Best 4K TV 2019: Your definitive guide to the top Ultra-HD TVs

For more than a decade, HD TVs ruled the market. Its resolution of 1080p (and often lower) felt like a big jump from the CRT TVs we had been using. As hard as it is to believe, 4K TVs are a similar leap in technology you saw 10 years ago, promising four times the resolution and exceptional contrast.

So, why should you get rid of that 1080p TV? 4K TVs not only look better simply thanks to the higher pixel density and compatibility with wide-range color technology, but they are also as cheap as a 1080p TV, even if you buy them completely new. In fact, buying a new 1080p TV is increasingly difficult as more manufacturers continue to eliminate them from their product lines.

But with so many options available, reducing high-caliber screens from one year to just eight is hard work. But that's where we come in.

We have seen the vast majority of 4K TVs on the market, and we have reduced them to a list of the best 4K TVs on the market for 2019 with Samsung, Sony and LG screens leading the package and the lowest cost options like Vizio, Hisense and TCL follow him right behind.

If you recently bought something from another manufacturer that you love and you don't see it on this list, it doesn't mean that we intentionally rejected it. Unfortunately, the best lists are small and we can only press so many screens here. That said, we are always adding more screens to this list, so be sure to check this time next month.

Should I wait until Black Friday to buy a 4K TV?

Given that it's already October, it's probably best to wait for Black Friday 2019 or, if you can't bother fighting the crowd, Cyber ​​Monday.

While television manufacturers have yet to reveal which televisions will be on sale that day, the chances are good that many of the televisions you see below are on sale for at least $ 100- $ 200 off their regular price, and some get more discounts than others.

The only precaution we would tell you to take is to really look at the model number of any TV offer that seems too good to be true. If it's not exactly the same TV you see on this list (or another trusted review website), it's probably not the same TV. We also recommend staying away from any cheap 4K TV in the basement, since these screens generally do not have a good scale.

If you can wait a few weeks, stay with us and we will connect you with the best TV offers on Black Friday.

What is 4K? Watch the video below to discover:

What are the best 4K TVs in 2019?

  Samsung Q90R QLED TV (2019)

Samsung Q90R QLED TV (2019)

(Image credit: Samsung) [19659016] 1. Samsung Q90R QLED TV (2019)

The best 4K TV from 2019 … until now

Excellent image quality

Incredible HDR performance

Broader viewing angles

Full intelligent platform

Attractive and well-built design

No Dolby Vision support

Last year, the Samsung Q9FN was the TV to beat. He won prize after prize for his features and image quality, not to mention his excellent and improved intelligent platform that came with Bixby and Samsung SmartThings support. However, it was not perfect and there were legitimate complaints about the viewing angles and an overly aggressive local attenuation system that crushed the black details.

Samsung clearly took these criticisms seriously and addressed them directly in the Q90. The new model has a visibly higher viewing angle that stands firm against OLED, and local dimming offers deep blacks without losing detail in the shadows. To that end, the new Ultra Black Elite filter is nothing less than a revelation, since it rejects ambient light in a way that simply baffles belief.

The Q90 can deliver images that can directly compete with an OLED, with natural colors, bright highlights, deep blacks and well-defined shadows. You can also overcome any OLED when it comes to HDR, with images that are often impressive in their details and dynamic range.

In fact, our only real criticism would be that, unlike some of the competition, the Q90 does not support Dolby Vision. However, in all other aspects, the Samsung Q90 is an absolutely stellar TV that takes QLED to another level.

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(Image credit: LG)

2. LG C9 OLED Series (2019)

The smartest 4K TV on the planet in 2019

Delicious 4K HDR images

Best HD scaling in its class

Acoustic surface + audio

Android TV is awkward

No support for HDR10 +

A direct replacement for last year's Sony A9F / AF9 OLED The Sony A9G / AG9 Master Series OLED is the new flagship of the Sony TV fleet. It covers a characteristically minimalist design that disguises a number of cutting-edge features such as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, plus Netflix Calibrated Mode (of interest to many) and IMAX Enhanced certification (of interest to few).

