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It has been an interesting year even for the best Apple Watch applications. In the spring, it seemed that the watch had lost its shine, with many renowned applications languishing or being completely removed from the watch. However, the problem was not that Apple Watch applications were a bad idea.

Far from it, as evidenced by our selection here. It was that sometimes, applications were designed to answer the wrong question: "could we make a Watch application?", But not "should we?"

Now, watchOS 6 is set to take an App Store to your Apple Watch for the very first time. That can encourage application developers to take the Apple Watch more seriously, so 2019 can be a great year for new Great applications on your wrist.

The Apple Watch 4 is also proving to be very popular, and that is why you are probably here reviewing the new applications. In fact, it is one of the best smartwatch options, although it has been surpassed by the new Apple Watch 5.

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Our favorite applications, the applications that still They are here after a bumpy year, both should and could have been done. They exist because they are useful, because they are entertaining or because they make your life a little better.

In this summary, you will find applications for podcasts and procrastination, for getting fit and doing things, for wasting time and for ordering things.

Before entering our list, remember to go to the main Apple Watch application on your iPhone; There you will see a list of the applications already installed on your phone that can also be transferred to your Watch. If you see any that you like as it looks here, you must first download it to your iPhone.

And be sure to review this article weekly, as we will add a new application every week, highlighted below. [19659010] Apple Watch application of the week: RocketBody

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(Image credit: RocketBody, Inc.)

Designed for people who take their status seriously Physical, RocketBody doesn't just record what you do. It also predicts your recovery, allowing you to make plans to maximize the effectiveness of future training or sports sessions. This is due to its intelligent algorithms, which combine ECG monitoring (from your watch, if it is a Series 4 or better) with other inputs such as your calorie expenditure during workouts and your food intake.

The main application has existed for a while while the Apple Watch application is new, and surprising, because RocketBody started with the goal of producing a portable fitness and nutrition tracker. That project seems to have been abandoned and the company is now focusing mainly on software.

The Watch application allows you to monitor the monitoring of the application training from your wrist, showing your total elapsed time, your caloric expenditure and your current heart rate in a simple and easy-to-read format.

As with most health applications, RocketBody is a free application: to benefit from all its functions, you need a subscription. But the price of an annual subscription seems to vary, so if the application is attractive, it would be wise to schedule your purchase carefully.

The best Apple Watch applications to be fit and run

The main objective of Apple Mire cannot be denied, since the second model is for physical fitness: it includes GPS, heart rate, water resistance and improved sensors to take full advantage of the fact that people like to exercise with this, even connect to the gym equipment.

This list of Apple Watch health, career, wellness and health applications are almost essential: if you are going to do something with your new watch, use it to improve your mental and body health.

Heart Analyzer

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(Image credit: Helix Apps LTD)

Your Apple Watch does a good job of tracking your heart rate, but doesn't do a Great job in making things useful with the data you record. Enter Heart Analyzer, which takes the measurement data and combines it with other data sources to help you develop a much clearer picture of your health and fitness.

This is the seventh version of the application, and your data can now produce monthly PDF reports (via your iPhone). It also has a new heart home screen where you can see custom metrics, such as cardiac exercise levels, maximum VO2 and maximum and minimum heart rates, and compete with typical values ​​for your age and biological sex.

Most of the work happens on your phone, but the Apple Watch bit also does some interesting things. It has a graph of constant update of your heart rate, and for Series 4 or higher you can see the graph as a complication without having to open the application. The Watch app also allows you to view key data when you are exercising, combining heart rate information with calories burned and distance traveled. It does an excellent job of presenting a lot of information without being overwhelming or intimidating.

10% happier meditation

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(Image credit: 10% Happier Inc.)

Some applications promise to change your life. It isn't: it just says that I can probably make you 10% happier. Meditation By 10% Happier is a former Apple Award winner, offering guided meditations, videos, talks and even content to play while you sleep. It also provides small nuggets of wisdom in which you can immerse yourself when you have a moment in your busy day, and the content is updated weekly to avoid familiarity.

