Best Programs for Android Wear Smartwatches

The best program for Android Wear Smartwatches

  The best program for Android Wear Smartwatches

The smart watch has very few good software to fully reveal its features. If you're using a budget gadget, you might not know the potential of your device.

Below is a description of best practices for Android Wear and without this information it is difficult to manage modern users.

Best Android Wear Apps overview

To get the most out of your smart clock, you need to install the necessary applications. Each has its own unique characteristics.

Below are the most essential programs for SmartWatch with Android Wear operating system.

 Android Wear Smartwatches


If you try to use your mobile phone while exercising, you may be in a position to avoid disaster. However, in these cases, you can make the most of the gadget's resources, useful features, and opportunities. Smart Watch is more securely tied. Therefore, use this application freely when you run it. It shows the distance, the map, the progress, the timer, and at the same time does not waste battery. The application is conditionally free. And if you want the full version of the application you need to sign up for a month or a year. $ 6 or $ 30.

Note! The trial is free. There is a complete need to pay. There is energy saving effect in this process.


Google has added some basic messaging features to Android Wear devices, but it's still pretty simple and it's easier to use your phone. This application allows you to respond quickly to messages and enter messages through templates.

Worn audio recorder

This application converts a smart clock to a wrist recorder. Management is simple – open and activate recordings. Perform function:

  • Start recording
  • Stop process
  • Update job
  • Synchronization
  • Software recognition

This supplement is useful for children's gadgets. Because they miss their smartphones due to absences, the whole family suffers from discomfort. When you install this application, your smartphone tells you where you are and where it is located.

Women's Exercise – Women's Movement

Using this application The best assistant is Smartwatches for women . We keep the body properly and burn calories without sending it for 7 minutes a day. All exercises are handled by a professional trainer, and the app itself on Google Play is free.


Purpose of the program – song identification. It defines the artist, composition and text. Delegates release a paid and free version. There is no difference in their work. They function the same. In this case, the paid version is not free.


Smartwatches with Android Wear do not have their own camera, but you can use your smartphone's camera remotely and securely. When you run the application on your watch, the camera on your phone begins to broadcast images from the lens.

Photo gallery for Android Wear

You can take a picture and command it to take a picture.

Photo gallery for Android Wear

Former application. With it, you can see the latest pictures taken on the clock screen. They have the function of increasing and decreasing. You must pay $ 3 in the program to view old photos.

Weather schedule

Responsible for climate change. If the sensor is operating correctly, the indicator will not cheat. Daily weather is updated with new climate characteristics. Easy to manage, all features and commands are clear. To view weather news, just point your finger and scroll the screen.

Google Archives

has the highest rating among reminders. This program acts as an accurate signaling device for important dates, memos and more. You do not need to press the keyboard to create a note. Just say it. The device can display and edit text.


At the heart of a representative is the connection between the platform and the service. Note the ability to create buttons. The user can locate a convenient button and specify a specific command. Supplement:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Turn on the lamp
  • Send SMS

Install the software

Installing the SmartWatch application on Android Wear means convenience and clarity. No difficulties in the process.

To install the add-on, you need to perform the following steps:

1) Log in to Google Play on your phone.

2) In the search box, click

3) Click the "Download" command and wait for the balance to be filled,

4) After downloading,

5) Open add-on is available.

The number of wearable programs depends on the speed of the gadget. When adding unrelated applications, be aware of the technical characteristics of the device. Heavy programs can slow down the operation of weak gadgets due to overloading. ” width=”471″ height=”314″ />


Smart gadgets require additional programs. Even regular users can not do without them. Applications can take full advantage of smart clocks.

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