Best Bluetooth speakers 2019: the best portable speakers for any budget

Welcome to the Guide to buying the best Bluetooth speakers: This is TechRadar's expert collection of the best portable and outdoor speakers you can buy in 2019.

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a must-have device for summer . He is a perfect outdoor companion to spend days at the beach, go out at night by a campfire and picnics in the park.

That said, we also believe that a portable speaker is a great addition to any home to relax in the bathroom or work in the garden when your phone's speakers just don't work.

Most of us cannot afford a new speaker for every occasion, which means we should look for one that sees us from the bathroom to the beach and everywhere. That is why we have developed this buying guide, which will help you find the right Bluetooth speaker for your needs (and your budget).

How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker

There are so many new speakers in the market these days with excellent designs and the latest technology incorporated, it can be difficult to discover which one you need. Although it seems that the choice is endless, there are many unique outlets that will suit you.

First, some speakers are designed with maximum durability in mind, others are weather and water resistant for camping and melodies. swimming pool; However, some are not suitable for the outdoors and would instead look pretty inside your home.

If you have trouble determining which speaker may be best for you, start by imagining where you are going to use it and look for a speaker that matches that setting. That means that if you are a beach person, water and dust on your outdoor speaker are key.

Or, if you are a party person, you may want the ability to connect two speakers together or a speaker with multiple-point pairing that allows connection of multiple devices at once. Battery life, sound quality and design are paramount for all speakers, and we have done our best to take them into account when creating our list.

That said, here are 10 of our favorite portable wireless speakers at this time, classified by their price / performance ratio, it will surely work for you.

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  Best portable speakers

The UE Boom 3 (Image Credit: Ultimate Ears)

1. UE Boom 3

The best Bluetooth speaker

Weight: 1.2 pounds | Battery life: 15 hours | Wireless range: 30+ feet | Frequency response: 90Hz-20kHz | Controllers: Two 1.75 "controllers and two passive 1.75" x 3 "radiators | NFC: Yes | Auxiliary input: Yes USB charging: Yes [19659017] IP67 waterproof / dustproof

Powerful sound

Rugged design

The battery life does not improve with respect to the original

While we were not so impressed with the EU Boom 3 As with its predecessor, this is still the best Bluetooth speaker money can buy in 2019. This is a speaker that can be loud and not distorted at higher volumes; be light enough to take it on a camping trip but durable enough to fall into an unprotected bag.

It is waterproof and dustproof, and now has a one-touch mixing button that allows you to open your favorite playlists without lifting your phone.

Certainly there are more speakers detailed (see: Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin below), but at a relatively affordable price for everyone, the EU Boom 3 reaches all the right grades for the third consecutive year.

Ultimate Ears now allows you to customize your UE Boom 3, so you have even more options when it comes to combinations of colors and patterns.

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  Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor

Image Credit: Bose SoundLink Revolve

The best Bluetooth speaker runner-up

Weight: 1.5 pounds | Battery life: Up to 12 hours | Wireless range: 30 feet | Frequency response: N / A | Drivers: N / A | NFC: No | Auxiliary input: Yes | USB charging: Yes

True 360 ​​degree sound

Beautiful design and construction

Detailed and expansive sound

Best indoor use

Only 30 feet range ( 10m)

The Bose SoundLink Revolve is an excellent sound speaker for people looking for true 360 ​​degree sound. It is ideal to share music during a party or to move around the room without losing audio fidelity. However, the Bose SoundLink Mini II sounds a little better and is a little cheaper to boot.

On the debit side, it is also not completely dusty or water resistant, so you'll want to think twice before taking the Revolve to the beach.

For half the price, the Wonderboom is a great speaker that is completely dust and water resistant and, although it can't match the audio fidelity or Bose features, it's still ideal for listening while traveling. If your game is low, the JBL Charge 3 is an excellent fully waterproof speaker that sounds great, but it's big and heavy along with it.

