystem and is a pleasure to use (and configure it, if your TV has HDMI ARC). Its smaller form factor means that it is a device that will be conveniently located next to a 32-inch television, but has a sufficient footprint to avoid being overshadowed by a much larger set.

The Sonos Beam does not offer serious ground breaking and the lack of support Dolby Atmos will annoy some, but at this price it would be more surprising if it had been included. Voice control may only be from Alexa for now, but it works well and if you've adopted some of Amazon's TV toys, it's really worth experimenting.

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  Denon HEOS Bar

8. Denon HEOS Bar

A powerful and well connected Playbar challenger

Power: N / A | Speakers: 3.0 | Dimensions: 2 7/8 x 43 3/8 x 5 7/8 inches; 72 x 1100 x 148 mm | Weight: 10.58 pounds; 4.8 kg | Inputs: 4K HDMI input and HDMI output | Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11ac | Special features: Heos Multi-Room Audio

Excellent sound quality

Handles all formats and transmissions

Occasional switching delay

USB slot inaccessible

With its nine controllers They are arranged in trios for the left, center and right channels and a virtual surround mode to create the illusion of having more speakers in the room, the HEOS Bar is practically whatever you want it to be.

Blessed with such a balanced sound landscape, the HEOS Bar proved to be an immediate expert in music and has a consistently warm but refined sound quality that is its own. The fact that I don't have the opportunity to modify the audio settings is not as important as we feared. The music sounds excellent, especially lossless melodies, from which HEOS Bar extracts many details. However, we noticed on a couple of occasions that the first half of the second were cut songs.

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  Image credit: Bose

(Image credit: Cliff Joseph)

9. Soundbar Vizio SB362An-F6

Awesome sound update for your TV, at a bargain price

Power: N / A | Speakers: 2.0 | Dimensions: 914.4 mm x 52.1 mm x 133.1 mm | Weight: 5.61 Lbs. / 2.54 Kg | Inputs: 1 x digital optical, 1x 3.5 mm connector | Wireless: Bluetooth | Subwoofer included?: No

Powerful and dramatic sound

Dolby Audio and Virtual DTS: X

Without HDMI

Without LCD screen

The key feature of the SB362An-F6 Also known as the "36-inch 2.1 Soundbar" on most retailers' websites, it's really excellent value for money, which costs only £ 149 in the UK and an even more competitive $ 139 in the US UU., Where it was launched at the end of last year.

Despite the bargain price, the SB362An-F6 is carefully designed, measures 36 inches wide and has an aerodynamic height of 2 inches high and 5.2 inches deep (914xx52x133 mm). It will be comfortably placed under the screen of most TVs, and Vizio also includes a pair of wall mount brackets.

The SB362An-F6 is not perfect, but its dramatic and imposing sound provides a real audio update for your TV's built-in speakers. Virtual: X technology also works well, helping to create a more immersive atmosphere while you're watching. And although some bells and whistles may be missing, there is no doubt that the SB362An-F6 offers excellent value for money.

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  Polk Audio Command Bar

10. Polk Audio Command Bar

Cheap and very smart

Power: N / A | Speakers: 1 | Dimensions: 43 x 14.5 x 14.4 inches | Weight: 8.6lbs | Inputs: 1 x SPDIDF, 1 x HDMI, 1 x TOSLINK, 1 x micro-USB connection | Outputs: 1 x HDMI output with audio return channel (ARC) | Wireless: Bluetooth | Subwoofer included?: Yes | Special features: Built-in Alexa

Built-in Alexa

Space for a Fire TV device


The application could do more

Audio is mediocre

Yes $ 300 It is your budget limit for an intelligent sound bar, so we recommend the Polk Audio command bar for any small or medium sized living room.

As you can see based on the soundbar design, the command bar comes with Alexa incorporated it, which makes it unquestionably intelligent. It is also relatively cheap, reaching $ 250 (£ 249, AU $ 649), and comes with a subwoofer.

It has a powerful and defined low range, some great smart features, and it also looks pretty good.

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