Best Free Cricket Games For Android Phones In 2019

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A sport that is religiously followed in India is “cricket”. The sports game receives an unparalleled enthusiasm in the country, and people here do not miss the opportunity to turn any place into a mini playground for a quick game of cricket. So, why stop using your smartphones?

The game store is full of cricket game apps that can satisfy your appetite for cricket and guarantee you the best experience. Most of these applications, however, feel of poor quality. We have selected some that make more sense and are also free. Here is the list of the 6 best cricket games you should try on your phones:

1. World Cricket Championship 2

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The World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most dynamic and best graphic cricket games for your phone. You can play cricket here in all three formats (Test, ODI or T20) in 32 world class stadiums and with your favorite national team.

The application also offers tons of customization options and multiple modes to play. You can maximize the game with a series of cricket shots, including the famous Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot and Upper-Cut.

Download: World Class Championship 2

2. Real Cricket 17

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Next on the list, we have the Real Cricket 17. It is one of the best applications of virtual cricket games for your phone. The application will give you a holistic experience of the sports game: you can customize your team, the score runs throughout the park and plays in your favorite areas.

In addition, you can also play in several modes, including Quick Match, Tournaments, Multiplayer, etc. And even buy branded equipment for a better gaming experience.

Download: Real Cricket 17

3. Big Bash Cricket

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The Big Bash Cricket game app is inspired by the KFC Big Bash League, a national T-20 tournament played in Australia during the summers. The application is almost a carbon copy of the real game, it will give you eight teams to choose from, players with authentic names and a 360 degree experience.

What differentiates the Big Bash Cricket app from other games The applications is that you can literally play any shot that is possible in Cricket. In addition, it offers three modes that you can choose from: Quick Match, Tournament and Challenge.

Download: Big Bash Cricket

4. Stick Cricket Premier League

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The next season of IPL is just around the corner and you can be part of the season with the Stick Cricket Premier League game. This is one of the cricket apps that I particularly enjoyed playing.

In Stick Cricket, you just have to stop and deliver. That is, you do not have to move around your batter or slide the screen to play shots, there are only two optical buttons for the selection of shots. simple. Time is the key to success in this game. The application is for all those people who hate bowling. There is a goal that you have to reach in a limited number.

Download: Stick Cricket Premier League

5. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

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The Cricket T20 Fever 3D is also a good application to satisfy your cricket appetite. It’s a complete action-packed game with decent graphics to play in tournaments or in a unique ODI or T20 format.

In addition, the application allows you to score runs throughout the park and make your bowlers a very tight line for your opponents. Timing is again a key here, without which it will be extremely difficult to score runs.

Download: Cricket T20 Fever 3D

6. Cricket Worldcup Fever

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Continuing, Cricket Worldcup Fever is the most complete cricket game application for your Android phone. The game is played according to contemporary international rules. It has decent graphics and is compatible even with the most basic smartphones.

You can play your favorite national cricket team in four exciting modes: “Quick Match”, “PowerPlay”, “World Cup” and the turn “Pass-N-Play” mode. The game can be played as a hitter and bowler, and gives you the ability to score runs throughout the park.

Download: Cricket Worldcup Fever

7. Real Cricket 18

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Real Cricket 18 is a remarkable update of Real Cricket 17. This retains all the features that the previous version had, how to customize your equipment and choose where you want a bowl . It has included a lot of features such as Test Cricket, Stadiums with progression of time, System of Review of Decisions with Snicko and Hotspot, auctions and presentations after the game. Now players play the same shots differently, which makes them look more realistic. Each batter is divided into one of the four categories: Defensive, Balanced, Radical and Gross. This game is right for you if you are looking for the most complete gaming experience.

Download: Real Cricket 18

8. T20 Cricket Championship 3D

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This game has simplistic batting and bowling controls with fast game and tournament modes. You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of shots, from lofted to grounded, depending on the type of ball you are facing. His perfection in the shot changes with the direction of delivery and the moment of his shot. You can also set the speed, direction, swing / turn of your bowling. You can plan your bowling by adjusting the pace, the duration of the delivery and the direction to collect the windows.

Download: T20 Cricket Championship 3D

9. Beach Cricket

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Beach Cricket is a famous pastime sport in Australia. Although this type of game is not very frequent in India, this makes it a good test. You get to play with aesthetic backgrounds that comprise the sand, the sea and the sun. You can create teams with your own players and choose who will play and play. There is an option to choose between a 5 or a 10 in a game.

Download: Beach Cricket

10. Gully Cricket Game – 2018

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For most of us, the most memorable incidents related to cricket are associated with street cricket. Therefore, if you are looking for a game that strolls through your memory lane, this game is for you. You can play cricket in more than 100 Indian gullys. You can choose your bats, balls and stumps from a range of different options. You can also break the windows of the neighbors’ windows and the windshields of the cars, pass in front of the rickshaws and knock down the pedestrians. You can also play as captain and manage your own team.

Download: Gully Cricket Game – 2018

The best cricket games for Android / iOS phones

These are some of the best cricket games you can play on your phones smart from now on. Of course, the list of the game store is endless, but we have segregated them according to the game, the graphics and the animation.

The best part is that they are all free. Just go ahead and try them for yourself. Let us know how was your experience. Also, if we’re missing out on some other great cricket game, share the wisdom in the comments section below.

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