List of Best MMORPG for Android in 2020

Here is the best MMORPG for Android! All of this uses a freemium model for customization, weapons, and more. There is no good MMORPG with a subscription model similar to World of Warcraft, as we know it.

1. AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D is the fast-growing MMORPG.

It provides the same functionality as most MMORPGs. You can raid entire hordes, raid dungeons, create characters, and more. Where AdventureQuest 3D truly shines is cross-platform support.

Play on your mobile or PC in the same world on the same player. Support character multi-chat, chat, and other social engagement. There are most bugs. But they are not as serious as other games.

2. Aurcus Online

Aurcus Online flew under the radar most of the time in the Play Store.

You encounter common chords because you can create characters, play quests, raid friends and bosses, and engage in PvP battles. Where this game shines is combat control. Use simple one-touch attacks and skill releases that end with fun and acrobatic attacks.

The animation adds a bit more eye candy to the mix. Most complaints about this issue pay off to get balance issues and dynamics in PvP. The rest seems pretty good.

3. Grow Stone Online

Grow Stone Online is a retro-style MMORPG.

It doesn’t mean it works like old MMORPGs. Graphics are 2D pixel art. Has most of the features of MMORPG. This includes the vast world to explore, the people to play with, and the loot that many bad guys will kill and collect.

You can also participate in the clan and all jazz. It worked fine in the test. We did not disconnect and the controls are easy to learn. It’s a premium game but you can expect it from this genre. Sure

4. Era of Legends

Era of Legends is one of the newest Android MMORPGs on the list.

It boasts a less obsessed quest system that prefers more battles and more work. There is a big open world with lots of secrets to find and explore. Also, there are PvP stadiums and vehicles. There are also general fairs such as clan, massive co-op boss fights.

If you have autoplay mode or prefer manual mode, you can turn it off. It’s still a free game and has similar pitfalls with others, but at least it tries a little differently from other games.

5. Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution is one of the newest MMORPGs on mobile.

It features decent graphics, lots of content, and a typical mobile MMORPG product. There are some unique ones though. This includes a 50 to 50 fortress siege mode, which is very grand when it works.

You can perform common tasks such as joining quests, guilds, and clans. Premium game. So there are a lot of issues that are the same as all other issues. But it’s not funny bad for decades unless you care about some bugs.

6. Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is an OSRS for mobile devices.

This is one of the most exciting MMORPGs on Android. First of all, you can play for free without premium elements. Subscribe to get more content. Both of these differ markedly from the premium model used by most MMORPGs.

The game also boasts hundreds of quests, a rich in-game economy and other things to do. Subscription players get a map with many more things. It works cross-platform, and developers do more than average listening to players. The graphics are a bit old school but everything else about the game is good.

It could be the best MMORPG on your mobile. Regular RuneScape is currently in beta. Also this is one of the invaluable games with subscription models, not premium models.

7. Order and Chaos Online 2

Order and Chaos Online 2 is one of the most popular and successful MMORPGs.

You can choose from 5 races and 5 character classes. In general, more customization to see. There are also numerous quests, co-op modes, and regular PvP modes. It also includes a trading system through the auction house.

One of the most complete MMORPG experiences. But there is a problem. In contrast to the open-world concept, there is a strict energy system. Also the UI is a bit complicated.

8. Rucoy Online

Rucoy Online is one of the unique Android MMORPGs.

Play as a 2D sprite. The game also runs on 2D maps. It features three character classes that you can switch to at will. You’ll also get an open world to explore, numerous quests, and more.

The game offers a variety of multiplayer options, including PvP and co-op modes. Make the MMORPG genre lighter and slightly refreshing. But on the other side of that coin, this game is not as deep as other MMORPGs.

9. School of Chaos online

Imagine a world where bullying is okay and encouraged to fight school grounds.

It is essentially the School of Chaos Online. It combines the busy social life of high school with the atmospheric tension of prisons to play with many people. There’s a lot to do.

However, unlike most MMORPGs, you can perform the quest yourself. Learn customizable characters and various combat moves, join a clan, and join clan wars. It’s very different from other games in the genre. But if you are looking for something along that line, this game is not for you.

10. Talion

Talion is one of the newest Android MMORPGs.

There are many of the same content as other MMORPGs, including large open worlds, numerous quests, massive cooperative and competitive battles, and online PvP. We enjoyed that this game has FPS-style PvP game modes like Occupation, such as Occupation and Fire Launch.

Character customization is above average and stories and quests are not surprising but not terrible. This is an autoplay MMORPG, so players who don’t like it should jump. Also, at the time of this writing, the micropayment strategy is very aggressive. You can continue without them, but it will take longer.

11. Toram Online

Toram Online is a favorite of readers.

There is no class system. Everyone is provided with a technical tree that you can fill as you see fit. You can also customize your weapons and change your abilities.

One of the MMORPGs that can be more customized than we have seen. Graphics and gameplay give you a final fantasy (jRPG) feel. There is also a campaign mode with cooperative play options. You won’t find MMORPGs like this often. But sometimes there are bugs and connection issues. What you need to know.

12. Warspear Online

Warspear Online is one of the MMORPGs that have been around for a long time.

Therefore, there was an opportunity to expand the universe a lot. PvP is now available including more than 1500 quests, 150 achievements, up to 5 vs 5 battles, and 8 environments. Character creation is also quite extensive.

You can choose from four classes, two associations, and twelve character classes. You can even build to make your equipment. The in-app purchase strategy is also quite aggressive in this title.

13. World of Prandis

World of Prandis is not a new MMORPG.

It is widely used on other platforms. But the mobile version is somewhat new. The game has simple 3D graphics, two zones, PvP, raid, guild, party, and sweetheart system. The game uses races instead of races but includes 3 people. There are a total of six classes.

We call this our shot. Popularity on other platforms will help the continued development of mobile developers. I hope this turns out to be as good as we think.

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