The title comes from the best-selling book and the ten percent happier life training site, in which ABC news anchor Dan Harris decided to change his life after a panic attack in the air. It is designed to distill the things that Harris found on his trip from a skeptic to, well, 10% happier.

As expected, most of the content is for your phone, but it makes good use of your Apple Watch. remembering when it's time to relax and allowing you to play audio meditations from your wrist.

As with most applications in this genre, the main application is free, but most content requires a subscription. That's $ 99 / £ 87.99 / AU $ 139.99 per year or $ 9.99 / £ 5.99 / AU $ 11.99 per month, and you can try the application for 7 days before paying.

Seven to 7 minute training

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(Image credit: Perigee)

What can you do in seven minutes? You could listen to a pop and a half song. You could watch a tenth of an episode of Game of Thrones. Or you could change your life. That's what Seven promises. It is an application based on the idea that anyone can be much more fit if they can spend only seven minutes a day. No gym memberships, no equipment, just you and your Apple Watch.

However, we recommend starting with the phone: it shows how to do each exercise correctly, something for which the Apple Watch screen is not big enough. It makes no sense to knock out during your seven-minute stretch if you are doing it wrong and causing more harm than good. Once you know what you need to do, you can rely on your watch to time your exercises and breaks and record your activity.

The application is easy to use, is full of useful exercises and provides a good visual response and motivation. You can compete with your friends or simply get achievements in the application, and if you subscribe to the monthly subscription of $ 9.99 / £ 9.99 / AU $ 14.99 you will get access to more than 200 exercises to keep your regime interesting. By allowing you to exercise anytime, anywhere, Seven could help you get into the habit of exercising.

Swing Tennis Tracker

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(Image credit: Mangolytics Inc.) [19659012] Developed for serious tennis players under the guidance of Andy Roddick and James Blake, Swing Tennis Tracker is designed to analyze your hits and record your statistics. It's not just a solo application: you can also sync scores with other Apple Watch users on the court. There is an excellent integration of Siri to start matches and practices, integration with the Activity and Health applications, and excellent visual comments to show you how hard you are hitting.

The Watch component focuses on recording and comments, while the phone application takes care of scores, statistics and videos, as well as providing action advice after each hit. It is a great application for individual players, but it can also be used by parents, coaches and teams, to track the performance of others as well.

There are two subscription plans, the Premium of $ 4.99 / £ 4.49 / AU $ 7.99 per month and the $ 9.99 / £ 9.49 / AU $ 15.49 Pro. The first unlocks historical statistical charts, face-to-face registrations against users who They are not Swing and unlimited analysis graphics for each session, while the Pro subscription adds video lessons from tennis professionals and intelligent analysis of their performance that identifies key areas to improve after each

Start with Yoga

  Credit Image: I / O Assembly

Image Credit: I / O Assembly

(Image Credit: I / O Assembly)

Starting with Yoga does exactly what the name suggests: It is designed to help you start practicing yoga. It was designed in part by frustration with other yoga applications, which did not come with independent Apple Watch applications. As the developer told us: "Most yoga applications need you to look at your phone, which really doesn't work for yoga." Hence this yoga application for your Apple Watch, which allows you to stay away from the distractions of your iPhone

It is very simple, and that is part of its charm. For starters, you get five predefined routines, and you can use the iPhone part of the application to create your own personalized from clear and cute illustrations. Tell the application how long you want to hold a position, and you will monitor each stretch, moving on to the next one when the time is right.

The emphasis is very much on yoga beginners here: while the application does not include Some of the more advanced positions that more experienced professionals can expect, there is nothing here that can discourage you, although as with any exercise application, Always get expert advice if you have health or fitness problems that may affect your ability to exercise.

Clue – Period and Cycle Tracker

  Image credit: BioWink GmbH

Image credit: BioWink GmbH

(Image credit: BioWink GmbH)

  • Track
  • Shopping Free / in application [19659053] Period tracking applications have had little press lately: it was learned that the popular Femm application was the work of a right-wing religious group, depended on unlicensed doctors and lied about the effectiveness of the control of the natality. It's a shame, because period trackers can be really useful, something Apple agrees with, as it will bring the cycle tracking to watchOS 6 later this year.

