Skyrim Top Best Followers in 2021

With the launch of the Skyrim Special Edition, it’s time for the best followers to come in Skyrim game. These NPCs experience huge beasts, betrayals, & quests as they travel with you. You should always personally choose your favorite followers, but some are better than others.

Skyrim Best Follower in 2020

Skyrim Best Followers

If you are interested Skyrim Follower, here is a list of top 18 Best Skyrim followers in 2020.

1. Serana

Serana is one of the best follower Skyrim. It is not surprising that pure vampires are taking this list. Serana is an excellent follower who can be safe and enjoyable. Serana, one of her last varieties, sometimes talks about the  weather during her trip.

As a true vampire, she will cover her head with a hood to protect her face if there are two outside. The process of recruiting Serana is easy. Just touch her in Skyrim . Considering the fact that she is a central figure in several quest lines (such as the awakening to meet Serana in the Dimhollow Crypt), it shouldn’t be too complicated.

  • One of the benefits of choosing Serana is her necrotic abilities.
  • She can raise the dead and fight them on your side.
  • She tends to use spells in battle, but when Serana exits mana, she becomes a melee warrior.

The spells cast by Serana vary depending on the level, so they transform side by side. In addition, Serana is sneak skilled and superior to most of Skyrim’s followers. Great choice all around.

2. Eola

Eola is one of the most confusing characters you can meet at Skyrim. Because she is actually the leader of the cannibal cult at Reachcliff Cave.

A member of the Breton tribe, Eola is a fighter with a great ability to switch between using magicka and melee. She can be very practical in many situations. Especially because they can come in secret to the enemy. Eola also has the advantage of resurrecting the dead, so you can use it in battle.

Eola prefers light armor and one-handed weapons, so keep in mind if you want followers to follow. Recruiting her is very simple. Just clean the Reachcliff Cave and you will be asked to join Eola’s cannibal cult.

Unlock Eola in Reachcliff Cave, as the cult leader will automatically resume position at the end of the adventurer.

If you decide to fire her outside the cave, she will be in danger. And you don’t want it for your friend? She is a cannibal, but still … Because she can walk in the woods for a long time, there is a possibility to eat to animals, so put them in a safe place.

3. Lioness Msol

Msol, found in Lipenten, finds Karl Grimsberg with the help of a dragon. When the player completes this quest, it becomes available as a spouse or follower. She is a highly skilled follower with high stats in both hands, heavy armor, defense, and HP. She is another frontline tank that can help archers and wizards in adventures.

4. Cicero

Cicero is sexy and surprisingly interesting. So if you’re looking for Skyrim best followers who offer the most bizarre and entertaining conversations that keep the game fresh in Skyrim, Cicero should be your travel companion. Cicero is already dressed as a promising clown. And he’s suffering from some kind of mental disorder, but it sounds fun?

I think it’s easy to understand because it was also the goalkeeper of the coffin’s corpse, the Night Mother. Night Mother is in charge of the Dark Brotherhood’s contract, so this guy has all the reasons to be a bit confused.

If you still want to take Cicero as a follower, get treatment. Dragon Vaughn can do that by saving lives. After that we can recruit him by completing Sithis! research. Cicero is at the exit of Dawnstar Sanctuary.

He is a dangerous killer who can cast spells and use one-handed weapons. His cute clown outfit that suits every time he starts dancing has no protective properties, so he must equip Cicero with armor as soon as possible.

5. Teldryn Sero

The first thing you will know about Teldryn is his unique armor. Teldryn Sero is a mercenary who can be a follower of 500 gold. You will meet him at the Retching Netch Inn in Raven Rock.

Even though Teldryn wears better items, Teltin seems to love armor because he keeps wearing a chitin helmet that protects his entire face. He is an experienced assassin who prefers elf weapons. Teldryn is a versatile fighter and uses both one-handed weapons and spells.

He switches between close combat and casting spells in a typical fight. If injured, Teldryn can quickly cure itself and is very good if you have serious problems. He can also invoke flame astronomy, instantly turning into destructive magic.

Teldryn is an interesting character who will continue a small conversation while traveling. He has shared his adventures and willing to talk about them. Even if you decide to fire him, you can always hire him again for free.

6. J’Zargo

I don’t know why he was as powerful as himself, but he will leave reasoning with Bethesda. He is the battlefield with the highest level of limit for all followers. To get him, you must complete the quest given to him. He is an apprentice at Winter Hold University.

Strangely, he has the largest heavy armor skill, not just one hand. He also maximized the statistics of destruction, restoration, and fantasy magic. To do more bizarre things, he has the highest HP at 717 of all followers in Skyrim.

The damage of J’Zargo is quite low, as it only uses apprentice spells. So if you’re a character that resembles a tank, you’ll want to look elsewhere if you need a follower with a lot of damage. Otherwise, no other followers can improve J’Zargo!

7. Jenassa

One of the first greater followers, Jenassa, is a master archer. Like Aela, her archery and light armor skills are very high. However, Jenassa sneak sacrifice for stamina. She has a lot more stamina and stamina than Aela. She can be recruited by paying 500 gold at Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.

8. Aela the Huntress

Another colleague, Aela the Huntress, is a great and effective follower. She is most effective for light armor, one hand, sneak and archery. She also has a fairly high HP and language. You want her as an archer. She can drag the enemy quickly and quietly.

9. Housecarls

All Housecarls have the same statistics, so they will all be under one item. They are all masters of heavy armor, blocks, and one-handed and have the second-highest HP of all followers in the game at 671. It is also relatively easy to obtain as a follower. They take your luggage and swear!

