Best Resin for your SLA/DLP 3D Printer

best resin for your sla dlp 3d printer

Resin for your 3D SLA / DLP printer
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When faced with multiple colors and multiple types, it is easy to change when it comes to choosing the right 3D printing resin. We have used as much as possible to offer you the best you can buy.

Better overall: eSUN general purpose resin

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eSun general purpose resin is, as the name implies, a general purpose material for 3D Printing with an SLA / DLP printer. It can be used to print cosmetic models (D&D thumbnails look fantastic on it) or to make more mechanical prints, such as spare parts or prototypes.

The eSun general purpose resin is perfect for those of us who want to try many different printing applications, rather than delving into something specific. With its high tolerance for heat variations and its seemingly magical ability to highlight details even when it is overexposed, it gives you the opportunity to experiment without each impression failing spectacularly.

Unless you have a particular use case for your resin – metal smelting, for example, then the general purpose resin is an excellent choice for all your needs.


  • Excellent price
  • Even for coloring
  • Print without problems
  • The bottle is airtight

Cons: [19659014] It can be a bit fragile
  • The edges may pale if over-cure
  • Better overall

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    eSUN general purpose photopolymer resin

    Amazing impressions

    The eSun general purpose resin has made an almost perfect impression every time we have used it. For 500 ml, the price is also excellent.

    Best bulk purchase: AnyCubic 1 liter UV sensitive resin

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    When I first bought my 3D Photon DLP printer, it came with a 500 ml bottle of AnyCubic resin, and I loved it. far. The transparent quality, almost similar to glass, was fascinating, but the bottle was only 500 ml, and I wasted a lot learning to use the printer. AnyCubic also sells its resins in one-liter bottles, so I hooked one to move on. If you have a little extra money, it is worth buying in bulk.

    However, if you are going to buy in bulk, make sure you have a cool, dry place to place all resin bottles and make sure they are away from children and animals. The resin is dangerous and should be treated as bleach or other toxic chemicals.


    • Low price for a large amount of resin
    • Beautiful clarity
    • Easy to print with


    • Can appear cloudy if not cured properly

    Best buy at bulk

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    AnyCubic 1 liter UV sensitive resin

    The more, the better!

    AnyCubic not only makes excellent 3D printers, but also makes a great resin. It is expensive, but worth it for the additional 500 ml.

    Better economic resin

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    Recently I have been using a lot of ELEGOO resin to reduce my expenses. It is super cheap and offers an excellent general model. Some of the details may be lost, but you can adjust them quite well to provide a good product in general. I particularly like gray, as it shows any problem in printing very clearly, which allows you to easily fix the print.

    I would use ELEGOO for those models that are thinking about further processing: sanding and painting this resin works well – or if you are printing large models without too fine details.


    • Excellent value for money
    • Consistently good quality
    • Excellent for further processing


    • Some definition may be lost
    • Very fragile

    Better resin budget

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    ELEGOO 3D fast resin

    Cheap and cheerful

    Elegoo is the cheapest resin that exists, and the quality is quite good. Buy this if you plan to postprocess your models.

    The best for strength

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    There are many reasons to choose Siraya Tech (blue) as your preferred resin. First, blue is beautiful, it looks like tropical water on a clear day, but the most important thing is that it is hard. The resin can be extremely fragile once it is cured, which makes it unsuitable for anything other than model making.

    As Chris Russell shows in this picture, you can even make parts for other 3D printers with Siraya Tech resistant resin, and they will look beautiful and strong as hell.

    However, Siraya (blue) is extremely resistant and can withstand impacts, including high drops and falls, much better than any resin you have used before. This makes it useful for building boxes and objects that are more useful than simple pretty models to sit on a shelf.


    • Impact resistant
    • So pretty!
    • Good for difficult jobs

    The best for resistance

    best resin for your sla dlp 3d printer

    Siraya Tech Tough (blue)

    Extra resistant

    The biggest problem with resin printing is the fragility of the finished product. This resin is extra resistant and can be released!

    The bottom line

    I love the eSun brand. Its PLA and its resins are excellent in what they do, and they do it for a price that does not break the bank. The general purpose resin allows me to try multiple different 3D printing techniques, and is very forgiving when I make mistakes.

    If you are looking for an SUV, a filament that makes your life a little easier, then look no further, the eSUN general purpose resin is for you.

    However, if you want to print as many prints as possible, you can check the options of Anycubic 1 liter. They seem to offer the best deals on bulk purchases, and if you're new to resin printing, you'll need all the resin you can get!

    Credits: The team that worked on this guide

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