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  Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor

3. JBL Charge 4

An excellent speaker that also charges your phone

Weight: 2.12 pounds | Battery life: 20 hours | Wireless range: 30+ feet | Frequency response: 60Hz – 20kHz | Drivers: Two 1.7 "drivers and two passive radiators | NFC: No | Bluetooth version: 4.2 | Auxiliary input: Yes | USB charging: Yes

Bass response to kicks

Water resistant

Woofers exposed

For the price, the JBL Charge 4 is a definite obvious. For only $ 150 (£ 160, AU $ 200), you get a speaker that lasts all day, sounds great, can withstand all kinds of abuse and overcomes your phone in case of trouble. Yes, there are better speakers with sound, but you will have to spend a lot more money.

While the JBL Charge 4 only offers minor updates to the previous generation, it is still an excellent value in wireless speakers, and is one of the best waterproof speakers.

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  The best Bl portable speakers uetooth for outdoor

Image credit: Bowers and Wilkins

4. Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Wirele ss

The best high-end Bluetooth speaker

Weight: 14 pounds | Battery life: N / A | Wireless range: N / A | Frequency response: 44Hz – 28kHz | Drivers: Two 25 W tweeters, two 25 W mid-range drivers, a 50 W subwoofer | NFC: No | Bluetooth version: 4.1 | Auxiliary input: Yes | USB charging: No

Excellent versatile sound

Iconic design

Limited stereo effect

Slightly awkward configuration

The new Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless are a beautiful design piece. It is a solid and reassuring wireless speaker that offers all the legacy of black and white audio that the British audio master has been building throughout its lifespan: the sound is clear and natural, it provides an audio that fills the room with a very dynamic and dynamic medium range, under controlled.

Its price could put some cushioning in your wallet, but if you have audiophile tastes that extend into the space of the portable speaker, the wireless Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin is the only speaker you should consider. [19659003] Read the full review: Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

  The best portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers

5. Anker Soundcore Flare

The best economical Bluetooth speaker

Weight: 1.1 pounds | Battery life: 12 hours | Wireless range: 20 m / 66 feet | Frequency response: N / A | Drivers: 2 x 1.75 "Full range + 2 x Passive radiator | NFC: No | Auxiliary input: Yes | Bluetooth version: 4.2 | Weatherproof: Yes-IPX7 | Charge devices via USB: No

Awesome sound for size

Excellent mobile application

Duration battery average

Hard at maximum volume

Anker has a history of making excellent low-budget wireless speakers, although we were not completely impressed with the sound of Anker SoundCore 2 we couldn't be very Angry from the speaker was so affordable.

So what happens if you can stretch your budget? For about $ 20 more you get the Anker Soundcore Flare, an excellent waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can compete face to face with the comp etencia.

The Soundcore Flare is an incredible value in the wireless speaker segment of less than $ 100. Competitors like the EU Wonderboom (listed above) give the Fl are a run for their money in terms of build quality, but we give Flare a slight advantage with sound quality. We recommend the Flare for anyone looking for a wireless speaker that can do everything without breaking the bank.

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  The best portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers

The best midrange speaker

Weight: 1.5 pounds | Dimensions: 2 x 7.1 x 2.3 inches (H x W x D) | Battery life: Up to 10 hours | Wireless range: 30 feet (10 m) | Frequency response: N / A | Drivers: N / A | NFC: No | Bluetooth version: N / A | Auxiliary input: Yes | USB charging: No

Stellar sound

Built as a tank

Compact form factor

Without NFC or Bluetooth multipoint

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is relatively old, having It was released in June 2015. However, canceling the SoundLink Mini II due to its age would be a mistake, as it remains one of the best-sounding wireless speakers.

That said, it hits well above what its size would suggest, producing deep bass, bright treble and a lush midrange. While most wireless speakers sound good, the Mini II shows that small speakers do not need to compromise Bose sound and other comforts as a charging platform.

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  Best portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers

Image credit: Ultimate Ears

7. UE Wonderboom

Weight: 0.93 pounds | Dimensions: 102 x 93.5 mm (H x D) | Battery life: Up to 10 hours | Wireless range: 100 feet (33 m) | Frequency response: 80 Hz – 20 kHz | Controllers: two 40mm active controllers and two 46.1mm x 65.2mm passive radiators | NFC: No | Bluetooth version: N / A | Auxiliary input: No | USB charging: No

360 degree sound

Multipoint pairing

Water resistant

Slightly confined sound

When someone asks us for a recommendation for a speaker resistant to water, the EU Roll 2 was always at the top of our list. We loved the unique form factor of Roll 2, the 50-foot wireless range and, obviously, it also sounded good. Where it was missing was in the bass department. Logitech, the parent company of the EU, has solved the lack of bass of Roll 2 by creating the UE Wonderboom with the appropriate name.