    If you prefer not to wait for Apple, Clue comes with the seal of approval from Obstetrics & Gynecology, the home magazine of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It is based on science, not the scriptures: as the developers put it, "there are no flowers, roses or butterflies, only the facts about their cycle."

    It not only tracks your cycle but your broader health (it can record birth control, emotions, changes in your skin and hair, and much more), and can help you predict periods for the next three cycles by analyzing Smart way your historical data. The Watch app provides that information simply and privately, using colored rings to show periods, fertility windows and even when PMT is likely to start. If you prefer, you can view the information as a list.

    Tag Heuer Golf

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    You may know Tag Heuer for such expensive watches, but you may not know about his skill in making smart watches for golfers . With the new Golf app, the company brings its golf talents to its Apple Watch.

    The main iPhone application is free, but the Apple Watch companion is only available to subscribers. If you subscribe, you get most of the features of the company's smartwatch: maps of almost 40,000 courses worldwide that tell you where the dangers are, shooting distance measurement and real-time statistics. You can track not only your own scores, but also those of up to three friends.

    As expected, the complementary iPhone application is well designed and makes good use of the information on your watch: it can show you not only how well you did it today, but how well you did it in your last 20 rounds or all the time. It is full of statistics: the best score on par, the longest shot, the putts per hole … there is probably also a section that qualifies the elegance of your pants.

    The price may seem high, but golf is not cheap, and when you consider that you get the same set of features as a watch that can cost four figures, it represents a comparatively good value for money.

    ActivityTracker Podometer

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    We've already covered ActivityTracker before, and it has had some significant updates since we last searched. In addition to support for Apple Watch 4, the latest iPhones, iOS 12 and watchOS 5, it has four new complications for the new Infograph watch face and an updated engine to record activity times more accurately.

    As before, the main application is designed to track your activity without using the GPS functions of your phone or watch, so it is less demanding with the battery life. Use your device's motion processor to record and calculate the steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burned, distance traveled and active time, and you can see how well you are doing by hour, day, week or month.

    You can also import your historical data from the Apple & # 39; s Health application so it does not start from a clean data list.

    If you subscribe to the Pro version for a modest $ 4.99 / £ 4.99 / AU $ 7.99, it offers complications for instant statistics on your Apple Watch and synchronization of steps between iPhone, Watch and the Health app. Professional users can also move data from one iPhone to another. Whether you subscribe or not, the Watch app offers you an overview of the last hour, day and week in the form of attractive and effective graphics.


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    Late in 2018, Apple introduced improved snowboarding and ski tracking for the Apple Watch Series 3 and later. That has been a blessing for snow applications like Slopes, which can use the enhanced APIs to gather more useful information than ever.

    With Slopes you can track your speed, vertical, distance, elevation time vs. trail and more, getting the information you need now on your wrist and share that information with the iPhone so you can analyze it later.

    Slopes is very smart. Automatically detects races and elevators, you can play your 3D races with heat maps that show your speed in each part of the race, and even integrates with your photo library to automatically show the photos you took on your ski trips or snowboard The application also integrates with the Apple Health application, recording details of your workouts and the calories you have burned.

    As with many sports applications, the main version of Slopes is free, but there is also a premium subscription that has additional features. Here that means real-time breakdowns, unlimited breakdown of career and elevation statistics, premium maps and even virtual 3D mountains to show you where you've been. An annual pass is very reasonable $ 19.99 / £ 12.49 / AU $ 17.99.


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    Strava is one of the most popular applications for running and cycling, but it is always required that you have your phone or a smart watch that is not Apple to track your trips and record your vital statistics. No longer.