This is a screen that looks premium, and has a specification on the right side of the righteous. The Android platform is easy to live, that vibrant sound system is entertaining and the best image quality. Offering Dolby Vision is a welcome refinement, but the caveat is the lack of support for HDR10 +. That said, it does a terrific job in expanding HD / SDR, so it is easy to miss the lack of at least one HDR format.

It is certainly expensive, but, considering everything, this glass is class.

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  LG E9 OLED Series (2019)

5. LG E9 OLED Series (2019)

An amazing and expensive OLED panel

55 inches: LG OLED55E9 | 65 inches: LG OLED65E9

Impressive image quality

Opulent and beautiful design

Excellent operating system

Without HDR10 + support

Lacks brightness in front of LCD

More expensive than the C9

In general, the LG E9 OLED offers a dazzling image, with sharp and truly cinematic visual details. LG's organic LED screens lack the brightness of competing models, but those that are after an appropriate movie night will not be disappointed.

The E9 differs primarily from other LG OLEDs in its shape and size options, both the more premium W9 and the cheaper C9 offer a larger 77-inch model, but it would surprise us that the panel design of Glass completely from the E9 won't impress you. With a unique look and multichannel audio to raise it above other OLED sets in the range, the E9 is a fantastic addition to any living room if you can afford one.

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. Vizio P-Series Quantum (2018)

The best and brightest Vizio TV of 2018 has incredible value

Full backlight

HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG

Maximum brightness of 2,000 nits [19659002] SmartCast OS isn is tempting

10 W weak speakers

While not as impressive as this year's Vizio P-Series Quantum X, last year's Vizio P-Series Quantum still offers an incredible offer For those who can find one.

It is a large, bold and affordable screen that supports most forms of HDR and has the ability to illuminate the room with its 2,000 nits of maximum brightness. You may not be able to reach dark black OLED levels, and it suffers from a slow onset, but it is by far the best quantum dot TV on the market.

That said, if there is anything substantial holding the Vizio P-Quantum Series, it is Vizio's intelligent platform: in a nutshell, SmartCast is one of the least robust platforms and also one of the slowest. Starting from a complete shutdown takes a long time, and navigating the interface is not as fast as LG's WebOS or Samsung's Tizen platform.

Still, if you don't mind a slow operating system, this is a great budget big screen TV.

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  Samsung Q70R QLED TV (2019)

Samsung Q70R QLED TV (2019) [19659098] 7. Samsung Q70R QLED TV (2019)

The Q70R is a solid mid-range model that has most of the brightness of the flagship

55 inches: Samsung QN55Q70R | 65 inches: Samsung QN65Q70R

Extremely bright HDR images

Outstanding contrast

Good intelligent television system

Limited viewing angle

Some flowering with soft backlight [19659002] Without Dolby Vision

Samsung's flagship QLR QLED TV recently left us speechless with its wider viewing angles, deeper blacks and superior HDR images; Unfortunately, however, not everyone can afford the flagship model. So what can Samsung offer for those who want to experience QLED image quality with a tight budget?

Despite being further down the QLED line, the Q70R includes the same comprehensive intelligent platform, extensive connections and cutting-edge features that are higher in the range. This is not the most striking TV ever made by Samsung, but if your funds are limited, the Q70 is a versatile QLED worth checking out.

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  Sony Bravia X950G 4K TV

(Image credit: Sony)

8. Sony Bravia X950G Series (2019)

A beautiful 4K HDR TV that desperately needs an attached soundbar

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  TCL 6-Series 4K TV

9. TCL 6 Series (R615, R617) (2018)

The best economical 4K TV for those of us with low pockets

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(Image credit: Hisense)

10. Hisense H8F Series (2019)

A surprisingly good 4K TV from the burgeoning budget brand

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