Best Adidas backpacks: 5 great options to consider

Adidas has managed to cross the world of sports and fashion masterfully, creating clothes and accessories that are fashionable and incredibly functional, precisely the qualities you want from the best university backpack.

Whether you're looking for a daring Adidas logo on your next backpack, or a simpler and cleaner look with three stripes or a small crest, there are many options available.

Compared to Nike alternatives, Adidas backpacks tend to include less padding inside, so I may not be as good at keeping your technology protected. That said, they are generally a bit more affordable, with the entry level option that costs less than £ 20 / $ 25 / AU $ 35, despite being a fashion statement as much as a means to transport your stuff.

Adidas also clearly focuses on comfort, with padded shoulder straps, and the internal capabilities are wide. The Creator backpack offers more than 40 liters of interior space, with most Nike backpacks with a limit of 25-35 liters.

As for the type of backpacks we have selected, for a backpack back to school, we recommend staying away from anything leather, and we have also kept the price below £ 70 / $ 80 (around AU $ 120), in addition to opting for many compartments.

Also, if you suffer from sweaty back syndrome, as most people do, some breathing space and padding on the back of the backpack should help and in their high-end bags, that's precisely what Adidas offers.

Ultimately, we have chosen five of the best Adidas backpacks for students in a price range, covering several styles, so there should be something suitable.

These are products that we have not had in our laboratory tests, but according to the opinion of our experts and the knowledge of the most reputable brands, we believe it is worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive, take online reviews, brand reputation, product capacity and unique features, to help you choose from the maze of available options for you.


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(Image credit: Adidas)

1. Adidas Linear Classic Daily

Dimensions: 16 x 28 x 46cm | Fabric: 51% recycled polyester, 49% plain weave polyester | Volume: 22.38 liters | Color: Numerous available | Weight: 207 g | Maximum laptop size: Without case

The Adidas Linear Classic Daily is the epitome of cheap and cheerful, despite the fact that it still offers an elegant aesthetic with the prominent brand of Adidas.

Being the smallest backpack on our list, this will definitely not work for advanced users who need the most space for all their technology, kit and books. However, younger students in particular will find that the Linear Classic Daily is an excellent option.

Available in six color options, including pink, red, blue and black, you can combine it with your personal style, and the main zipper also has a white accent, adding a distinct design element.

With a front pocket, you can have stationery or other smaller items on hand, and although there is no designated laptop compartment, it is perfect for books and sports equipment.

Padded and adjustable shoulder straps mean that the Linear Classic Daily is comfortable to use, and when you need it to take it off your back, the handle on the top of the bag means you can easily hold it with one hand .


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2. Adidas 3-Stripes Power Backpack Medium

A versatile bag in a range of colors

Dimensions: 16 x 32 x 44cm | Fabric: 51% recycled polyester, 49% plain weave polyester | Volume: 23 liters | Color: Numerous available | Weight: 400 g | Maximum laptop size: 15 inches

If you want a backpack with racing stripes, a little more space inside and a padded laptop component, the 3-stripe power backpack It is an excellent balance between affordability and versatility

It looks excellent, touching vertical lines against a two-tone background. You can pick it up in some unique colors, including a reverse yellow Kill Bill / Bruce Lee style in the black scheme, along with four different shades of blue, black or broken white.

The TPE coated base is durable and water resistant, so you should not worry about resting the bag on the floor of a wet locker room, and it has a padded laptop sleeve, a central section with zipper and a front zip pocket.

-in the pockets they provide space for bottle storage, while the upper carrying handle means that it can be easily removed from the shoulder in a complete train car and carried in one hand.

Meanwhile, adjustable side compression straps mean that it can shrink when empty, so things don't shake too much inside, and adjustable ergonomic air mesh shoulder straps provide breathable comfort.


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(Image credit: Adidas)

3. Adidas Premium Essentials Modern

Dimensions: 15 x 30 x 46cm | Fabric: 100% polyester | Volume: 24.9 liters | Color: Black | Weight: Unknown | Maximum laptop size: 15 inches

Mature, sophisticated, clean: if this sums up your desired environment back to school, then the modern Adidas Premium Essentials backpack is for you. With a bicolor / textured look, it is elegant without being too busy, and the small but prominent Adidas crest at its front stands out very well.

The Premium Essentials Modern backpack is only available in black, although the textured base is dark gray, which plays well against the ink on the top.

It has two side pockets, an external zippered laptop compartment that can carry up to a 15-inch laptop, and there is also a front zip pocket for smaller parts such as keys and pens.

Inside, there are also open compartments for pens, USB cables and other small items, and there are also adjustable compression straps on both sides. The backpack also includes a chest strap to secure it in place during long walks.


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(Image credit: Adidas) [19659039] 4. Adidas Premium Essentials Top Loader

More compartments what will you know what to do with

Dimensions: 17 x 30 x 48cm | Fabric: 70% nylon, 30% polyester | Volume: 26.5 liters | Color: Black / Raw Khaki | Weight: Unknown | Maximum laptop size: 15 inches

With pockets and compartments for days, the Adidas Top Loader gives you space to store your kit and stay organized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, now whether you are exercising at dawn or dancing in the moonlight (and inexplicably wants to do that with a backpack to make it much more complicated).

The appearance of this high and intelligent backpack is designed to complement anything you carry, with its black body, vertical strap in the front, lengthening it, and sliding side pockets, as well as a practical handle to carry with one hand.

A contemporary version of the classic backpack, the drawstring at the top keeps everything inside in place when you want to fasten it closes, and when you want your kit to be tightly closed, you can also fold it with a zipper.

The laptop part is not padded, but there is also a small tablet case, so if you have both, you can carefully store it. On the contrary, the shoulder straps are padded, and there is also a strap / buckle on the chest to keep everything tight.


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(Image credit: Adidas)

5. Adidas Creator 365

A cavernous backpack full of features

Dimensions: 21 x 31 x 60cm | Fabric: 100% polyester | Volume: 44.75 liters | Color: Black | Weight: Unknown | Maximum laptop size: 15 inches

Whether you're creating magic in the classroom, in a video editing suite or in the field, the Creator 365 is one of the most voluminous backpacks We have arrived wide, capable of carrying almost 45 liters of material and sporting a separate slot for your laptop and your sports shoes.

Shoulder straps are designed to support the great weight that comes with plenty of space, be it school books, technology, sports kit, or everything mentioned above, and the chest strap will also help with posture.

The Creator 365 also includes a front zip pocket for quick access, an internal tablet pocket and side compression straps, so when it is not full, it can be compacted for convenience. The bag also has laser cut ventilation holes around it, as well as an air mesh back panel so you can breathe from front to back.

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