    If you have an Apple Watch 2, the Strava Apple Watch app can use your GPS to record your run without requiring you to hold a phone to anything. The interface is not as beautiful as the interface of the iPhone application, but when you are running or cycling it does not matter: the information you need is presented quite clearly and the application is simple and easy to use.

    The application is free and offers essential features including distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned, and there is a premium service for $ 5.99 / £ 5.99 / AU $ 9.99 per month or $ 59.99 / £ 54.99 / AU $ 89.99 per year that offers more detailed publications on exercise analysis, live performance feedback and personalized training, although not through the Watch.

    However, if you are someone who uses premium features like Beacon in the main application, you may not find Strava on the Apple Watch to your liking. compared to its use on the phone.

    Nike Run Club

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    The continuing love festival between Nike and Apple continues to bear fruit: the latest version of Nike Run The club app presents some welcome improper Vements.

    Now integrates with Siri Suggestions, which means that the application can now suggest good times for a run based on its previous runs (the feature is disabled by default, so it won't bother you if you don't want to), and there are new Apple Watch complications, including one for Infograph’s face that shows how far you have run this month.

    There is hardly any shortage of applications running in the App Store, but Nike's budget is a little higher than most, so the application feels much more premium than many others. Track and store all your races thanks to the built-in GPS of your watch, allows you to listen to audio guides while running, offers a variety of challenges to keep you motivated and has good features to share on social networks, so you can turn your friends into cheerleaders [19659002] It is very well designed and the Watch app does not sacrifice substance like that: although visually it is very attractive, it also shows all the information you really need while hitting the pavements. It is a very good application for running.

    Nike Training Club

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    Nike and Apple are best friends forever, so it's not a big surprise to see Nike present another Watch app. This is also very good. Describing himself as "his best personal trainer," Nike Training Club has more than 180 workouts that span strength, endurance, mobility and yoga, and all are free. There are personalized daily selections based on your previous activity, flexible training plans to help you achieve your fitness goals and advice from the best trainers.

    The application divides the work between the phone and Watch. The first is where you do the planning and monitoring; The last thing is what you wear while you are exercising. By necessity, as well as by design, that means focusing only on the information you really need at this time, such as your heart rate and how many repetitions you still have to do before you can undo all your efforts with some cake and beer.

    The application is by no means unique in its combination of watch and training tracking, although it has the individual and immediately recognizable visual style of Nike. But the important thing about this application is that none of its many workouts is hidden behind in-app purchases or expensive subscriptions. Everything in the application is free.


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    Like many health-related applications, Lifesum really wants me to take out a subscription: that's $ 44.99 / £ 34.99 / AU $ 69.99 per year , although sometimes it has a 30% discount promotion. However, the main application is free. Your goal is to help you think about what you eat and the activity you do and make positive changes to stay healthier.

    On the iPhone, Lifesum allows you to count calories and track your meals, discover healthy recipes and track your progress towards your goals. It also works with other applications, so, for example, if you have a Fitbit or use Runkeeper, you can get data from them.

    On the clock it is a much simpler matter, it urges you to stay hydrated, showing your progress towards your rest, moving and stretching goals and doing everything through a kind of small Tamagotchi character.

    Extract data from the Apple Health application and the Lifesum application to ensure you get the widest possible image of your consumption and activity, and you can add data and see it: for example, you can take note of what you are eating at through the Watch app and then enter more details on the iPhone. Unusually there is no complication of Watch, but the application links to the Watch notification system to keep you updated.


    ZHMr9UGWWbHiSyGDMhAwKB 320 80

    If you've ever felt that life is too busy or stressful, Headspace could help. It is based on mindfulness, which is to make you feel calmer without too much effort. In fact, it is the opposite of effort: mindfulness is about taking a break from haste.

    The Apple Watch app is part of a wider offer for iPhone and iPad: it acts as a reminder and a coach, urging you to choose an exercise and focus on it for the allotted time. It also has an SOS mode for when things feel too much and you need help instantly. But it is the main application that performs most of the work, with daily mindfulness exercises and sessions designed to help with everything from work stress to sleep problems.