10. Argis the Bulwark

The quirky and strong Argis the Bulwark is a true companion, a fun companion and a fierce warrior to be with you on many adventures. You will meet him at Vlindrel Hall in Markarth. When you become Markarth’s Thane, he can become your housecarl.

  • Given Argis’ abilities, it’s not surprising that he prefers heavy armor and one-handed weapons.
  • Arwas the Bulwark can replace all enemies in the Skyrim and will be your character’s true protection house sword.
  • You can also marry Arigs the Bulwark if you want a tough companion with amazing looks.

You need to wear Mara’s Amulet and talk to Argis. Only then can the marriage option be used. Argis is not a fully developed character that can interact with its surroundings like other followers, but it still has amazing conversations and will entertain you throughout the game.

If Argis the Bulwark treats you as a close friend and you lose your life on the road, you will receive a small inheritance.

11. Farkas

Farkas is a great overall follower with stats above average. He also has an HP of 620, and thanks to this ability, he becomes a competent fighter in all situations. He gets it through the fellow questline.

Being a lycanthropic Nord and a highly skilled warrior certainly makes everyone a very valuable follower. He belongs to The Companions and is a member of The Circle along with other skilled fighters.

Farkas works at Jorrvaskr, located in the wind district of Whiterun. Considering that he is a brutal warrior, every Dragonborn is happy to venture out with this guy.

If he wants to be your companion, you have to complete the main quests provided by The Companions. Farkas is very honorable and does not tolerate unethical work while becoming a follower. He wears heavy armor and prefers one-handed weapons. However, if you are looking for a chatty companion, Farkas may not be the best option.

He doesn’t speak much and sometimes looks like a bore. If Frakas recruits him as a follower, he may be disappointed to learn that he does not often turn into a werewolf. What a dirty shame.

12. Stenvar

Denver is a sturdy mercenary with lots of stamina. It has powerful stats for both hands:

Heavy Armor

So it has powerful potential. He can be found on the second floor of Windhelm, especially Candlehearth Hall. Highly recommended for those who want a beefy and high damage tank.

13. Annekke Crag-Jumper

Calm down, she has a husband. Annekke is an experienced thief class follower with statistics for Greaves, Archery, One Hand, and Block. She can get it by visiting Darkwater Crossing and telling her, and she gives you a quest to complete. She has low stamina, but if you’re the type of player that fits your face, it’s better to put your back on it.

14. Ingjard

Sometimes it can be very useful to have a warrior as your follower. Ingadre is the most obvious. She is a fearless Nord fighter that offers many perks like heavy armor and affinity for two-handed weapons.

You can find Ingard in Fort Dungard, but you can’t hire her as a follower. Instead, you have to complete the quest called the Prophet and then return to her again.

One good thing: unlike other guards in the fortress, they are not afraid of vampires. If you are a vampire, Ingjard is the only one who will communicate with you.

Although it can cause serious damage to the enemy, Inggard can be slowed down slightly by wielding heavy, heavy weapons. This makes her very vulnerable when fighting agile and fast enemies. Because they will take advantage of her lack of speed.

Ingjard, considering that he is Nord, does not care about cold weather and is 50% resistant to frost, which makes it convenient to use while traveling. Ingard will not break the law because of her high morality, so do not attempt to commit a crime.

15. Erandur

Erandur isn’t the life of every party, but it’s a spellcasting expert and will be Dragonborn’s loyal follower. He is a Dunmer therapist and you can find him at the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar. He was in worship, but now he is behind it. Erandur will still think about it and will mention his friends who are often gone.

To make Erandur a follower, simply complete the Waking Nightmare quest. easy! As a healer, he attacks mainly wielding sparks and flame magic spells. However, Erandur is not a stranger to end the battle, it is also useful as a melee attack.

He prefers to use mace for face-to-face fights. On the other hand, players who are looking for fully developed followers to engage with them and their surroundings will find that Erandur is not perfect for them. He’s rarely fun and mostly talks about death, but the battle department supplements the gloomy story.

16. Barbas

If you’re a dog person, Barbas is your follower. Baba is a supernatural creature currently in the shape of a dog. You can find him on the road near Falkreath. Baba is fun, but it is very useful because the bite force is powerful enough to kill a weak enemy immediately. There is no fear that Baba will die during the battle. Because it tricks the sleeve twice for healing.

When he suffered a lot of damage, Baba escaped from the battle, hiding somewhere until the health bar was full, then immediately returning to the side. This is a big advantage because your colleagues cannot die. Unfortunately, he is not subtle and it is not a big deal to sneak around and sneak an enemy. Barbas is your follower.

But there is one surprising thing. Even if he barks out loud and constantly barks, this will not surprise the enemies. Move the picture!

17. Brelyna Maryon

I’m looking at this list with Brelyna Maryon, an apprentice at Winterhold University. A powerful mystery that can be very useful while fighting low-level enemies, Berlyna mostly retains itself. After helping her with an experiment that is part of Brelyna’s Practice quest, you can ask her to become a follower.

Dragon Vaughn can also marry Brelyna if equipped with Mara’s Amulet. Keep in mind that she is part of Winterhold University’s questline. So when you get there, you will most certainly hit it.

Brelyna uses fire spells like Flames and Firebolt during combat. It can greatly damage enemies, but it doesn’t have a lot of HP, so be careful when attacking more powerful enemies. Also, she is not a melee type. You can equip her with weapons, but Brelyna still attacks with spells.

18. Vilkas

Vilkas can be used as a follower after the companion questline. He has very high skills in two-handed weapons, heavy armor, defense, and archery. He also has a very high HP of 621. He is a perfect follower for ranged players because he can act as a frontline tank to the largest enemy.

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