In our eyes, the UE Wonderboom surpasses Roll 2 in almost every way, except for the practical elastic cable of Roll 2. Still, ignoring that, if you are looking for one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers in The market today, it is difficult to do better than the EU Wonderboom.

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  The best portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers

8. Tribit XSound Go

The best ultra-economical portable Bluetooth speaker

Weight: 0.8 pounds | Battery life: Up to 24 hours | Wireless range: N / A | Frequency response: 85 – 20,000 Hz | Drivers: 2 x 6W | NFC: No | Auxiliary input: No | USB charging: No

Ultra cheap

IPX7 waterproof

Charging takes a long time

The Tribit XSound Go shouldn't sound as good for the price, but it does. The speaker impressed with a balanced sound, is almost free of distortions at large volumes and lasts and incredible more than 20 hours of playback at a medium volume. In addition, the speaker is IPX7 waterproof and dustproof, so it will last a day at the beach or pool without any problem. While your design may be forgettable, you won't mind once you hear how good XSound Go sounds.

In terms of competition, you will have to spend much more to get better sound quality. The UE Wonderboom is an excellent outdoor speaker, but it will cost twice as much money and will not last as long as the Tribit. However, the UE Wonderboom offers 360-degree sound and multi-speaker pairing if that is important to you. The JBL Flip 4 is also a good alternative if you want more emphasis on the bass and a 360-degree sound, but, if you have a tight budget, you can't beat the XSound Go.

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  The best portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers

9. Sony SRS-XB501G

The latest party speaker with the Google Assistant integrated in

Weight: 6 lb 14 oz | Battery life: 12 hours | Wireless range: Approx. 98 feet | Frequency response: 20 – 20,000Hz | Drivers: 45 mm | NFC: Yes | Auxiliary input: N / A | USB charging: No

Portable party speaker

Powerful and spacious sound

The lights are not synchronized

Average voice detection

The SRS-XB501G is a great speaker Offering a light show, tripod mount, great sound and Google Assistant This is a speaker that you can really use on the go and at home after a holiday. Along the way, the speaker is bright, plays loudly and up to 16 hours. But at home, outdated design and average voice detection are compromises compared to dedicated home speakers.

Competitors like LG PK7 sounds a bit better and has a light show that really reacts to your music, however, it doesn't have Google Assistant built in. If you are looking for a real portable speaker that can fit in a bag that is also compatible with Google Assistant, the JBL Link 20 is a good option. Just don't expect it to produce so many bass or offer such a wide sound stage.

To that end, the XB501G is a good general commitment that serves multiple purposes. It is not the best wireless speaker or the best smart speaker, but it is a solid input in both categories and one of the few that exist in both fields.

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  The best portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers

10. Denon Envaya (DSB-250BT)

The most durable Bluetooth speaker

Weight: 1.6 pounds | Dimensions: 209 x 74 x 77 mm (width x depth x height) | Battery life: 13 hours | Wireless range: 30 m (100 feet) | Frequency response: N / A | Controllers: 2 x 40 mm Full range controller, 1 x 53×135 mm Passive radiator | NFC: No | Auxiliary input: Yes | Bluetooth version: N / A | Waterproofing: Yes | Charge devices via USB: No

Powerful, rich sound that fills the room

Better balanced audio than most

Rigid buttons

Treble Lackluster

The speaker newest in the Denon The Envaya line is one of the first speakers that will leave us speechless in 2018. It offers a powerful sound that fills the room that will sound great for most ears, also comes with an IP67 rating, which It makes dust and water resistant. It is also built as a tank, which makes it one of the most durable speakers we have ever had.

Despite almost perfect performance, the Envaya is not perfect: although the sound quality is complete, powerful and rich, it does not have a high-pitched bite and the buttons located along the side can feel stiff and difficult of operating However, ultimately, they are minor complaints, and the Denon Envaya is still an excellent Bluetooth speaker, easily one of the best you can buy this year.

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