    It's very well done, but one thing that could raise your stress levels is the cost: While the app is free, you really need a subscription to unlock its most useful features, and that subscription is $ 12.99 / £ 9.99 / AU $ 19.99 per month or $ 94.99 / £ 74.99 / AU $ 149.99 per year. That is also an automatic renewal subscription, so you must disable it in iTunes if you don't want it to repeat automatically.


    UYDeD6dPLpVELXYBACVEif 320 80

    Medical applications don & # 39; It simply exists to persuade you that your mild headache is terminal brain cancer. They can also help you stay healthy. While WebMD really allows you to compare your symptoms with various diseases and conditions to be scared, that is not the most interesting nor its complementary application Watch.

    WebMD allows you to detail your medication schedules, with dosage information and the option to be reminded of what you need to take and when you should take it. This can be in the form of a notification, or you can have it as a complication of the watch face so that it is right in the middle of the screen.

    It can also remind you of any prerequisites, as if you need to take your medicine with food or on an empty stomach. It's the kind of simple but very useful thing that Apple Watch does well.

    In the main iPhone application there is much more to discover. You can read about the side effects and precautions of specific pills or patches, find out if you need to hide from the flu or just catch up on the latest health and wellness news from several reliable sources.

    One Drop Diabetes Management

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    We are increasingly intrigued by HealthKit, Apple's framework for health monitoring applications: we have already seen applications that can warn about rare but potentially lethal heart disease and now we are seeing a lot of specialized applications that can be integrated with specific monitoring hardware to help with particular conditions. As the name implies, this is for people with diabetes.

    One Drop manufactures Chrome, a Bluetooth blood glucose meter that is sold as a package with test strips. If you have the meter, the application obtains information from each test, but if you do not have it, it is still a useful application to help control your diabetes.

    The application allows you to record your activity, your food intake and your medications and share that information with HealthKit and the Health application (if that's what you want to do). As always, the main iPhone application is where all the details are found, with the Watch application responsible for fast data recording and progress notifications.

    The iPhone application is based on the basics with a database of food nutritional information, historical data, insulin pump data and the ability to schedule reminders for your medication.


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    If your idea of ​​a good exercise involves moving away from the maddening crowds, you will like WorkOutDoors. It is a training application that is based on vector maps that can easily rotate and zoom, tracking your location and your progress.

    Use the GPS of the watch (if you have a GPS-enabled watch), so it is not necessary to take your phone on a walk, cycle or snowboard, and features such as tracking the navigation route, personalized points of interest and customizable statistics screens allow you to make the application truly yours.

    With a nice touch, you can export your workouts from the iPhone application in GPX format, which can be imported to many other applications and training sites.

    It's very, very well thought out. For example, something as simple as displaying statistics is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of activity (not to mention different levels of vision).

    Makes good use of color coding to make routes clear as glass, landmarks can provide additional information, such as directions, and the map rotates automatically as it moves so you are always safe of the right address. It is a brilliant application for almost any outdoor activity.


    FuUwMt7CctxnptFUsxEyAZ 320 80

    The trick to live better is almost to kill you on a tape and then give up after a few weeks. It's about making smaller and lasting changes in your life, changes that you can and will really keep. And that's what Streaks offers.

    Whether you're trying to eat healthier, exercise more or quit smoking, Streaks allows you to track positive and negative habits. It offers a variety of reporting tools so you can see exactly how well you are doing, and you can track up to 12 different tasks at once.

    They don't need to be exercise or feeding tasks: you can remember to walk. the dog, study, take vitamins or practice a musical instrument. It is also good to see wheelchair users included in the list of default tasks.

    Where Streaks really shines is in its integration with the Health application, which allows you to extract data to use to monitor the appropriate objectives you have set. Eso reduce mucho el llenado de formularios de aplicaciones similares, y es particularmente efectivo si está tratando de trabajar en buenos hábitos saludables o eliminar los no saludables, o ambos.

    También hay una complicación, por lo que no olvídate de tus objetivos, y todo es personalizable para que puedas conseguirlo así.

