Get Best Free Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2

Your words are your eternal companion in Red Dead Redemption 2, game. Fast horses with a lot of health make it easier to race or chase someone. If the horse is in good health, the horse fighting mission will be better. This Article will show you how to get best free horses in Red Dead Redemption 2, game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 best horses

The Tennessee Walker horse you get at the start of the game is nice and easy to ride, but it’s not a horse. Walking is slow and very fragile. The draft words you get during Chapter 2, “Escape from the Striking Self,” are a bit better. Indeed, the best horse you can buy in the early stages of the game, the Dutch Warmblood flagship, has a lot of health and stamina but is still slow. And that’s 450 dollars.

Luckily, there is a much better word that you can get for free once you are done with your “end” mission and you have access to the stables. One of the best words in the whole game.

Arabian Horse is the highest honor

Words of Red Dead Redemption 2 categorize by category and tell you what you are good at. These categories are riding, drafting, working, race and war. They also have a handling style to give you an idea of ​​how they ride. Such styles are standard, ethnic and heavy. But Arabic has its own category (“excellent”) and its own processing style, “elite”. You want Arabic, but it’s not easy to learn.

Best horse guide

The best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 game is Rose Gray Bay Arabic, with health and stamina seven, speed and acceleration six. Combine horses to increase your stamina and stamina by 3 points and use stirrups to increase your speed and acceleration by 2 points. Therefore, this horse unpacks the kit and completely glues it, reaching its stamina and stamina 10 and speed and acceleration 8. With it.

The problem is that it is not reliably marked for purchase until after the game. Only available in Epilogue after chapter 6. It will cost $ 1,250 when it becomes available. You can buy a black arabic horse with 6 in all four stats for $ 1050, but it’s still a big investment in time and money.

If you want to upgrade as soon as possible, focus on Arabic.

Why is White Arabian so good

The white arabic can be tamed in the early chapters and has the same speed and acceleration as other arabic horses, but has six health and stamina. This means that if you combine it completely, you have 8 for all stats. This is a major improvement over other horses that can be purchased in the early chapters of the game.

Conversely, a $ 450 Dutch Warmblood has 5 health and 6 health, but 4 speed and 3 acceleration. The White Arabian also blows out Ardennes War Horses obtained for game spells, and you can get Dappled Black Thoroughbred by purchasing the Special Edition or Ultimate Edition.

When I was fully combined with the white arabic, I was able to complete the sixth rider challenge, which would have to ride in nine minutes from strawberry to Saint Denis without touching water. My plan is to ride White Arabia until I can get Rose Gray Bay Arabia in the game late.

Game map with route from Valentine to Lake Isabella

Head to the west bank of Lake Isabella and find the white Arabian horses. Rockstar game through polygons. Where to find the best horses. On the map of Red Dead Redemption 2, there is Isabella Lake in the Grizzlies west of Ambarino, a snowy mountainous area at the northwest end. A white Arabian horse hangs on the west bank of a lake.

Save your game manually before entering the zone. If you don’t tame the horses, they can become tight and difficult to find again. White Arabians fly and relax, but if you have the patience, you can smash them in the same way as any other wild horse.

It’s approaching very slowly, so if you press the square / X button and start to get nervous, you can calm down. The horse will try to buck you after you’ve mounted it, so be more calm and ready to use it when you hit the left analog stick. Then you just need to saddle up.

While in the area, consider catching legendary fish in the lake or hunting for legendary white bison on the eastern shore. The first clue to tracking the bison is on an island in the middle of the lake.

Why horses are worth the effort

Fully united white Arabians can drive long distances at impressive top speeds and feel like a cheat code as they cross a map during a mission or challenge. This quick saying is a big upgrade early in the game. The game seems to have only one white Arabian horse, and if you are not careful the horse can die permanently.

You can always prepare the Horse Reviver in case your horse is badly injured, and save the game often manually so that if there is any kind of disaster, you can reload it with your recent save. The journey between missions and points of interest is much shorter than inferior horses.

Treat white arabian well, feed it often and wipe the coat, you will not lose physical strength. The chasers can’t catch you, the goal can’t surpass you. Everything from early to mid game is better.

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