    Elevate Dash – Brain Training and Games

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    No estamos convencidos según la supuesta ciencia del entrenamiento cerebral, es un sector que hace afirmaciones audaces basadas en pruebas muy frágiles, pero no hay duda de que pasar tiempo aprendiendo o practicando cosas útiles es mejor para ti que deslizarte sin sentido por curiosidades en Twitter.

    Elevate afirmaciones que su aplicación de entrenamiento cerebral "mejorará las habilidades cognitivas críticas que están probadas para aumentar la productividad, el poder adquisitivo y la autoconfianza", y lo hace estableciendo pequeñas tareas para usted: elegir el significado correcto de las palabras, calcular porcentajes, etc. .

    Las respuestas correctas ganan puntos, y puedes seguir tu progreso en la aplicación principal de iPhone / iPad, así como en tu reloj. La pantalla pequeña del reloj significa que los juegos que obtienes son muy simples, pero eso funciona bien cuando estás en movimiento.

    La aplicación es gratuita y te permite jugar 4 minijuegos. Si desea acceder a la selección completa de más de 40 juegos de Elevate, necesitará su iPhone o iPad y una suscripción al paquete de membresía premium, que es de $ 4.99 / £ 3.99 / AU $ 7.99 por mes o $ 44.99 / £ 34.99 / AU $ 69.99 por año.

    Si pudieras mejorar las habilidades específicas, tal vez elaborar consejos de restaurantes o mejorar tu vocabulario, entonces podrías sentir que vale la pena el dinero.

    Peak – Brain Training

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    De un equipo de desarrolladores, psicólogos y neurocientíficos, Peak es una gran aplicación para mantener activo su cerebro. La versión Watch ofrece tres juegos, ideales para la pantalla más pequeña. Algunos de estos parecen simples al principio, pero rápidamente se vuelven más desafiantes.

    Hay entrenamientos para evaluar la memoria, el enfoque y la resolución de problemas, todos ellos divertidos, atractivos e ideales para pasar el día a día.

    Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

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    Si has tenido la intención de obtener esa barriga de seis paquetes pero no tienes tiempo para ir al gimnasio, este La aplicación para iPhone tiene videos de alta calidad de avatares que realizan abdominales, sentadillas, estiramientos y giros centrales que puedes hacer en tu propio tiempo en el piso de tu habitación, por ejemplo.

    Los entrenamientos iniciales con Runtastic son gratis, más vienen como compras en la aplicación . Y si entrecerrar los ojos en su iPhone precariamente encaramado no lo está haciendo por usted, la aplicación Watch significa que puede ver una animación en su reloj, con vibraciones en su muñeca para comenzar y finalizar un conjunto. Es fácil de usar y funciona bien. Ahora tendrás que encontrar otra excusa para no ejercitarte.


    29932a17be76ece77e9c73ad0c87cbed 320 80

    La información es poder y si estás tratando de perder peso, el seguimiento de calorías es un buena manera de mantenerse enfocado. MyFitnessPal calcula una cantidad diaria de calorías basada en la cantidad de peso que desea perder. Coma y gaste su asignación, haga ejercicio y gane crédito.

    The Watch le proporciona un total acumulado de calorías restantes y cómo se descompone en proteínas, carbohidratos y más. Puede integrarse con sus pasos totales para que no tenga que agregarlos manualmente. Es simple pero conveniente y útil.

    Walkmeter GPS Pedometer

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    Si caminar es lo tuyo, Walkmeter te ayuda a seguir cada paso, mostrando tus deambulaciones en un mapa y generando gráficos detallados . La aplicación Watch tiene informes de datos claros y puede iniciar y detener un paseo desde su muñeca utilizando las acciones de Force Touch de Watch.

    La propia aplicación Workout de Apple hace mucho, pero esta aplicación tiene más detalles y el detalle de mapeo en el iPhone es Excelente. La aplicación es gratuita, pero para un rendimiento completo del reloj, debe actualizar a la versión Elite por $ 9.99 / £ 9.99 / AU $ 14.99. There's a lot here, including training plans and announcements as you hit targets or distances.

    CARROT Fit

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    You may know CARROT from its weather app, which combines Dark Sky-style weather forecasting with sarcasm and lies. But CARROT wants to make you unhappy in many other ways – and what’s better for a sadistic AI than being in control of a fitness app?

    Enter CARROT Fit, which takes a somewhat unusual approach to motivating you to get healthier and lose weight.

    CARROT promises to “get you fit – or else”. To achieve that it offers a dozen punishing exercises (more are available via in-app purchases) accompanied by threats, ridicule, bribes and the occasional compliment.

    It’s rude, crude and much more entertaining than trying to complete the rings on Apple’s own activity tracker, and we’re pretty sure it’s the only fitness app that rewards progress with cat facts. But there’s a proper fitness tracker in here too: it’ll track your steps and weight loss, remember your workouts and add data to Apple’s health app.

    Most of the personality is in the main iPhone app, but the Watch alerts include such cheery prospects as “seven minutes in hell”. If you find getting fit or losing weight a little bit tedious, CARROT might be the, ahem, carrot that you need to get motivated.

    Lose It!

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    If your Watch strap is feeling a little more snug than it used to, this app may be the answer: it’s designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals “without the unsustainable gimmicks, fad diets, restrictive foods, on-site meetings, or large price tags of other weight-loss companies.”

    It tracks the calories you’ve consumed and the goals you’ve set, focuses on nutrition as well as overall calorie intake, works happily with other fitness apps and trackers and provides an online peer group where everybody encourages each other to achieve their ideal weight.

    It also enables you to set exercise goals and focus on general wellness, so it’s not just about losing weight.

    The Apple Watch app doesn’t replace the phone app completely – for example, you’ll ne ed your phone handy if you want to use the barcode scanner to automatically record what you’re eating, and the team-based features such as group challenges are phone-based – but it’s a great way to focus on your goals, monitor your progress and keep your motivation no matter how sorely tempted you may be.

    The program is $39.99/£29.99/AU$62.99 per year but you can explore the app for free without signing up.

    Mount Burnmore

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    Fitness fanatics look away now: for those that find exercise really boring, and their get up and go often gets up and goes while they stay sedentary. Mount Burnmore could be the answer to that lethargy: it turns fitness into a game.

    The concept is quite clever. Mount Burnmore depends on “active energy”, which it pulls from the Health app: the more calories you’ve burned, the more active energy you have in the game.

    When you have sufficient energy you can attempt to solve the game’s puzzles, which involve finding routes around the titular mountain, collecting in-game items and smashing things with a pickaxe.

    There’s a Complication that enables you to see your progress without launching the full game, and the app makes good use of the Digital Crown to help you navigate around larger levels later in the game. There are also leaderboards to compare with other players and in-game challenges to win freebies.

    It’s bright, breezy and a bit brash, and we suspect it’s best suited to older children rather than grown-ups – although if you do give this one to the kids you might want to disable in-app purchases, as they can be used to buy in-game items.


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    Mindfulness, the art of focusing on being present and aware in the world instead of being constantly distracted by things and thoughts that don’t matter, isn’t something you’d associate with the Apple Watch. If you aren’t careful with your notification settings your Watch pings away merrily all day, interrupting countless trains of thought.

    But the Happier app hopes to use the Watch to make you feel better, not more harassed.

    The app itself is free, but it’s designed as a gateway to paid-for mindfulness courses. If you don’t go for them you can still take advantage of the app, though. You can tell the app how you’re feeling – we suspect “meh” is the most-used option – and it then responds with uplifting quotes to help you feel a bit more optimistic.

    It can pop up to remind you to take a meditation break, and you can dictate a positive thought to a private journal or to the Happier community. That’s not as daft as it sounds: there’s some evidence that keeping a journal of positive things can boost your mood over time.

    Just be careful what and how you share: one iTunes reviewer says that they were able to locate their private journal with Google.

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